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Monday, July 13, 2009

Out with the Old, In with the New...Toddler Shoes

Beginning today, Baby Gab's going to say bye-bye to two of her pre-loved toddler shoes, her Nike sneakers and her KaBoosh shoesy.

I gave her the Nike sneakers as a gift for her 1st birthday last year. Since I bought her a size bigger, I thought it'll fit her until she turns 2. But I guess, I underestimated her size. See, it's only been 8months since I bought it and now it won't fit her. Same with the Kaboosh shoes. I also bought it to be used for her 1st birthday party. Now, it doesn't fit her as well.

Oh, babies really grow so fast these days! I have no choice now but to get Baby Gaby a new set of toddler shoes. But, I'm thinkin' about being a little practical this time. I'd say no more to branded and expensive toddler shoes, and yes to less expensive but still quality one.