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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Steroid Shots, Bedrest, and Work From Home at Pregnancy 27 Weeks

After the bleeding episode last Tuesday night, again I spotted in the morning. So, I did not have second thoughts about going to Healthway clinic to see my OB-Gyne. Unfortunately, she wasn't there so another OB checked me. First, she got my history and asked what I was feeling at the moment. I told her about the placenta previa partialis, the vaginal bleeding, and the mild contractions. She immediately recommended that I file an indefinite leave in the office because of my high-risk pregnancy. But after she checked my vagina via speculum, she said that all I needed was to be confined at the hospital at least overnight and to have a 2-week bedrest but may work from home. The only restrictions she gave me were no to long distance traveling, no strenous activities, and no to lifting heavy stuff.

I was having second thoughts though about the hospital admission overnight. It's just me and the nanny here, so if I'd be admitted that means I have to be at the hospital alone. The main reason why it was needed was because of the steroid shots that the OB-gyne recommended. She said that since my pregnancy is high-risk, I should be given Betamethasone to mature the baby's lungs. She explained that since this was already my third episode of bleeding with mild contractions, there's a possibility that I'll deliver the baby early. With the steroid shots given, she said that even if my baby does not reach full term, he has a big chance of survival.

Up to now, I haven't reached the decision whether I'll get the shots or not. But at the back of my mind, something's telling me that I should. For now, the company already allowed me to have 2-wk bedrest with work-from-home privilege. Thanks to my very considerate boss there!

I'll keep you all posted about my condition. Thanks, by the way, for all your concern!


chubskulit said...

Hi Phebs, you should get the shot for you and the baby's safety.. Ingat pirmi dyan..

Vanniedosa said...

phoebs; this is scary..i had episodes of bleeding during my 1st baby and was in bedrest for 2 months! anyway; keep safe & i will be praying for both your safety.

rj's mama said...

bicolana ka rin pala, me also

i will be praying for you and your baby's health

wendastarr said...

Hang in there Miss deserve that rest! I'll be praying for your baby boy...Take care of yourself.

Genejosh said...

naku sis sorry ngayon lang ako nakadalaw..I'll be praying for you and for the baby..take your time to rest hwag magpapagod...

If may time ka lang sis pwede mong gawin tong tag...nakakaaliw kasi

Take care...
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