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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's Gonna Make Sense

I so love this song from Michael Learns to Rock. I play it over and over in iTunes. Here let me share its lyrics:

Life comes in many shapes
You think you know what you got
until it changes

And life will take you high and low
you gotta learn how to walk
and then which way to go

Every choice you make
when you're lost
Every step you take
has it's cause

After you clear your eyes
you'll see the light
somewhere in the darkness
After the rain has gone
you'll feel the sun comes
and though it seems your sorrow never ends
someday its gonna make sense

Tears you shed are all the same
when you laughed 'till you cried
or broken down in pain

All the hours you have spent in the past
worrying about
a thing that didn't last

Everything you saw
played a part
in everything you are
in your heart

After you clear your eyes
you'll see the light
somewhere in the darkness
After the rain has gone
you'll feel the sun comes
and though it seems your sorrow never ends
someday its gonna make sense

I know, someday its gonna make sense. Everything is so vague right now. I'm even thinking about letting go of this blog for good. Maybe when it already makes sense why all these are happening, I will.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Little Fairy Princess and My Little Wicked Witch

Last Sunday, my daughters were given a chance to join the Halloween Party in our subdivision. Although I was a little hesitant at first because I don't have ready costumes for my two girls, I've decided to let them join because I want them to socialize with the other kids in our new neighborhood. The two were so excited; it was actually their first time to join a Halloween Costume Party. For Gab, I've chosen a fairy princess costume while for Yana, it was a wicked witch one. Yana was so unhappy about it because she wanted to be a fairy princess too. Unfortunately, there was only one piece left, so no choice indeed.

Anyway, here's a photo of Baby Gab as a fairy princess.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I'm So Glad to be Back!

After two months of working from home and one month from being on maternity leave, I'm finally back to work here at the office. I so missed my desk and my PC that I hardly noticed that it's almost 4pm. Whew! I'm stressed. But I'm glad to be back. The 2-month bedrest and work-from-home and the 1-month maternity leave were no fun at all. So, I'm so so happy that I'm back to my normal life again.

I still have lots of stuff to tell you, but then I have to bid bye-bye for now. See you again tomorrow!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Baby Gihan Turns 1 Month Old

Yup, he's one month old now. See how time flies. It was just like yesterday when I was still in labor and tried so hard to push him out of me. And guess what? He now weighs 3.6 kilos, 1.3 kilos more from his birth weight of 2.3 kilos. Of course, we're all so happy about this progress, myself particularly. He doesn't look premature anymore and he's no longer suffering from UTI.

Really I'm so thankful that in spite of giving birth early, me and my baby boy were able to manage well. See, I'm even planning to go back to work by Tuesday, just a month of maternity leave at that.

Anyway, let me share to you my baby's pics at 1 month.

Friday, October 23, 2009

I Survived...We Survived Part I

This post is all about my labor and giving birth experience to the new baby in between. Why it's entitled "I Survived..We Survived"? You'll find out as you read along.

September 24, 2009 - It was a typical day, supposedly. I was still on bedrest but working from home at the same time. The night after, I was already complaining that I was feeling different, on which as if I was on labor. I even texted my friend Lyn about it. My stomach was contracting but the pain was not at close intervals so I thought it was false labor again. We didn't have water and electricity during that day, so that really stressed me out. In the afternoon, again I started feeling contractions. But I ignored them. When the water went back, I immediately told Gab that we will take a bath together. But even before I reached the bathroom, I felt a sudden gush of wetness. At first, I thought it was my water bag. But it wasn't. It was blood and it was flowing through my legs.

I tried so hard not to panic. But I'd admit, I was so scared. Scared about the thought that it was time, that baby was only 36weeks, and that it was just me, the nanny, and the two kids here. I still managed to take a bath and was thinking hard how to go about everything - the kids, me, the nanny, the finances, yet the thought of the impending labor pain came last. After taking a bath, first things first - I called my neighbor who has a tricycle to bring me to the hospital. But before we proceed, I first informed my friends Lyn and Nays and my boss Mel that I'll be giving birth in hours time, and then left the two kids to our very kind neighbor.

At the hospital, the typical procedure was done. Filled up the necessary forms and paid a deposit. After which, the nurse instructed me to lie down so she can conduct an internal exam. I was already 2 cm dilated. A few minutes later, my OB - Dra. Mia Almeda of Binan Doctors Hospital, arrived and conducted another IE. Just the same, it was 2cm; but since I was already bleeding heavily, she told me that I'd be admitted already.

Excitement. Fear. Anxiety. Relief. I felt mixed emotions when the nurse walked me through the labor room. Excited because in just hours time, I'll be seeing my baby already. Scared because my baby hasn't reached full term yet. Anxious because my two girls were left at the care of my neighbor. And relieved because the time has finally come. But in spite of these mixed feelings, all in all, I was ready - ready to go through the labor pain and ready to push the baby out.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

I Need Help with Used Cars

With the newest addition to the family, I realized that having our own car is not anymore a luxury but more of a necessity. Why? Because with the distance of our home from major establishments and with the number of kids that we have now, not to mention the two new house help that will be arriving soon, all the more that we need a car to make commuting more convenient for us. So now I'm looking at some used cars to buy. Actually, last year, Daddy and I already reserved one. But then after a month, we changed our mind and decided to refund our money. So, I'm back to zero when it comes to searching for used cars. If only I'm in the UK, everything would be easier for me. There are lots of car portals that allow anyone to search and compare prices of new and used cars. Really helpful especially for first time buyers like me.

Can't Breast Feed

It's so frustrating that I can't breast feed my newborn baby. I tried since Sunday when we got home, but the baby just won't latch on my breast. The reason: because of my flat and inverted nipple. Aaarrgghh. It's so frustrating. I already made a research to find a remedy but it didn't work for me. So, my last resort is to pump my milk using a breast pump. Quite painful, but it's enough to give me relief and for baby to be able to get even a small amount of breast milk.

As of now, I don't have a choice but to do infant formula feeding. Costly, I know. But what can I do. I can't leave baby feeling hungry just because I can't breastfeed. I really envy those who can breastfeed their young. Because after all, breastmilk is still best for babies.

Friday, October 2, 2009

New Baby, New Site

Prior to giving birth, I already created a new site for the new baby in between entitled Gerby's Humble Beginnings. But then at the last minute, Daddy decided to change baby's name from Gerby to Gihan Raphael Paulo. So, I also thought it would be best to replace the title of the site or create a whole new site for our new bundle of joy. Perhaps, we can call it Gihan's Journey. And to make the site more personalized, I'm thinking about getting its own domain name and web site hosting service.

Getting a domain name for Gihan's site is an easier task since I've already acquired my own domain name in the past. But for web hosting, it's quite new to me since the last time I had my web site hosted, I asked my colleague to do it for me. So, now I'm thinking what could be the best web site hosting provider to get. I've already asked a couple of friends about it and they told me to check on WebHostingGeek for some web hosting reviews.

After doing a short reading, I found out that WebHostingGeek is the best guide to help me find the right web hosting for my new site. It provides reviews of the top web hosting providers - according to their features, rates, and others. It sure helps me a lot to compare the options available and arrive at a decision. Now, I already have a web host in mind. And it's good to know that I can very much do something to reduce the cost of web hosting after reading the site's blog.

So, in a couple of days, I'm off to creating my Baby Gihan's site. And with WebHostingGeek's help, I'm sure, I'll be off to a good start.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Welcome our New Baby in Between!

Welcome our new baby - Baby Raphael Paulo! Born last September 25, 2009, 2:50PM, via NSD, 5.06 lbs. He's only at 36 weeks, a month early from his supposedly birth date. Thank God we survived the placenta previa complication! And thanks to all for your prayers and support!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Breast Feeding vs. Baby Formula Feeding

The other day, my husband and I were talking about how I'll go about feeding our new baby once he comes out a month from now. I told him that I'll do mixed feeding, meaning I'll breastfeed and bottle feed at the same time. The reason: so it won't be difficult on my part to let baby get used to baby formula feeding once I returned to work. Just practical, I guess. But Daddy said, if he'd be the one to decide, he'd let me do breastfeeding alone because it's not only more nutritious for baby but it will allow us to enjoy more savings too.

I do agree with Daddy. Actually in the United States, mothers are encouraged to breastfeed because breast milk is not only the healthiest option but it is also free, allowing parents to save up to $2,000 for baby formula costs. However, there are some who choose to go on formula feeding rather than breast feeding for whatever reason. So, what the WIC does is that it introduced a new food package to encourage breastfeeding. Now, if a mom chooses the breastfeeeding package, she will no longer receive any infant formula. And if she chooses mixed feeding or total formula feeding, she will receive 13% less formula as compared to what was given last year. With these options, a mom will think otherwise about choosing formula feeding over breastfeeding because she will now have to pay more for buying regular formula on her own.

That's a great idea they got there at WIC. Of course, more mothers will be encouraged to do breastfeeding because less support is now given for infant formula. You know, if I'm not working, I'd be more than willing to do exclusive breastfeeding too. But then again, a few months after giving birth, I need to get back to work, which only means that baby has to settle on formula feeding while I'm away. Anyway, I'm looking at buying a less expesive formula so it won't be too hard on the budget. I tried this baby formula savings calculator to compare the cost of the brand I used to get for the baby in between and the Parent's Choice brand. Guess what? I could save with the latter as much as $56.94 per month. So, now I know what to get for my newbord, there's no doubt about that.


Friday, September 4, 2009

Pregnancy 33 Weeks: An Update

Hi everyone! It's been a long time since I made the last update. And I know, you're all eager to know what's going on with me and my baby. We're still doing very much okay, so far we've already reached 33 weeks - a month or 4 weeks more to go before baby reaches full-term. I'm really praying hard that I'll reach up to 37 weeks. I'm no longer afraid of the thought that I'll go through cesarean delivery due to this placenta previa complication. As long as my baby is full-term, I'll take the sacrifice of the long recovery that goes with CS delivery.

So, what's with me and baby on 33rd week? Baby is still moving a lot while me here is moving very little. Waaahh! I'm still on bedrest. Imagine, I've been like this for over a month now. And believe me, it's no fun at all. Supposedly, since I'm on my 8th month, I should be nesting by now, the term they used when preggy women feel that sudden burst of energy to do things a month prior to delivery. If only I'm not restricted to do strenous activities, I could have been doing a lot of general cleaning right now. But I'm stuck in bed, so the only thing that makes me busy now is farming - that's right over there at Farmville, an FB application!

Oh, only a month for baby and me to go! On September 15, I'm off to my final ultrasound to determine whether the placenta is still there covering my cervix or if it migrated to clear the way for baby. I'm not very hopeful though, because last Sunday, I had another episode of bleeding, on which the bowl just turned red after I peed. Anyway, whatever the result is, I'm more than ready.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

This post has been sitting in my drafts for so long now. It's not that I want to keep this award all for myself; it's just that this difficult pregnancy is restricting me from long hours of blogging unlike before. And so, I apologize to Mommy Anne if I wasn't able to pass this award earlier. But really I'm glad that I'm one of the few people she remembered passing this award to. Now, it's my turn.

To accept this award do the following:

1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated you for this award.
4. Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting.
5. Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers.
6. Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.
7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know they have been nominated.

Here are the 7 things about myself that people might find interesting:

1. I am a certified procrastinator. See, I even accomplished this tag just now.
2. I love traveling, unfortunately my supposedly first out-of-the-country trip was cancelled at the last minute. :(
3. I hate updating my Mac - software, etc. The last time I did that, the next thing I saw was that Kernel panic image.
4. I cry a lot and worry a lot. Okay, I admit, I'm more of a negative thinker than a positive one.
5. I don't like reading manuals, much more explore the features of the gadgets being given by Daddy. As long as I can use them, then that's it.
6. I never eat pineapple, it causes my tongue to be so itchy. And squash too.
7. I'm very stubborn. And Daddy hates that.

I am passing this award to some of my blogging friends. Hope to know more about you: Nays, Jhelea, Rose, Maidz, Wats, Wends, and Glady.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Dream Vacation in Sustainable Switzerland After Giving Birth

The past 7 months have been so difficult for me: the moving-in scene to our new home, the home improvements that I have to look after all by myself, the budgeting of finances, the accomplishing of tasks both for the permanent and freelance jobs, and worst of all, the pregnancy complication that until now I couldn't figure out why of all the pregnant people, out of the 200, it was me who got this placenta previa. All of these really stress me out to the highest level, and so after giving birth, I'm looking forward to have a dream vacation in a place where I can truly be with nature - a place like sustainable Switzerland.

Just look at the image above, isn't it a beauty? It's in Fuldera, Switzerland - popular tourist destination that offers the most breathtaking views of the panoramic Alps. I can imagine myself staying in that tranquil and enchanting village for a couple of days and spend hiking or camping with Daddy and the kids. Just look at the green meadows and the forest, for sure the place has a lot in store for vacationers like me.

But Switzerland is not only known for its Alps and its overall beauty. It is also known to be a very eco-friendly country as it is rich in organic products, its people can still enjoy fresh air while biking, offers easy access on train travel, and has lots of green friendly resorts and restaurant. It's so amazing how effective Switzerlands environmental policies are in making sure that pollution is reduced in the environment. I just hope that the same should be implemented in our country. So if you are a pollution-free environment advocate like myself, all the more you'll also appreciate spending a really nice vacation in this country.

I'm really looking forward to making this dream come true once I'm done with this pregnancy. I have lots of plans in mind once I'm there, like go hiking, camping, sight-seeing, and just be closer to nature. After all, I deserve a vacation as grand as this, right?


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pregnancy 30 Weeks: UTI and Possible Gestational Diabetes

Yesterday was my scheduled prenatal visit. I was early at the hospital so I'll be the first on the list. Indeed, I was able to grab the number 1, but only because I was listed ahead of time by my OB's secretary. LOL. :D But anyway, before I went to her clinic, I first got my lab results: urinalysis, blood sugar, hepa, blood type, and two others which I forgot what they're for. While looking at the result, I felt somewhat relieved to see that the numbers were within the normal values. But that feeling of relief was only for a while. Because when my OB checked it, she did a little computation and so the end result: I have UTI (urinary tract infection) and possible gestational diabetes at pregnancy 30 weeks.

I wasn't surprised when she said that I have UTI and that my blood sugar level is somewhat high. It's because on this pregnancy, I have craved so much for salty and sweet foods. Dried fish for breakfast, junkfoods in between meals, softdrinks after every meal, and ice cream for dessert. So, what more can I expect? But after learning that, I somewhat felt angry at myself because of my stubbornness. Daddy kept telling me to avoid salty and sweet foods, but I did not listen. And so all I can say while my OB was giving me prescription medicines for UTI and subjecting me to another glucose test was, "Now, this is called reaping what you sow."

But even if I blame myself over and over, it won't help at all. So the least that I can do is to follow my doctor's advice, take the medication, and have the 2nd glucose test. Oh boy, this has really been the most difficult pregnancy that I've been through! I just can't wait to get over with this.

Seven more weeks to go - ready or not CS on October 8, here I come!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Time to Buy the Stephen Joseph Quilted Backpack

While looking at my pre-school girl leaving for school yesterday, I noticed that her backpack already needs replacement. Although it still serves its purpose today, from the looks of it, the bag will give way in just a couple of weeks. So, I guess it's time to buy this Stephen Joseph quilted backpack.

The first time I saw this backpack from Posylane, I fell in love with it in an instant. Who would not be? Just look at it and for sure you'll agree. When I showed it to my daughter, she even smiled with so much excitement in her face. She just loved the Ladybug backpack. It has a front flap with magnetic closure and a carry strap handle on top, plus shoulder straps so she can carry it more comfortably.

I can't wait to get a Stephen Joseph backpack for my daughter. And I'm also thinking about getting two kids nap mats for her and Baby Gaby later on.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pregnancy 29 Weeks: Placenta Previa, Bedrest, Losing Hope, Prayers

For those who have been constantly visiting this blog, perhaps you're all wondering why I'm suddenly out of the blogging circulation. It's not that I became too lazy, or that I didn't have anything interesting to blog, but because I allowed myself to lie low for a while since I'm risking my baby from working too much.

The last time I made an update, I told you that I had another bleeding right? And so, I was advised by my OB to go on 2-wk bedrest. I was also advised to have the steroid shots to mature my baby's lungs, unfortunately I was not able to get one. But anyway, yesterday, I finally met the OB-gyne who will assist me during my baby's delivery. Her name is Dra. Mia Almeda, recommended to me by my neighbor here in our new place. She's really nice and accommodating. And she has all the answers as to why until now I'm having this dark brown discharge and other concerns that I have with regards to this pregnancy.

The main culprit: it's the placenta previa. :( Though it's partialis now, it still causes me to bleed. And so my OB told me if I can already file a leave in the office until I give birth. Huwaat?? As if it's that easy to do. But do I have any choice? She said I need to have maximum bedrest because if not, any moment, I might experience more bleeding than the one I'm experiencing now. Actually, she already set me for a pelvic ultrasound by August 31. According to her, if it still shows a partialis placenta previa, she will already schedule me for caesarean delivery in between the dates of October 1st and October 8th, 3 weeks prior to my due date. :(

So I guess there's no escape for me anymore. Even if I wanted to deliver this baby boy normally, I don't think it will be possible with this pregnancy complication. It'll be 3weeks more before my scheduled ultrasound but I'm already losing hope that the placenta will still move away from my cervix. Yes, I'm losing hope! And I'm expecting the worst. I just hope I'll be strong enough to pass this difficult ordeal that me and my baby will have to go through. I must admit, I'm feeling a bit weak just the thought that I have to deliver it via CS section, that I have to be on leave for a long time, that my hubby is not here, and that I have no immediate family as my support team during the delivery. So, what else could be worse than all of these?

As of now, all I'm holding on to is my faith in God. I may not be able to escape the reality that I have to go through CS delivery, but I know He will not leave me and my baby during this difficult time. Prayers, prayers, and more prayers. And so, I entrust me and my baby's life only to Him.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Own Domain Name and Web Hosting Thoughts for this Family Blog

It's August already, but until now I haven't fully decided whether I'll give this family blog its own domain name and webhosting. I've been wondering for quite some time now why this doesn't seem to please Mr. Google, so if you'll notice it is still page rank-less. Of course, any blogger would want his/her blog to have a page rank. So, I was thinking maybe this one just needs its own domain name and web host. There's no harm in trying, right?

For the domain name, I already know where and how to get one since I've already tried purchasing a year ago. But for the web hosting, I'm still confused as to what site to turn to. Good thing, it did not take me long to find web hosting reviews via the Internet. When I came across, I told myself that this is the best place to start my search for web hosting services. This site provides a comprehensive list of web hosting providers, ranked according to their services' price, space, and traffic. By simply looking at the list, I can already tell which one gets the highest rating as far as customer satisfaction, reliability, and affordability are concerned.

After checking the site, I already have one in mind. But since I don't know much about web hosting yet, I decided to search further about the basics of web hosting.

How about you? Are you also in need of webhosting services? Visit now!

Top Entrecard Droppers for July

Although I'm still on 2-week bed rest, there's no stopping me to make this quick post and say thank you to my top entrecard droppers for July. "I do appreciate your regular visit on my blog." I hope you'll keep coming back and drop your EC here. I'll try to do the same as much as I can. Once again, THANK YOU!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fashionable Eyeglasses for Children

While on our way to the hospital yesterday, I've seen a little girl, about the same age of Yana, already wearing eyeglasses. I was thinking, she's too young to be wearing one, just like my godchild named Angeli Marie who started wearing eyeglasses as early as 4 years old. But the two are nothing compared to our neighbor here, she's only 1 1/2 years old but she's already wearing one. Hmmm. I wonder why they are required to wear eyeglasses, maybe their eye defects are congenital.

But anyway, whatever the reason is, I'd be glad to recommend to them these very affordable yet stylish and high quality $ 8 Rx eyeglasses from Zenni Optical. I'm sure these will look great on my godchild and on our neighbor's child. They will look more fashionable, while they're parents will get to enjoy great savings. Actually, a lot of people have already experienced the convenience of having Zenni eyeglasses and many have seen Zenni Optical on TV!!! A blogger even blogged about it saying High Five to Zenni Optical. So, there's no doubt Zenni is the site to visit when it comes to online shopping convenience for high quality, affordable, and fashionable eyeglasses for children.

I visited the site just this morning and I've seen one that will look good on my godchild. Here let me show it to you:

Friday, July 31, 2009

Ready for the Steroid Shots

After reading forum posts of those who have already experienced getting steroid shots, I decided that it's indeed best for me to take them. So, in a while, I'm off to the hospital to take the 1st dose of Betamethasone to mature my baby's lungs. I just hope there's an OB-gyne available at the hospital nearest me. I've been searching for the paper containing the OB schedules, but I failed to find it. No choice for me then but to try and see if I'd be able to get the first dose today

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Steroid Shots, Bedrest, and Work From Home at Pregnancy 27 Weeks

After the bleeding episode last Tuesday night, again I spotted in the morning. So, I did not have second thoughts about going to Healthway clinic to see my OB-Gyne. Unfortunately, she wasn't there so another OB checked me. First, she got my history and asked what I was feeling at the moment. I told her about the placenta previa partialis, the vaginal bleeding, and the mild contractions. She immediately recommended that I file an indefinite leave in the office because of my high-risk pregnancy. But after she checked my vagina via speculum, she said that all I needed was to be confined at the hospital at least overnight and to have a 2-week bedrest but may work from home. The only restrictions she gave me were no to long distance traveling, no strenous activities, and no to lifting heavy stuff.

I was having second thoughts though about the hospital admission overnight. It's just me and the nanny here, so if I'd be admitted that means I have to be at the hospital alone. The main reason why it was needed was because of the steroid shots that the OB-gyne recommended. She said that since my pregnancy is high-risk, I should be given Betamethasone to mature the baby's lungs. She explained that since this was already my third episode of bleeding with mild contractions, there's a possibility that I'll deliver the baby early. With the steroid shots given, she said that even if my baby does not reach full term, he has a big chance of survival.

Up to now, I haven't reached the decision whether I'll get the shots or not. But at the back of my mind, something's telling me that I should. For now, the company already allowed me to have 2-wk bedrest with work-from-home privilege. Thanks to my very considerate boss there!

I'll keep you all posted about my condition. Thanks, by the way, for all your concern!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Another Episode of Vaginal Bleeding at 27 Weeks Pregnancy

True, just a while ago, I had another episode of vaginal bleeding. It scared the hell out of me when I saw the water in the bowl turned bright red. I panicked, of course. Because I thought since I'm only experiencing placenta previa partialis now, I'm free from worrying about any episode of vaginal bleeding again. But I was wrong.

I'm only 27 weeks pregnant, so just the thought that I'm already going through premature labor really scares me to death. I mean, who would not? I guess, any expectant mom would if they know it's not yet time for the baby to come out.

I'm really thinking hard why I'm bleeding again. Could it be from the stress I get from work? From the long travel I do everyday? From the constant headaches that Daddy, the kids, and the nanny are giving me? From the freelance work that I do even on weekends? Or simply from thinking so hard as to how to go about everything: the family's expenses, the budget for the delivery, the baby's things, the coming of the in-laws, etc. etc. ?

And even if I wanted to be at the hospital right now just to be sure I'm not going through premature labor, I just can't. So, I'd just stay here, rest, and monitor my tummy and the bleeding. If it doesn't stop in a while, I'll rush to the nearest hospital even if that means I'd go alone.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Still As Busy As a Bee

It's already Monday, second rest day for me, but not true to its word, funny that I'm still as busy as a bee even as of this moment. I have a deadline to beat by evening, a 5-year old kid with a 38.3degrees fever to look after, and a 1 1/2yr old toddler to bear with when her tantrums attack. Sometimes I would wish that I have superpowers to do all these without feeling tired and stressed out. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I have a 27-week baby inside me taking all these stress and fatigue with me.

Really it's difficult to be a multi-tasking mom. But I know that I should not be complaining because I'm still way luckier than the others. I should feel lucky that I have a full-time work to provide me with the permanent income, a freelance job to help me earn extra income on the side, two little girls that make me complete, and a baby on the way who will fulfill my dreams of having a man to look after me when I grow old.

I'm really a one lucky woman out here. So, even if I am still as busy as a bee, I won't complain any further. After all, these too shall pass - the deadline in particular. And speaking of deadline, I'd better go back to my article writing before the writer's block hits me again. Ciao!

Image credit:

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dinovite Dog Shampoo: A Gift for Jaymee

Hey guys! Meet Jaymee! Ate Raziel's so cute and adorable princess type sitsu. Isn't she a cutie? I'm sure you can't wait to have one as well. Actually, when we first met Jaymee, my kids and I fell really in love with her. At first, we thought she was a stuff toy. But after I've seen more of her photos, I finally believed that she's a real doggie. And the kids were asking me if I can also get one for them. As if that easy! When I asked about how much it costs, you won't believe that it's almost the same price of one living room set. Whew! Can I afford that? Hmmm. Maybe not for now. Perhaps, what my budget can only accommodate is a dog shampoo like the one from Dinovite.

Dinovite is one of the most reliable online resource when it comes to your pet's good health. Whether it's dog shampoo, supplements, or any other treat that you need, they have one in store for you. Been thinking how to get rid of your dog's itching, stinking, and scratching? Or fed up bathing your pet there because no matter how you rinse and rinse, you still can't get it completely cleaned up? No worries, Dinovite has the perfect product for you - the DogOsuds. Made from natural ingredients, this dog shampoo will make your dog not only smelling clean and wonderful but also looking good and healthy. It works well on sensitive skin, so no need to worry about drying or irritating it. And it is made to be natural flea deterrent, so this time your dog will stop scratching like before.

DogOsuds is really the best dog shampoo any dog could ever have. And so for a doggie as cute as Ate Raziel's Jaymee, I guess she deserves also the best from Dinovite. So I'm thinking about getting one to give her as gift. How about you? Is your dog itching, scratching and stinking beyond belief? Get DogOsuds now!


Flu Shots for Kids and Preggy Mommy

Today is the scheduled date for the flu shots to be administered to employees and our dependents here in the office. I registered, and so are my two little girls. Unfortunately, yesterday, I was told by our company nurse that only kids 3 years old and above can take the vaccine. Hmmm. I wondered why? So, I made a quick research about flu shots for babies and toddlers and I've learned that shots are even recommended now for all children younger than 5. So, I'm really puzzled why my Baby Gab can't have the vaccine. Anyway, here's more about the safety of flu shots for babies and toddlers.

Now, since Baby Gaby can't have the vaccine, only me and my 5-year old Yana will have it. But just a while ago, our company nurse asked me if my OB is okay with the idea that I get a flu shot. I alread asked one OB almost a month ago about this and she said that flu shot is safe for pregnant women. But I don't know why I'm having second thoughts about it now. So, again, I made another research about safety of flu shots for pregnant women to be sure. Read here.

Still I'm having second thoughts. Should I or should I not?

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Mommy Moments - First Steps

mommy moments

Hello everyone - mommies and non-mommies alike! It's Friday again, and so it's another series of Mommy Moments - this time featuring our little one's first steps. Anyway, here's my entry.

Both Daddy and I were not able to witness our Baby Gaby's first steps. Daddy was in South Korea while I was here in the metropolis, leaving the baby in between at my in-laws care together with the nanny. According to her Ate Rose, Gab started making her first steps as early as 9 months. She first did it by holding on to the bed's headboard. Then, when she's on the floor, she also held on to the bed's sides for assistance. I got to see her do that when I went home around August of 2008. I even took a video of her, unfortunately the video was among the files I lost when my MacBook was reformatted.

Anyway, even if Daddy and I were not able to see her first "real" steps, I'd like to share to you here her first steps with us, together as a complete family. These pictures were taken when Daddy came home last October of 2008(their first meeting), prior to her 1st birthday. See, there's a lot of firsts there LOL :D !

(Okay Gab, Ready...)

(Get set...)

(And go...)

(Got yah, Mommy!)

(Okay, with Daddy now! Move out of the walkalator you two!)

(Okay Dad, why don't we go and leave Mommy behind?)

I so love that last photo there. Daddy and Gab looked so sweet HHWW - holding hands while walking HAHA!

That's it for now! Want to see more of Mommy Moments? Click here.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The In-Laws Are Coming

Three months from now, my in-laws will be joining us at our home for a month. They're coming to assist me when I give birth on October. With just me, the nanny, and the 2 kids around, I don't think we can handle everything. And besides, it's different when another family member is around during this rather "painful" time, especially a mom at that.

Last year, when I gave birth to Baby Gaby, I had my aunt and uncle around. So, I got a little support there. Initially, I was not thinking about letting my father- and mother-in-law to come here during my delivery date. I so thought that the nanny and I can manage. But with the siblings having regular fights lately, I don't think so. And so, after I told Daddy that perhaps it would be better if his mom is here, he immediately called her and told her to come.

So there. Three months from now our home will be filled with new faces. Hehe :). This will be the first time that they'll see what their son has been investing on over the past year. I just hope they will like our new home and will enjoy their almost one-month stay. For now, let me book their tickets while some flights are still on promo. Ciao!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Joining Summer Camps is Fun

When I was around my early teens, I used to join Summer Camps organized by our local church. If I remember it right, I joined for three consecutive summers, making my school break days really productive and full of fun. I met a few new friends, developed closer bonding with old ones, and learned a lot about the Christian faith during those three summer camps. Boy, I was really glad that Mama and Papa allowed me and my brothers to be there. Or else, we would have missed a lot during those school breaks.

Now that I am a mom myself, I'm thinking about letting my little girls attend summer camps when they're bigger. But with the busy schedule that I have, I don't think it'll be easy for me to find local events in my area. Good thing the local events widget from Nickelodeon is now very much accessible. By simply entering the zip code, parents can be connected to the fun activities for the family available in the area.

Wow, so that means summer camps are not just for kids alone these days! I wonder why we didn't have those when we were kids. It would have been a great experience spending the summer with the whole family, and not just us siblings. But anyway, I'd just do it with my family now so they'll also experience the fun of joining summer camps.