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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Baby in Between's First Bank Account

After that disappointing experience with Metrobank's "no-advisory-system maintenance", my idea to open an account in other banks like BDO became a firm decision. So this afternoon, I went to BDO Legazpi Rotonda branch to open the baby in between's first bank account. (Yipee, Baby Gab finally have her own bank account even at the age of 4 months!)

Actually, the idea of saving money for Gaby's future has long entered my mind. But I remembered to share this to her dad just recently. After hearing my suggestion, he immediately agreed because it would be the best way to save for baby's future, considering the fact that his work in Korea is just for the time being. He said it's a good thing that we can set aside a few amount for our baby while he is still earning good from working abroad.

So, since I found the time a while ago, I made sure that I was able to visit BDO. I was really excited when I inquired about the account which was suited for my daughter. The teller said that I can open a Junior Savings Club Passbook, so I did. When the teller handed me the passboook and saw my baby's name on it, I know I'll be exaggerating a little, but really I felt overjoyed. I deposited only a small amount, but I know, after some time, it will get bigger and will be more useful to suffice her needs.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Are We Still In Good Hands?

Yesterday, I tried to withdraw money from my Metrobank account, but with no luck. My first try was in the morning around 8a.m.; after seeing the ATM offline, I hurriedly left and proceed to work . Then at work, a colleague of mine was in bad need of cash, so I told her to check my atm card for me and withdraw the amount that she needed. That was around 9a.m. Again, the ATM machine was offline. So, I just told her that I'll check again in the afternoon.

During lunch break, Gaby's dad and I we're talking over voice chat and he mentioned that he was not able to send remittance because Metrobank was down. Only then I realized that the problem is not just within Legazpi. But I told him that I'd still try in the afternoon.

So, okay, 2p.m break time, I hurriedly went back to Metrobank yet to my disappointment, I saw the big OFFLINE sign outside the bank. I told myself, "What's wrong with Metrobank?" Then, I heard a guy asking the bank's security guard why the atm was offline. The guard said that there's a "database" problem. Yeah right, so the system was down, as in down for a day!

I was thinking, what if I badly need cash as well yet I can't get it from my bank account because of this problem? You see, this sucks because there's no advisory informing people that this will happen. I just can imagine those people who need money ASAP and try to withdraw money from their Metrobank account but to no avail. And what about payday? It's the 14th now, so those working in companies which rely on Metrobank for their salaries (that includes me), will be totally pissed off because of this scenario.

I'm sure a lot of people out there, especially those with Metrobank accounts, are sharing the same sentiments with me. But for those who keep accounts from other banks, you're way luckier. I regret that I didn't open my Baby Gab's account in BDO earlier so her dad can send remittances there instead. As soon as I have the money, I'll immediately open one for her and just leave the Metrobank account for my salary.

But this left me thinking, " ARE WE STILL REALLY IN GOOD HANDS WITH METROBANK?" Think again...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bye Bohol, Hello Legazpi

Our 3-day Bohol Escapade is almost over. In just a few hours, we'll be boarding the plane back to Manila. It's sad to bid bye-bye to this really amazing place. But well, we can always go back some other time, and perhaps next time around it will be with our families. We really had a great time here and the experience was truly memorable. Anyway, I'll just make a longer post next time about this trip.

So, it's time to say bye Bohol and hello Legazpi. I had so much fun here but on the other side, I miss home, and I miss my little girl. In a few hours, I'll be at her side again. It does feel good to spend a few days away from home, from work, and from babysitting stuff. but longer than that, I don't think I can deal with it. So, I'm really happy to be with her again.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Hola! I'm Back!

Hi everyone! Yep, I'm back. It's been a while since I last made my "baby-in-between" post. I don't really intend to neglect this family blog; it's just that I'm kinda busy the past days. With the added responsibility that I have in the office (doing HR stuff, yah know..), I hardly find time logging in to blogger and create a post, at least to update you guys of the latest happenings about me, my baby's dad, and our baby in between.

So, what's for today? Well, in a while, I'm off to Bohol (yipee) with my friends Dex, Owen, Talie, and Glady. We planned this out-of-town trip since last year (flight bookings, hotel reservations, etc.). This is simply our treat for ourselves, our own way to relax and unwind, and just be away from worries about home and work even for a while.

You know, we almost had this trip cancelled. Two weeks ago, our boss told us not to be absent on the 10th of March since our CEO is coming over to see our facility. We really got frustrated because everything was set. But, Dex and I didn't lose hope that there would still be a "miracle" so that this trip will push through. And you see, God somehow heard our prayers because days before the trip, we were told that the CEO's visit was cancelled. Hooraayy!!!As in YAAHOOOO...I can't wait to explore the beauty of Bohol and see the "cute" tarsier..Lolz.

Whoa, it's 10minutes past 11am now. Im outta here at 12noon, so I better end this post here. See you next week guys, and hey, wait for my next posts because I'm going to share with you some of our Bohol pics. Ciao!