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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Placenta Previa Partialis and Transverse Baby

As promised, here is my update regarding my pelvic ultrasound yesterday.

Placenta Previa Partialis

I've mentioned here almost two months ago that I am experiencing a pregnancy complication called placenta previa totalis. It is a high-risk complication which can endanger me and my baby. Good thing, yesterday the result showed that I'm no longer experiencing one. But, I'm not yet worry-free as I'm still experiencing placenta previa, but this time it's partialis.

Now, what is Placenta Previa Partialis? It is a pregnancy complication where in the placenta partly covers the cervix, slightly blocking the way where the baby will pass during a normal delivery. Although it is possible now for me to deliver the baby normally, I'm still hoping that the placenta will completely go out of the way since I'm just 24 weeks pregnant.

Here is an image showing a partial placenta previa, low-lying placenta, and placenta previa totalis. See the difference.

Transverse Baby

Now, for my next update. From breech position, now baby is on a trasverse lie, which means that the baby has "his" head to one of my sides and the bottom across my abdomen and other side. Should I say this is also good news? Not really because a baby who is lying sideways cannot be born vaginally. So, that means I'm still at risk of delivering the baby via Cesarean section, which I don't really want to experience. But according to the sonologist, the baby can still change position to cephalic presentation (head down) until the 36th week. Here is an image of a transverse baby.

Now, I'm really hoping that the placenta and my baby will still move by the time my due date comes. I really don't want to go through CS delivery. Aside from being expensive, it's recovery is also slower than the normal one.

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Melanie said...

Hi Phoebs,

Thank GOD ! hindi na sya placenta previa worry little by little it will move to GOD and your baby always. When time will come...nasa tamang position na sya...

Beth said...

Wow! God really loves us and hears our prayers!

I have a Placenta Praevia pregnancy too. And it's totalis! Hindi na siya nagchange from the time nakita sa ultrasound until delivery. It was difficult kasi daming bawal. Pero actually, ginagawa ko pa din ung bawal lalo na pag kaya ko naman. Like walking nang mejo malayo or matagal. E I love to walk din kasi.

Ingat ka lang palagi. Ska pray lang talaga! I'll pray for you too!:)