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Friday, July 31, 2009

Ready for the Steroid Shots

After reading forum posts of those who have already experienced getting steroid shots, I decided that it's indeed best for me to take them. So, in a while, I'm off to the hospital to take the 1st dose of Betamethasone to mature my baby's lungs. I just hope there's an OB-gyne available at the hospital nearest me. I've been searching for the paper containing the OB schedules, but I failed to find it. No choice for me then but to try and see if I'd be able to get the first dose today

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Steroid Shots, Bedrest, and Work From Home at Pregnancy 27 Weeks

After the bleeding episode last Tuesday night, again I spotted in the morning. So, I did not have second thoughts about going to Healthway clinic to see my OB-Gyne. Unfortunately, she wasn't there so another OB checked me. First, she got my history and asked what I was feeling at the moment. I told her about the placenta previa partialis, the vaginal bleeding, and the mild contractions. She immediately recommended that I file an indefinite leave in the office because of my high-risk pregnancy. But after she checked my vagina via speculum, she said that all I needed was to be confined at the hospital at least overnight and to have a 2-week bedrest but may work from home. The only restrictions she gave me were no to long distance traveling, no strenous activities, and no to lifting heavy stuff.

I was having second thoughts though about the hospital admission overnight. It's just me and the nanny here, so if I'd be admitted that means I have to be at the hospital alone. The main reason why it was needed was because of the steroid shots that the OB-gyne recommended. She said that since my pregnancy is high-risk, I should be given Betamethasone to mature the baby's lungs. She explained that since this was already my third episode of bleeding with mild contractions, there's a possibility that I'll deliver the baby early. With the steroid shots given, she said that even if my baby does not reach full term, he has a big chance of survival.

Up to now, I haven't reached the decision whether I'll get the shots or not. But at the back of my mind, something's telling me that I should. For now, the company already allowed me to have 2-wk bedrest with work-from-home privilege. Thanks to my very considerate boss there!

I'll keep you all posted about my condition. Thanks, by the way, for all your concern!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Another Episode of Vaginal Bleeding at 27 Weeks Pregnancy

True, just a while ago, I had another episode of vaginal bleeding. It scared the hell out of me when I saw the water in the bowl turned bright red. I panicked, of course. Because I thought since I'm only experiencing placenta previa partialis now, I'm free from worrying about any episode of vaginal bleeding again. But I was wrong.

I'm only 27 weeks pregnant, so just the thought that I'm already going through premature labor really scares me to death. I mean, who would not? I guess, any expectant mom would if they know it's not yet time for the baby to come out.

I'm really thinking hard why I'm bleeding again. Could it be from the stress I get from work? From the long travel I do everyday? From the constant headaches that Daddy, the kids, and the nanny are giving me? From the freelance work that I do even on weekends? Or simply from thinking so hard as to how to go about everything: the family's expenses, the budget for the delivery, the baby's things, the coming of the in-laws, etc. etc. ?

And even if I wanted to be at the hospital right now just to be sure I'm not going through premature labor, I just can't. So, I'd just stay here, rest, and monitor my tummy and the bleeding. If it doesn't stop in a while, I'll rush to the nearest hospital even if that means I'd go alone.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Still As Busy As a Bee

It's already Monday, second rest day for me, but not true to its word, funny that I'm still as busy as a bee even as of this moment. I have a deadline to beat by evening, a 5-year old kid with a 38.3degrees fever to look after, and a 1 1/2yr old toddler to bear with when her tantrums attack. Sometimes I would wish that I have superpowers to do all these without feeling tired and stressed out. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I have a 27-week baby inside me taking all these stress and fatigue with me.

Really it's difficult to be a multi-tasking mom. But I know that I should not be complaining because I'm still way luckier than the others. I should feel lucky that I have a full-time work to provide me with the permanent income, a freelance job to help me earn extra income on the side, two little girls that make me complete, and a baby on the way who will fulfill my dreams of having a man to look after me when I grow old.

I'm really a one lucky woman out here. So, even if I am still as busy as a bee, I won't complain any further. After all, these too shall pass - the deadline in particular. And speaking of deadline, I'd better go back to my article writing before the writer's block hits me again. Ciao!

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dinovite Dog Shampoo: A Gift for Jaymee

Hey guys! Meet Jaymee! Ate Raziel's so cute and adorable princess type sitsu. Isn't she a cutie? I'm sure you can't wait to have one as well. Actually, when we first met Jaymee, my kids and I fell really in love with her. At first, we thought she was a stuff toy. But after I've seen more of her photos, I finally believed that she's a real doggie. And the kids were asking me if I can also get one for them. As if that easy! When I asked about how much it costs, you won't believe that it's almost the same price of one living room set. Whew! Can I afford that? Hmmm. Maybe not for now. Perhaps, what my budget can only accommodate is a dog shampoo like the one from Dinovite.

Dinovite is one of the most reliable online resource when it comes to your pet's good health. Whether it's dog shampoo, supplements, or any other treat that you need, they have one in store for you. Been thinking how to get rid of your dog's itching, stinking, and scratching? Or fed up bathing your pet there because no matter how you rinse and rinse, you still can't get it completely cleaned up? No worries, Dinovite has the perfect product for you - the DogOsuds. Made from natural ingredients, this dog shampoo will make your dog not only smelling clean and wonderful but also looking good and healthy. It works well on sensitive skin, so no need to worry about drying or irritating it. And it is made to be natural flea deterrent, so this time your dog will stop scratching like before.

DogOsuds is really the best dog shampoo any dog could ever have. And so for a doggie as cute as Ate Raziel's Jaymee, I guess she deserves also the best from Dinovite. So I'm thinking about getting one to give her as gift. How about you? Is your dog itching, scratching and stinking beyond belief? Get DogOsuds now!


Flu Shots for Kids and Preggy Mommy

Today is the scheduled date for the flu shots to be administered to employees and our dependents here in the office. I registered, and so are my two little girls. Unfortunately, yesterday, I was told by our company nurse that only kids 3 years old and above can take the vaccine. Hmmm. I wondered why? So, I made a quick research about flu shots for babies and toddlers and I've learned that shots are even recommended now for all children younger than 5. So, I'm really puzzled why my Baby Gab can't have the vaccine. Anyway, here's more about the safety of flu shots for babies and toddlers.

Now, since Baby Gaby can't have the vaccine, only me and my 5-year old Yana will have it. But just a while ago, our company nurse asked me if my OB is okay with the idea that I get a flu shot. I alread asked one OB almost a month ago about this and she said that flu shot is safe for pregnant women. But I don't know why I'm having second thoughts about it now. So, again, I made another research about safety of flu shots for pregnant women to be sure. Read here.

Still I'm having second thoughts. Should I or should I not?

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Mommy Moments - First Steps

mommy moments

Hello everyone - mommies and non-mommies alike! It's Friday again, and so it's another series of Mommy Moments - this time featuring our little one's first steps. Anyway, here's my entry.

Both Daddy and I were not able to witness our Baby Gaby's first steps. Daddy was in South Korea while I was here in the metropolis, leaving the baby in between at my in-laws care together with the nanny. According to her Ate Rose, Gab started making her first steps as early as 9 months. She first did it by holding on to the bed's headboard. Then, when she's on the floor, she also held on to the bed's sides for assistance. I got to see her do that when I went home around August of 2008. I even took a video of her, unfortunately the video was among the files I lost when my MacBook was reformatted.

Anyway, even if Daddy and I were not able to see her first "real" steps, I'd like to share to you here her first steps with us, together as a complete family. These pictures were taken when Daddy came home last October of 2008(their first meeting), prior to her 1st birthday. See, there's a lot of firsts there LOL :D !

(Okay Gab, Ready...)

(Get set...)

(And go...)

(Got yah, Mommy!)

(Okay, with Daddy now! Move out of the walkalator you two!)

(Okay Dad, why don't we go and leave Mommy behind?)

I so love that last photo there. Daddy and Gab looked so sweet HHWW - holding hands while walking HAHA!

That's it for now! Want to see more of Mommy Moments? Click here.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The In-Laws Are Coming

Three months from now, my in-laws will be joining us at our home for a month. They're coming to assist me when I give birth on October. With just me, the nanny, and the 2 kids around, I don't think we can handle everything. And besides, it's different when another family member is around during this rather "painful" time, especially a mom at that.

Last year, when I gave birth to Baby Gaby, I had my aunt and uncle around. So, I got a little support there. Initially, I was not thinking about letting my father- and mother-in-law to come here during my delivery date. I so thought that the nanny and I can manage. But with the siblings having regular fights lately, I don't think so. And so, after I told Daddy that perhaps it would be better if his mom is here, he immediately called her and told her to come.

So there. Three months from now our home will be filled with new faces. Hehe :). This will be the first time that they'll see what their son has been investing on over the past year. I just hope they will like our new home and will enjoy their almost one-month stay. For now, let me book their tickets while some flights are still on promo. Ciao!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Joining Summer Camps is Fun

When I was around my early teens, I used to join Summer Camps organized by our local church. If I remember it right, I joined for three consecutive summers, making my school break days really productive and full of fun. I met a few new friends, developed closer bonding with old ones, and learned a lot about the Christian faith during those three summer camps. Boy, I was really glad that Mama and Papa allowed me and my brothers to be there. Or else, we would have missed a lot during those school breaks.

Now that I am a mom myself, I'm thinking about letting my little girls attend summer camps when they're bigger. But with the busy schedule that I have, I don't think it'll be easy for me to find local events in my area. Good thing the local events widget from Nickelodeon is now very much accessible. By simply entering the zip code, parents can be connected to the fun activities for the family available in the area.

Wow, so that means summer camps are not just for kids alone these days! I wonder why we didn't have those when we were kids. It would have been a great experience spending the summer with the whole family, and not just us siblings. But anyway, I'd just do it with my family now so they'll also experience the fun of joining summer camps.



Toddler Tantrums - When to Say "NO"

Last night, when I got home from work, I was too exhausted so the last thing that I wanted was for the kids to start having arguments. At first, they were doing ok - Yana showing me her "Star" stamped on her hands because she did well in school while Gaby was showing the Ice Tea moves, imitating the dance in the new commercial of Ice Tea. Of course, I was happy seeing them that way. But then after a while, guess what happened.

Perhaps, you already know. The usual sibling rivalry started, and it's because of Gab's tantrums. That's right! Often times, when the two fight, it's because Gab has her toddler tantrums again. She wants everything by herself, toys, books, cellphone, PSP, mommy's wallet, ballpen, even the attention of her Daddy when Yana tries to move the laptop towards her. And when she doesn't get them, she'll start crying, and worse, screaming.

Being a full-time working mom at that, sometimes Gab's tantrums really get into my nerves. And so the least that I do is to tell her Ate Yana to just give in to what Baby Gaby wanted. I know, it's wrong, and Yana will eventually realize that what I do is also wrong, because when she has tantrums herself, I never give in to her and I say no.

Oh, I just don't know what to do with Gaby. I want to say "NO" to her when she wants everything for herself beyond reason, but I just can't with all the stress that I already take from work at the office and outside. If only it's so easy to follow what this article says:

When to say “No”

Although tantrums are a normal fact of toddler life, they can be minimised by setting sensible limits – for yourself as well as your child.
Say “No” to frustration beyond your toddler’s tolerance limits

Challenges are necessary for children to develop, but try to step in before a challenge becomes a frustration by offering help. Guide gently, but don’t take over. For instance, gently turn the puzzle piece so he can put it in by himself. When you sense your tot is reaching the brink, create a diversion towards a calming, soothing activity – a different place, a toy, a hug, a story, a song or perhaps a snack.

Say “No” to overwhelming situations

Look for common tantrum triggers. Do they seem to happen mostly when your tot is tired? hungry? rushed? Are there situations he finds difficult to handle such as playgroup or shopping? Keeping a tantrum diary might help you understand triggers.

Try to think ahead and limit overwhelming situations. For instance, plan short shopping trips when he isn’t tired, take nutritious snacks whenever you go out and don’t wait for difficult behaviour before you offer food.

Say “No” to junk food

Some foods can adversely affect children’s behaviour. Sweets can trigger blood sugar variations, caffeine in ‘coke’ drinks can hype kids up for hours – so they are literally unable to sit still, let alone fall asleep, and additive or chemicals – even in foods that are normally considered healthy can affect some sensitive tots. Again a tantrum diary might shed light on tantrum triggers.
Say “No” to misunderstandings

Try to tune in and listen carefully to what your little one is trying to tell you. Encourage toddlers to express frustration or anger verbally. If their language skills are limited, help out. Say “you look angry that your block tower crashed.” Or, “I get angry too, when I can’t have what I want.”

Say “No” to too many rules

Don’t sweat the small things. Rules like seatbelts and holding hands near roads are not negotiable, but a balance between health and safety and a happy day can benefit family relationships (and sanity), so childproof your home and keep rules for really important things.

Say “No” to too many choices

Opportunities to make decisions help a toddler feel in control but too many choices can confuse and overwhelm him. Instead of open-ended choices – “what do you want to wear?” ask “would you like to wear your blue shirt or the red one?”

Say “No” and mean it

It’s far better to say “yes” initially than to change your mind after your child has exploded. (Remember “maybe” means yes to a child). Rewarding genuinely uncontrollable tantrums can encourage tots to use (semi)deliberate tantrums to get what they want.

Say “No” to embarrassment

It can be difficult to consider your child’s feelings when he performs a tantrum in public but whatever you do, don’t yell back, don’t smack and don’t resort to giving in because you feel embarrassed. And please, don’t walk away from an out of control tot in places like shopping centres. It is scary enough to be out of control without also feeling abandoned. The best thing you can do here is scoop up your child and leave.

Say “Yes” to comfort

Because you know your child best, you’ll know whether he’s better letting off steam by himself (with you nearby) or whether he needs to be held quietly. If you find walking away works for your child, return when he settles, hug him and say “I’m still here and I love you.” Giving reassurance is not giving in. Just as adults need comfort when they feel upset or overwhelmed, toddlers need to know they are loved, even when their behaviour isn’t lovable.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Purple Towel Wrap, I Like!

When I first saw this purple towel wrap from Posy Lane, I immediately fell in love with it. Now, I can't get it out of my head and can't wait to have one for myself. It's sad though that I can't buy it for now because I still have other pending stuff to buy like the baby clothes, crib, new set of feeding bottles, cloth diapers, booties, mittens, toddler shoes and nap mat for Baby Gaby, and of course, the laundry bag that I've also been eyeing on for some time.

It'll be 93 days more before I give birth and so I'm really thinking that this new purple towel wrap will be the perfect gift I can give to myself. It'll definitely feel great to have something softer and more colorful to wrap my body after I take that first post-natal bath.

So, what do you think? Should I include it in my budget now?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Hands Are Full

I may not be as lucky as my blogging friend, Jhelea, when it comes to pleasing Mr. Google, but I'm still lucky in other ways because as of now, my hands are full. It may not be because of money making sites, but because of freelance jobs that keep coming in. Sometimes I even ask myself if I can still chew more than what I can only swallow. But then again, no regrets for me when doing more work than usual. I needed the extra income, and a little sacrifice might be worth it in the end.

So, yeah, my hands are full. But I'm thankful because God continues to shower me with these blessings. I'd be worried if no extra work comes in for me anymore. For now, I'll keep the fire in me burning - or should I say that writer's enthusiasm in me. *wink*

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Preggy Mom's Night Out - The A. Venue Hotel Experience

At last, after a hundred years (Haha! just kidding :D ), I was able to spend a night out with my best friend yesterday. In the morning, she texted me that she's in Makati, staying in a really cozy hotel called A. Venue Hotel Suites. She didn't have company, so she asked me if I can sleepover. Even if I wanted to, I couldn't say yes in an instant because of course, I had to ask permission from Daddy.

At lunch time, when Daddy went online, I told him if I can go and spend a night with my best friend. He asked where the place was and who will be with us. It was just me and my best friend, so he said yes. At 4:00 pm, off I went to SM Makati, to meet my best friend whom I haven't seen over the past 5 months.

Anyway, fast forward, around 8 pm we headed to the hotel where she was checked in. It wasn't that huge like EDSA Shangri-la or Century Park, but it was A-ok. Her unit looked elegant and cozy, with a space for kitchen, dining, living room, and one bedroom. Plus, it also includes the following:
  • Air-conditioning
  • LCD television with cable connection
  • Coffee / Tea maker
  • Double bed
  • Hair dryer
  • Internet connectivity in room
  • Microwave
  • Mini-bar
  • Non-smoking provision
  • Private toilet and bath
  • Room safe
  • Shower with seat tub
  • Telephone with IDD/NDD access
  • DVD player
  • Stand up television
The unit was really okay. All the time, I was checking the interior design for ideas - the floor tiles, cabinets, furniture, toilet and bath, bed, beddings, television, walls, ceilings, everything. Haha. I even remembered my best friend asking me if I wanted to meet with the hotel's interior designer so I can ask everything about the unit. :D But really, I was so amazed; and I so badly want our home to be just like that, particularly the master's bedroom. I wanted it to have that hotel room feel, so that when Daddy comes home, he'll be more comfortable unlike when we were just renting a room in Pasig.

In the morning, my best friend and I woke up at around 7am (hehe first time in months for me not to report early for work). She said we have a complimentary breakfast - oh just what me and the little eater inside me want! The breakfast was superb, I so loved the French toast! All the time I was eating, I was thinking about the kids, the nanny, and Daddy. I even told my best friend that I'll let them experience the hotel experience as well even for a day or two. Perhaps, when Daddy comes home next year, I'll plan a travel for us family and book ourselves in a really nice hotel like A. Venue.

Oh well, it was just a night out, but I certainly had fun bonding with my best friend. Too bad, we didn't have pictures together. Still, I'm cameraless, and though my phone has one, I never bothered because it doesn't have a USB cable. Anyway, let me just show you a pic of the unit we stayed in A. Venue Hotel Suites Makati.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Mommy Moments - Playing Time

mommy moments

For this week's theme, it's playing time for our little kiddos - one of the favorite things that they love doing. With my Baby Gaby, well she's not really into toys, like Barbie dolls and stuff. She's more of the techie one. hehe :) She just loves to grab the PSP once she sees her Ate playing with it, the nunchuck for the Nintendo Wii, or the cellphone. I don't know why Baby Gab is very much into gadgets, perhaps she saw that in her dad.

But anyway, when Daddy was here, they were able to spend a really quality playing time together. Let me show you their pictures when we went to Megamall's World's of Fun last January.

I just love watching my big boy and my little girl play together. Soon, we'll have our little boy joinin' in. 'Til next Friday for more Mommy Moments.

Ugly Sweaters...Just Right for the Ugly Weather

For three consecutive days now, the weather has been very ugly, as in. Imagine, I came in the office this morning with my sandals dripping wet, and my jacket slightly wet too. Ugh! And my ordeal doesn't end there, now I'm shivering here at my desk because the air conditioning is way too cold. Brrrr. My jacket won't be much of help either because it's a little wet as well. So, what else can I do? I don't think I'll be able to stand the cold for 8 straight hours in here. Can anybody lend me another jacket please? Even Ugly Sweaters will do.

Oh, speaking of Ugly Sweaters, let me share a little info about this site that offers Ugly Christmas Sweaters and Mens Ugly Sweaters. You think I'm kidding? Nah! It's true. Ugly Sweaters is an online resource that offers a wide selection of the ugliest sweaters that you'll ever see. You might say, "Who would want ugly sweater this time of the year?" Well, there are a couple of people out there who want. And they just can't help but laugh once they wore them. They also make great unique gifts, so if you haven't found that gift for your humorous friend, why not give him/her one of these Ugly Sweaters.

Ugly Sweaters are just right for the ugly weather we’re experiencing now. And, with the added humor in them, perhaps our bad rainy day may turn out okay at the end of the day.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tips on Feeding A Toddler

Feeding Baby Gaby has been a struggle for me the past days. When she was around 11 months old, this was never a problem to me and the nanny. We simply put her food in a separate plate and then let her hold the spoon herself. I let her use the bed tray to serve as her own table, and she loved it.

But lately, things are not happening the way I expected them to be, as far as feeding Gaby is concerned. Now that she has more teeth, I don't understand why she's having a hard time chewing and swallowing her food. Plus, whenever we let her eat alone, all the food just end up on the floor since she's contented with that one spoonful she has on her mouth. Ugh! The end result: I'm now the one feeding her, waiting for her to chew and swallow, which actually takes like forever.

Are you in the same boat as mine? I mean, are you also having problems feeding your toddler? If you are, well, I did a little research a while ago and I might as well share this information to you.

Tips on Feeding a Toddler

1. Mealtimes should be set on a regular schedule. Three meals a day along with 2-3 snacks per day is sufficient for a toddler.

2. Sit down and enjoy the meal with your toddler. Mealtimes are as much a social experience as a nutritional one. Here you have the opportunity to model table etiquette, use of utensils, encourage language and sneak in a break for yourself.

3. Don't expect a toddler to sit for an hour and a half while you and your spouse chat over dinner. If your child says he's finished after just 5-10 minutes at the table, let him be excused. Do not offer him anything to eat until the next meal or snack. Always follow this rule and your child will learn to eat when he can.

4. Feeding time with a toddler is messy. Allow your child to feed himself whenever possible. Don't worry if it looks like more food is ending up on his head than in his mouth.

5. Give your toddler choices amongst the food you put on his plate. Do not make exceptions for your child and make him something different if he refuses what you have served him. If four food items are put on his plate be sure to make at least one of them something he likes. A bread choice is good to offer as it is rarely refused. Remember his likes and dislikes can change at any time so continue to expose him to different foods and even to foods he has previously refused.

6. Do not let your toddler drink milk and juice all day long. Sipping on drinks all day can curb their appetite and interfere with good nutrition.

Info Source:

So there. I hope you find that info helpful as much as I do. I certainly learn a lot from reading it. Now, it's time to apply it to my little monster. Hehe LOL! :D Just kidding.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

DogOsuds: The Perfect Dog Shampoo for Bibo

Bibo who? Oh, it's another dog of my neighbor!

Remember my post about Budoy and Enya? Budoy is our dog that scratches, stinks, and itches beyond relief. Even if my dad wash him today, the next day he smells so bad again. And his skin is so dry and flaky, so we could not really bath him everyday. I wonder how he is now. The last time I saw him was when I visited my dad.

So since Budoy's not here, let me share to you about Bibo this time - Enya's playmate. I've seen Enya the other day, and oh that girl doggie is looking good and smelling better. Maybe my neighbor took my advice to use dog shampoo for her. She look so amazing now; she no longer scratches, stinks, and itches like before. So, today, it's Bibo's turn.

The problem with Bibo is actually the same that of Enya's. He also keeps on scratching and smells really stinky. But what bothers Bibo's owner more is that whenever he washes Bibo, like for example he washes him today, the next day he'll smell as if he never took a bath. And worse, he get to wash him just once a week or every other week at that because his skin is so dry and flaky. Oh, I could just imagine how hard this must be for my neighbor! Hmmm. Maybe it's time I share to him this exciting new product from Dinovite - the DogOsuds.

The DogOsuds is a natural shampoo which contains a 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils. These oils are known to have healing properties, so the shampoo can do a lot for Bibo's flaky skin. It also contains no harsh chemicals, no fillers, and no perfumes - which is just perfect so that Bibo will no longer experience dry skin. And as far as rinsing is concerned, no need to worry since this dog shampoo is made to lather beautifully and can be rinsed easily.

So, what else would anyone look for in a dog shampoo? Oh yes, I forgot to mention - the DogOsuds is also a natural flea deterrent, so Bibo can now say goodbye to scratching! Indeed, there are lots of benefits that come in using DogOsuds. And I can hardly wait to see how this perfect dog shampoo will work wonders on Bibo.

How about you? Is your dog itching, scratching and stinking beyond belief?


99 Days and Still Counting

It'll be 99 days more before my Baby Gerby comes out. While writing this, I couldn't help but remember my countdown days with Baby Gaby before. I've been through a lot of stress when I was carrying her, and this time it's no different with Gerby. It's like a dejavu. Maybe this is a curse or something, that whenever I'm pregnant, I have to go through so much ordeal before I can actually feel joy.

Oh, 99 days, still a long wait! :( I can't wait to see how my baby boy looks.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Some Space...I Need a Break

I badly need a break right now. I feel so stressed out. I can hardly breath. I've been carrying these problems for so long now. And this baby here inside me is the one suffering more. for Glitter Comments

I love my husband, I love my kids, I love my work, and I love this baby. But I'm having a hard time doing the best for my husband, for my kids, for my work, and for this baby because I hardly feel that love for myself. I need some "me" time. Ever since I got pregnant, all I ever think of are the expenses for the delivery, the monthly amortization, the bills, the extra work for extra income, the stuff needed for the house, and the kids' needs. No time for myself, not even a day.

I want out of this pregnancy soon. It restricts me from spending time for myself. Now, my daily routine is work-home-work-home. I could not even go out with friends on weekends, much more do some shopping because we hardly got the extra cash to do that.

I am happy that I'm having this baby boy, no doubt about that. But I'm not too happy about my life now. I'm being enslaved by my vulnerable side again. And I don't like it, not at all. So, I guess, some space will help. Hopefully!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Out with the Old, In with the New...Toddler Shoes

Beginning today, Baby Gab's going to say bye-bye to two of her pre-loved toddler shoes, her Nike sneakers and her KaBoosh shoesy.

I gave her the Nike sneakers as a gift for her 1st birthday last year. Since I bought her a size bigger, I thought it'll fit her until she turns 2. But I guess, I underestimated her size. See, it's only been 8months since I bought it and now it won't fit her. Same with the Kaboosh shoes. I also bought it to be used for her 1st birthday party. Now, it doesn't fit her as well.

Oh, babies really grow so fast these days! I have no choice now but to get Baby Gaby a new set of toddler shoes. But, I'm thinkin' about being a little practical this time. I'd say no more to branded and expensive toddler shoes, and yes to less expensive but still quality one.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Another Friendship Chain

I got another friendship chain, this time it's from Mommy Beng of Beng's Entertainment Spree. She's one of the mommy bloggers that I admire here in the blogosphere. We actually have two things in common, we're both working moms and wives to OFW husbands. But we manage, right Mommy Beng?

"Anyway, thanks for this friendship chain Mommy. I appreciate it. And boy I'm glad that I made it to your top entrecard droppers for June. "

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Baby Gaby is Having a Baby Brother myspace graphic comments

Yes, it's official! Daddy and I's long time dream has finally come true. We're having a baby boy! Baby Gaby is having a baby brother soon. And we're all very excited.

When I told Daddy about the news, he didn't want to believe at first. Or perhaps, he just couldn't believe it that we got the timing right. But after I showed him the ultrasound photos via webcam, he was beaming with such a big smile. I could see how happy he was. And I was really expecting it. He suddenly forgot that we just had a big fight a few days back. LOL :D

So that's it! Baby Gaby is having a baby brother in 3 months time. I wonder if he'll look just like her. I like! *wink*