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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

10 Days More to Go

I already marked my calendar for my scheduled trip to Bicol on August 30th. For what reason? It is to get the baby in between and her nanny and make them stay with me here. I've been sacrificing a lot already because of this decision to transfer, yet all this time I could have done something about it. So in ten days, it's about time!

I want my baby here with me soon. Being here for almost 2 months now without seeing her face before I go to sleep is such a long agony already. So I say, "By hook or by crook, in ten days time I'm off to Bicol and no one, as in NO ONE, can stop me from taking her with me. I AM HER MOTHER, and NO EXCUSES BY ANYONE CAN TAKE HER AWAY FROM ME!"


bonz said...

i know what you feel... even though im just working 8 hours a day before, and at the end of the day i'll see her... im still missing her badly!
so, go and get her!
btw, can we exchange links?

Paula said...

That is good news, Phoebe!

Btw, I voted for you, hope your blog wins. :)

- maida - said...

tira, tira bhem!

jHeLea said...

good luck sis....i may not be a mother but i know how you feel...go for the things that can make you happy....