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Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Baby in Between Wants to Win Cash from TheCash.Com

I'm off to my hometown in a couple of hours to get the baby in between. So that means, I'll be offline over the weekend as well. But before I go, I wanted to get a chance at winning some cash over there at The few bucks will sure be of big help for me and my baby as we start a new life here in the metropolis.

I was wondering, what could a $25, $15, or $5 could do for me and my baby? Hmmm, I don't think $25 would be enough for renting an apartment, right? How about a new set of pillows or a matress for us to sleep on? Or perhaps a new crib for Baby Gaby so we won't need to bring her old crib when we travel back here tomorrow. Well whatever it is, I'm sure the cash from TheCash will be worth something for a mom and a daughter like us.

So, how to enter the contest? It's quite simple. First, blog about the contest. Then second, leave a comment on the contest post with the URL of your blog talking about the contest. And third, wait...hahaha..just kidding.

That's it! A very easy contest, indeed! And hopefully, an easy money for me and my baby.

Well, hope to win any of the prizes. *wink*

It's Time

After two months of staying here in the metropolis without the baby in between beside me, now it's time to pack my things, not to leave the life that I started here but to begin a new life with my baby here with me.

When I left Legazpi two months ago, I was full of hope that everything will be okay: the new office and co-workers here in Pasig, the dorm that I'll be staying, the kind of life here in the metropolis, the peace of mind that I'll get from leaving my baby and my things in Papa Ghie's family and place, and lastly my long distance relationship with him. But looking back at those two months, I could say that not everything turned out okay as I expected.

I feel sad that the work and co-workers are far too different from the ones I left in Legazpi. And as for the big city life, well it'll be long before I'll completely get used to it. But what really bother me the most during the whole two months of my stay here and up to the present are the recent happenings between me and Papa Ghie's family and Papa Ghie himself. I never thought that everything will become too complicated for me, for us.

Two months ago, I was under the impression that since I was totally obedient with everything that Ghie said or asked me to do before I left Legazpi and while I'm here, all the more that our relationship would run smoothly and less complicated. But I was wrong. Now, all the scolding and the yelling are getting into my nerves, much more the bad and hurting rumors that have been circling around regarding me and my baby trying to snatch everything that Ghie has to offer.

I am so scared when people shout at me, much more when a partner does. When I'm yelled at, I get hysterical and feel my body tremble because of fear. I don't know how or when this kind of reaction has started. All I know is that when a person gets so furious at me to the extend that I'm being yelled at, it scares the hell out of me.

I don't want to remember that horrible experience of physical and emotional battering anymore. The painful punches, the kicks, the harsh words, the bruises, everything that happened in the past which left deep scars in me. But after the fights and arguments during the last 2 months, the bad memories are slowly creeping into my mind, haunting me like before.

I'm trying so hard to understand the situation I am in now. I ask myself, "Is it wrong to be an obedient wife yet in the end will be regarded as the one with a negative attitude? Or is it right for me to say that just because of my dream to have a complete family, I'll swallow all my pride and disregard the little respect that I left for myself?"

I am so torn right now. I love my baby so much and I want her to have a complete family. But if it's God's will not to give it to me, to us, I'll gladly accept it. For now, it's time for me to take my baby here with me and the rest is up to Him.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Visual Talking II

Okay, so here's another survey on Visual Talking from Dneero. Unlike the first time, I was able to finish this one in just a minute or two. And believe me, I had fun. So, why don't you try it for yourself?

Blogsilog's Birthday Contest

Okay, since I didn't win the $10 giveaway from Mommy Mai, the baby in between is again telling me to try my luck here at Blogsilog's Birthday Contest. At stake is $26, 2 lucky bloggers to win $10 each and 1 to win $6. Well, the $6 will do for me since Mommy Mai already gave the baby in between a consolation prize of $5.

Now for the mechanics: 1. Blog about the contest with the birthday celebrant's blogs/links at the bottom of the entry and 2. Leave a comment on the contest post. That easy!

So, what are you waiting for? Check out Blogsilog now and make a post to qualify.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Running Out of Time

I've already scheduled my trip to my hometown on Saturday to get the baby in between and her nanny, but until now I haven't got a place for us to stay here in the metropolis. A few days ago, my mind was already set to rent this studio type apartment in a place nearby. I even read the contract already and withdrawn the amount needed for the 1 month advance and 2-month deposit. However, my mind suddenly changed upon learning that the 2-month deposit is not consumable on the last 2 months, or not even the last month. So basically now, I'm back to scratch. Aaarrgghh!

Finding a place here in the metropolis totally sucks. It's not easy really, especially for a wife like me who is trying so hard to budget our finances. It would not be practical to get a big and expensive house/apartment/condo for rent since me and my husband are on the process of acquiring a house and lot of our own.

Actually, our initial plan was just to rent a place here so I can have my baby with me already. But then the plan changed when Papa Ghie decided to buy a property instead, so it would make as our first major investment. He has a point, right? After all, what's the use of earning a good compensation abroad if he can't see anything out of his earnings when he comes back here next year? But then I realized, buying a property is not as easy as I thought. Even if we are paying for the equity now, we can't move in yet, so I'm back to our initial plan and that is to rent a place.

Oh my, oh my...The clock is ticking and it won't be long before Saturday comes. Huhuhu... :( I already have some prospects but then all of them have more downsides than advantages. So, I need to find more options before tomorrow. And hopefully by Friday, I can already pay the advance and deposit. Ugh, I'm running out of time! Heeelllppp!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

A Gift FOR Hubby

Yesterday, after getting the Sony PSP that hubby sent me, me and my friends, Dex and Owen decided to go to Mall of Asia to have dinner and to buy some stuff. While strolling at the mall, a pair of sneakers caught my eye when we passed by at the Lacoste boutique. I told the two to stop walking and that we go inside to take a quick look, since of course we didn't have money to buy it anyway.

When inside, I saw this pair of white Lacoste sneakers and immediately fell in love with it. Right at that moment, I could imagine my hubby wearing it and looking oh-so-good with that sneakers on. But I had second thoughts of buying it at first. The reason: a new pair of sneakers, much more a Lacoste at that, is not part of our budget. So, I just felt contented looking at it and holding it. But when the saleslady said that I can have it on an installment basis, I started to reconsider and immediately called my hubby.

I asked hubby his shoe size, he said it was a 42 for Euro and 9 for US. The saleslady said, they have one. So, I took a look at it, and really I couldn't take my eyes of it. Hubby will definitely look good on this pair of Lacoste shoes. And what's good about it is that Lacoste shoes are sold only at two pairs per size, which means that only very few can have that design that I liked so much for hubby.

So there. Without any hesitation, I told hubby that I'll get it, with a big help of course from my friend Owen. I just hope the shoes will fit him well and that he'd love it as much as I do.

Seafood I Love

I love eating seafood! Fish, shrimp, crabs, lobster, etc. You name it, I’ll eat it! Actually last night, when my friends Dex and Owen asked me what I wanted for dinner, I didn’t have second thoughts when I said I wanted seafood.

I can’t remember how or when my love for seafood has started. All I know is that whenever I get the chance to choose between pork and seafood for lunch or dinner, I’d definitely choose the latter. So, when I saw these really yummy recipes from, I couldn’t help but say, “I must be able to taste any of these”.

From the five recipes listed, the Shrimp and Andouille Cassoulet caught my attention the most. It’s from Louisiana, with Chef Brian Landry behind its name. I so love shrimp, as in I’m totally in love with its taste. And compared to other dishes, domestic seafood like on that shrimp recipe is way healthier and more sustainable. Plus, it’s fresh and it’s so local. And now combined with sausage, cooked in olive oil with garlic and oregano, I’m sure the taste would be heavenly. Yummy! I couldn’t wait to cook one. But hmmm I was thinking, maybe I could add more spice to it, since I’m so into spicy foods these days.

Oh, just the thought of seafood makes me so hungry today. If you want to see how yummy this recipe that I’m talking about here, why not hop on to the Great American Seafood Cook-Off site? And hey, maybe you would want to cast your vote for your favorite recipe there. Take note, your vote could take you to New Orleans. So, check it out now!

Sponsored by Lousiana Seafood

Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Gift FROM Hubby

A few weeks ago, my hubby surprised me with a wonderful gift - a SONY PSP. He showed it to me in webcam, and really I wasn't expecting that he'd give me one since all this time, I only wanted to have an MP3 Player. It was a cute pink Sony PSP with 8GB memory. As in WOW! I can store lotsa movies, games, and music in that. Actually, he already did, and he had so much fun playing the Tomb Raider game.

But then, his PSP days are over. Now it's my turn. Why? Because yesterday, I already got it! Yup. Yup. Yup. He already sent it to me, through a friend of his who came home to the Philippines last Thursday. But since I was busy last Friday and Saturday, I just got hold of it yesterday, with Dex and Owen as my companions going to the place. And know what, when I saw it, I couldn't help but admire the oh-so-cute pink color of the gadget. I so love pink, and all in all, I love the Sony PSP that hubby gave me.

Thank you so much Papa Ghie for this wonderful gift. Now, I'll be bored no more since with this gadget, music, movies, and games are stored in one. Thanks, thanks, thanks. Now, I can't wait to tell everyone about this, so here let me share some pictures:

Normal or Nuts?

Know what, ever since I arrived here in the metropolis, I already did a few embarrassing scenes like the one I did when I first had my proximity card. It was so funny really; imagine I made such a fool of myself when I tried to swipe the card over the door exit button, while in fact all I needed to do was to push it so I can open the door. hahaha. As in! Until now, when I remember that, I could not help but laugh at myself because really it was so ignorant of me. But hey, I'm just a human; I'm born to make mistakes! :D So, that justifies it.

How about you? Do you have funny moments like the one I shared? Or how about wacky stuff that you did lately on which you begin to think whether you’re nuts or something? But hey you’re not alone on that! No one is perfect, believe me! All you need are some words from the experts to know whether your quirks are still funny or already require attention.

Let me share to you one of the Are you normal or nuts? articles that I read from Reader's Digest just a while ago. One reader said that he feels nutty just because he doesn’t like talking in public. He thought that if he does that, people might think that he’s an idiot. The expert answered that he’s behavior is not nutty at all and that it’s okay to speak freely. So there.

Now, if you have your own oddities, feel free to share them. Check out Are you normal or nuts? section in Reader’s Digest Laughs and share your nutty side. It’s time we all laugh about it! After all, laughter is the best medicine, right?

Sponsored by Reader's Digest

Am I Nuts?

Know what, ever since I arrived here in the metropolis, I already did a few embarrassing scenes like the one I did when I first had my proximity card. It was so funny really, imagine I made such a fool of myself when I tried to swipe the card over the door exit button, while in fact all I needed to do was to push it so I can open the door. hahaha. As in! Until now, when I remember that, I could not help but laugh at myself because really it was so ignorant of me. But hey, I'm just a human, I'm born to make mistakes! :D So, that justifies it.

How about you? Do you have funny moments like the one I shared?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

See How Time Flies

When my friend Mina sent me this picture of Baby Gaby a while ago, I couldn't believe how fast my baby has grown. See how time flies...That picture was taken I guess she was around 3 weeks old. She was still very small, and well it was obvious that she looked more like a baby boy before rather than a baby girl.

But then time flies, so see how she looks now:

Oh I so love her big round eyes and her cutie chin. I want to be with her soon.

"Baby, soon Mommy will be there to get you. And I promise we won't be far from each other again..."

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

10 Days More to Go

I already marked my calendar for my scheduled trip to Bicol on August 30th. For what reason? It is to get the baby in between and her nanny and make them stay with me here. I've been sacrificing a lot already because of this decision to transfer, yet all this time I could have done something about it. So in ten days, it's about time!

I want my baby here with me soon. Being here for almost 2 months now without seeing her face before I go to sleep is such a long agony already. So I say, "By hook or by crook, in ten days time I'm off to Bicol and no one, as in NO ONE, can stop me from taking her with me. I AM HER MOTHER, and NO EXCUSES BY ANYONE CAN TAKE HER AWAY FROM ME!"

Monday, August 18, 2008

New Look for The Baby in Between

When I logged in to Blogger this afternoon, I was so glad to see the message from Carlota in my tagboard. According to her, my blog - The Baby in Between - was given the opportunity to win a customized layout. Wow! I've always wanted to give this blog a new look, yet my "tweaking" skills are very limited so I felt contented with this look somehow. As long as our pictures ( me, Papa Ghie, and Baby Gaby ) are there, I was okay it. But now that my blog is given that one chance to have a customized layout, I feel oh-so-excited. I can't wait to see my blog's new look.

So peepz, hope you can help The Baby in Between have a new look. How to do it? Simply cast your vote at I'd very much appreciate it. Thanks a lot in advance! More power to you and of course to Carlota of Dashing Smiles for this great opportunity!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bloated Sunday

Bloated as in! I just had a hearty dinner with my friends Dex and Owen at Kenny Roger's. Don't know why we felt pigging out a while ago, we're not even depressed or something. But we did love the food: the roasted chicken, the side dishes, and the muffins - oh I so love Kenny Roger's muffins - as in yum-yum! After eating, we all felt bloated. Too full to even think about food again. So yeah, this was really a bloated Sunday.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Visual Talking

Some may find this boring and time-consuming, but for me, well I must admit, I had so much fun making my first Visual Talking message last night. Although it took me around 30 minutes to create one (since my Internet connection was a bit slow), I was happy to see the final VT message and realized that the creative side of me is still working at its best.

Anyway, why don't you try it for yourself? If you're just there sitting in front of your PC and is looking for something to do, then check this out.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Blogger Changes

Hi everyone! Have you noticed the various changes that Blogger made? Starting from the Dashboard up to the Add Gadget feature in the layout, you will see that Blogger has updated their features for every blogger's convenience. If you haven't noticed them yet, well take another look.

Isn't it good in the eyes to see something new in Blogger? Come to think of it, most of us bloggers log in here everyday. So, even with these very minor changes, I'm sure every blogger's eyes will appreciate the new look.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Phoebe Online Dot Com

Yup! is now my domain name, the one I purchased from GoDaddy two weeks ago. I just had it running a while ago, with a big help of course from Kuya Ely. (Clapping! Thanks a lot Kuya Ely!) Jeez, I went through so much trouble just setting it up. See, Peach even had her running in no time, while mine...Whew! I'm just so glad that Kuya Ely is around to help a poor blogging newbie like me. Chos! :D

Anyway, moving on, my new domain talks about me, my family, and everything in between and beyond that catches my interest. Topics such as parenting, travel, baby, and making money online will also be discussed. Plus, it will include my opinions/reviews on movies, blogs, products, websites, events, and even news or articles. I know, in one way or another, my opinions would matter to those who will read my entries here.

So, hop on to now and check the few entries I've written so far! :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

10 for a 10

You know what my baby's thinking on that pic? Well she's trying to figure out how she can help Mommy come up with the cash to buy her 10th month birthday cake! See, she's even thinkin' if she can turn that yellow chip into a coin! Isn't she sweet? :D lols. But well, look what she's up to now? She's sending me this signal instead so I should start making this post to join Swept Away's $10 Giveaway!

That's right! The baby in between wants Mommy to win that $10 so she can have another yummy cake on her 10th month birthday. Funny how the number rhymes - 10 for a 10! Weeeee...

But hey, it's not just me who can join this contest. Even YOU can join this. How? Here are the mechanics:

1. Simply subscribe to Swept Away's feeds via email

2. Fave the site in tenchnorati

3. Blog about the contest

Really that simple! But to learn more about the contest details, why don't you visit Swept Away now? Mommy Mai would be delighted to see you there.

So, well, good luck to us! Hope this will be the easiest 10 for a 10 that I'll get - for the baby in between!

"Thanks Mommy Mai for this chance. Kisses to your baby boy!"

Mommy Phoebe Knows Best

I so love the baby in between, so there is no way that I'd let her feel any discomfort for so long. Acid reflux in babies, for one, can make her look weak and restless, thus what can poor mommy do but to find the best relief possible. Although there are lots of remedies available, I still go for the natural reflux cures like swaddling and letting her listen to classical music until she falls asleep. But of course, I also go for gripe water since this is guaranteed safe, effective, and 100% natural.

Really Mommy Phoebe knows best when it comes to finding comfort for the baby in between’s digestive pains. But hey, I’ll be more than glad to share to other moms out there about these colic and acid reflux remedies. How? By simply making an amazing video showing how these remedies give comfort to my little girl. And not only that, this video can be my ticket to winning that $500. Whoa! Really cool, eh!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Baby in Between Turned 9 Months Old

I went home over the weekend for a couple of reasons: to settle some financial obligations, get some important documents, check the appliances and other stuff that I left behind, visit my grandmother on her 86th birthday, and of course, to see and celebrate the baby in between's 9th month birthday.

Yup, my little girl is now 9 months old. See how fast babies grow. It was just like yesterday when she was still very small and so fragile. But now, she already knows a lot, from crawling to sitting, to standing and to playing. And what's sweeter than to hear her say the words - Ma-ma and Pa-pa.

I really can't believe that in just a month of not being with her, I can already see lots of changes in her. When I left, she can only say Ma-ma, but now she also knows the word Pa-pa. And before she only has one tooth, but now there's two and they look so cute. But what really amazed me is that even after a month of not seeing Mommy, she can still recognize me and wants me to carry her in my arms, always.

Baby Gaby has really grown, and I am more than glad to see the development she's going through. And so as she turned 9 months old last August 4, of course, I didn't miss giving her a small celebration. Here are some of the photos that I took during her 9th month birthday:

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cebu Pacific Air at NAIA Terminal 3: It's Time Everyone Waits!

"Uhm, Phoebz, I think you're mistaken with Cebu Pacific's famous line."

I'm not mistaken people! You are reading it right, and I'm pretty sure that a lot of my readers will agree on this.

"It's time everyone flies with Cebu Pacific", yeah right, but only after "everyone waits". As in, like 30 hours for some passengers. Or the longest that I've experienced so far, about 4 hours for my Legazpi-Manila flight yesterday.

I've been travelling to and fro Legazpi with Cebu Pacific as my airline of choice for around 3 years now, yet after my flights last weekend, I decided to reassess it. Last Saturday, I went home to see the baby in between after a month of being away from her. But before I did, I went through an excruciating ordeal over there at the NAIA Terminal 3.

(NAIA Terminal 3 CEB Check-in Counter)

Our (me travelling with Dex and Owen) flight schedule was at 11:55 AM. But according to the Cebu Pac people, weather was bad in Legazpi so there would be a "slight" delay in the flight, like for 2 hours. As in, DUH! The reason was understandable, but what I couldn't bear was the situation that we've seen inside the terminal building. Some passengers complaining especially foreigners; a few looking for seats but end up sitting on the floor tiles; and other passengers anxiously waiting for Cebu Pac people to announce where their gates will be or when their flights will resume. As in, there was so much tension inside the building, so all I wanted that time was to board the plane at once.

In all fairness, the NAIA Terminal 3 is way bigger than the Manila Domestic Airport and could have been more convenient for Cebu Pac passengers, but...Yes, there's a BIG BUT! I didn't really know why Cebu Pacific has to rush things, or go about using the NAIA Terminal 3 even if it is not yet complete. Imagine, there were even no clear sign boards when we went there: if where's the check-in counter for domestic flights or international flights, where terminal fees should be paid, where to check the flight schedules, and all other stuff.

In addition, there were very few seats available at the departure area, so most passengers ended up sitting on the floor tiles. In short, too much inconvenience for the passengers. And what's worse, the Cebu Pacific staff could not do anything about it, except to apologize. That was the first time I've seen so many erring passengers. I even overheard one man saying that there should be media people inside the building to see the problem and air it over the radio or TV so that other people will know and reconsider their airline option. And there was one woman saying, "Where do you expect us to sit here? See, there are so limited seats!"

(Seats being placed when passengers started looking for seats.)

As for me, I cared less about the building, I was thinking more about my flight, the 2-hour delayed flight. And I was thinking about my little girl, who was already at the Legazpi airport waiting for mommy to arrive. I was helpless, and there was nothing I can do but wait. But since all seats were already occupied, me and my friends just looked for a space where we could sit on the floor tiles. We ended up sitting below the phone booths. I tried to open my laptop and see if there was WIFI available. Unfortunately, there was none. And since my cellphone was almost battery empty, I also tried to charge it at the socket near me. But then...Oh, so much for NAIA T3! I kept asking, "why the hell did they rush to open the said terminal for CEB flights?

(Blogger at work - but aarrgghh!!! NO WIFI at NAIA T3)

Hungry, stressed, and disappointed - that's exactly how we felt while waiting for the announcement when our flight will resume. Then at around 1:30pm, all Legazpi passengers were told to proceed to Gate 120. Huh, how can I ever forget Gate 120 of NAIA Terminal 3? It was the last gate, and the farthest from the main departure area. Good thing I wasn't wearing high-heeled shoes during that time, or else. ("Just a reminder to those who will fly Cebu Pacific, please wear a comfortable footwear because NAIA Terminal 3 is really huge.") So anyway, we boarded the plane at around 2:00pm. Finally!!! I felt so relieved, and perhaps all the passengers felt the same way, including the Albay Governor who happened to be in the same flight.

How about my flight back to Manila? My flight schedule was 1:20pm, August 5. I was travelling with my friends Dex and Lyn. We arrived on time at the Legazpi airport to check-in, only to be told that our flight will be delayed for 2 hours. WTF, not again! But as usual, we couldn't do anything but wait. And what's worse, we ended up waiting for 4 long hours because the Manila-Legazpi plane arrived at 5:15pm. Again, passengers kept complaining especially those who still have commitments after their flights.

Cebu Pacific staff could do nothing but said sorry for the inconvenience, including the plane captain who explained the cause of delay - the not fully-operational NAIA Terminal 3. Hmmm, if I remember it right, according to him, there were very few terminal tubes made available to CEB, and only 3 people were there to operate them. So, the only flights that travel on time are the first seven morning flights, and the rest delayed. You see, it was like a chain reaction. But then again, even with these reasons/explanations, still the passengers' convenience should not be put at stake just because of these.

So there! My experience in Cebu Pacific Air at NAIA Terminal 3 was really very disappointing. I just hope when I fly next time it will be different. I do understand that CEB is adjusting on the new terminal building. BUT still, passengers should not be the one to suffer the inconveniences brought by such adjustments. So for those who will be flying CEB for the first time in NAIA T3, prepare to wait! Because with CEB at NAIA T3, it's time everone waits!

Monday, August 4, 2008

July Top Entrecard Droppers

Before I go on posting my August entries, let me say thanks first to my July Top Entrecard Droppers. I really appreciate you guys droppin' by my blog from time to time. So, to show my appreciation, here's some link lovin'...

Saturday, August 2, 2008

I'm Going Home

Yeyeyeye, I'm going home in a while, and that means I'm going to see my baby in just a couple of hours. Weeeee!!! I'm so excited, as in super duper excited :D ! After one long excruciating month (exag :D), I'm going to see my oh-so-adorable little girl once again. Hmmm, I wonder what has changed with her. According to my mom-in-law, the baby in between has now 3 teeth. Weeee, so cute I guess. When I left last month, she only has 1 tooth, so I'm pretty excited to see how she looks now. And oh by the way, my mom-in-law said that Gaby has also gained weight. That's for me to see, since I haven't seen her for a month.

I can hardly wait to board that plane now. Jeeez, why is it that time seems to pass so slowly when you're waiting for something?

Friday, August 1, 2008

See The Glow

Hey guys! I want to show you one of my recent pics here in the metropolis. This was taken last July 26, when we had a Saturday night get together with our dear friend Chayee over there at Dencio's, Metrowalk. There's really nothing so significant in this pic, it's just that I liked the glow of my face and my smile here and hmmmm try to notice that my face's skin tone is not anymore far from Dex's. hahahaha...(dream on Phoebz!)

(Chayee, Me, and Dex)