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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Domain Name and Web Hosting for The Baby in Between

I've had my own share of stories when it comes to website hosting. One company had me going round in circles but my site ended all messed up, while another gave so many instructions to make my site up and running but to no avail. So, I ended up asking favor from a colleague who is not new to this web hosting service and had my site running in no time.

Now, I’m thinking about getting a domain name for this family blog and securing a web hosting service provider. But since I don’t know my way around these services, I might as well check out some web hosting reviews and web hosting blog first to help me choose the best option available.

Good thing, there’s Web Hosting Geeks, a reliable online resource that provides useful information about web hosting ratings and reviews. With this site around, I will be able to compare the features and rates of various web hosting service providers. The end result: less hassle and no more guesswork for me when choosing the best service.

I’m excited about this whole domain name and web hosting process for The Baby in Between blog. If you’re also thinking about doing these to your blog, why don’t you check out Web Hosting Geeks and make it your guide?

Monday, March 30, 2009

Linksys and House Check

If I'm on your messenger list, you must have wondered why I wasn't online the whole day yesterday. The main reason was the linksys that I used to connect was nowhere to be found. I was even thinking that perhaps the owner of the said network has already moved to another place, which really saddened me because my Globe visibility prepaid was never reliable. Good thing, around 1am this morning, linksys was back, however another pc was using the IP, so I was not able to connect. Only this 7am that I was given a chance to be back online.

Anyway, in a while, we're off to see our new home in Cavite for a house check. Before we move in on Sunday, I want to make sure that water and electricity are already working. Plus, I will look for a reliable Internet and cable connection there and start to apply. I just hope everything will turn out ok when we go there today. So, gotta go for now. Be back this afternoon to tell you more about our new house.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Some people might think that I must be out of my mind to wish for twins. But believe me, I do! I really want to have twins this time, preferably 2 boys or 1 boy and 1 girl. Although I'm a bit scared about the thought of delivering two babies at once, I'm really up to the challenge, and I'm looking forward to the joy of seeing two little angels looking exactly the same.

Oh boy, I must be really out of my mind for wishing this! Do you think I can take the pain, and the big responsibility of nursing two babies, plus 2 toddlers? Oh well, oh well! Maybe this thought will pass; perhaps this is just a product of my playful imagination since I've found twins so fascinating these days. Hmmm...Maybe this picture has got to do with it.

See how the baby in between looks exactly like me. Just imagining having two more getting my looks, oh what a joy!

Pneumatic Tools I Need

Since we’re moving in soon to our new home, I need all the help that I can get to make the whole process easier for me. If only Daddy’s here, I wouldn’t have to worry about this. But since he’s not, I have to be more resourceful and learn to do what husbands usually do when it comes to improving the house.

To start with, I need reliable Pneumatic tools like brad nailers, fasteners, staplers, flooring nailers, hand tools, and various types of nails. And where do I find them? Only at Stanley Bostitch, the trusted name when it comes to fastening solutions.

So there. One problem down, a lot more to go. Whew, this whole moving-in process is really stressing me out!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Thoughts About Moving In Soon

For two days now, I've been contemplating whether we'll move in or not on April 5th, Sunday, in our new home in Carmona, Cavite. I have the move-in clearance with me here already, and so any day now, we can start packing our things. But I don't know why I'm having second thoughts of doing so. Maybe because I'm still considering all the hassles that go with moving in such as van rental, people to help us carry our stuffs, organizing our things, buying new needed appliances, and of course major adjustment on my part - commute a really long distance to and fro my work.

On the other side, I'm excited about the idea of finally living in our very own house. After years of renting, here I am bringing my daughters to what Daddy and I have started. This home is the fruit of our labor. We've worked so hard for this and have been through lots of struggles just to make this dream a reality. And so, we'll do everything to make it a really happy and memorable place not only to our kids but also to us, as a FAMILY.

Anxious and excited - that's what I really feel towards this whole moving-in idea. Without Daddy here, I don't know how I'll go about this whole scenario. Hmmm...As if I'm not used to moving out and moving in without Daddy. So, way to go Phoebz!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ten Things We Miss About Daddy

It's been 5 days since Daddy left for South Korea. And though we see him everyday in webcam and chat with him thru Skype, still we miss him a lot. There are so many things about him that we do remember from time to time. Like:

1. How he lets The Baby in Between sleeps on his chest

2. How he scares me with beetle and dead spiders

3. How he scolds me whenever I sleep after eating lunch and dinner

4. How he gets hold of his "wooden hand" to stop Baby Gab from misbehaving

5. How he complains about the electric fan - (yeah, he terribly hates that)

6. How he makes me mad whenever he switches the channel from Wowowee to some movie channel (even with eyes closed, I want the TV tuned in to Wowowee during lunch time)

7. How he makes Baby Gab run through the door whenever he comes home and we hear her say "Da-dey, Da-dey"

8. How he farts every now and then - with really bad smell..iwwww, Daddy.. (peace Dad LOL)

9. How he makes me wait whenever we meet outside the office

10. How he shows affection whenever he wants me to bring him his favorite: Jade Jumbo Siopao

Oh the list could go on and on. There are actually more since we did make the most out of his vacation.

But seriously speaking, there is really one thing that Baby Gab and I miss so much from Daddy - and that is his hugs and kisses.

We love you Daddy and we terribly miss you!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Late Post: The Baby in Between's Christening

My apologies if I was not able to blog about this special occasion a little earlier. Actually, I still owe you two important posts here: The Baby in Between's Christening and her 1st Birthday Celebration. Anyway, since I haven't chosen yet the pictures that I want to share to you during her 1st birthday party, let me begin with the christening first.

It happened last February 7, 2009 at St. Jude Parish in our hometown, Legazpi City, Albay. The baptism was at 11:00 AM and reception followed at Governor's Guest House. We never really expected to have plenty of guests during that day because it was raining really hard. But to our surprise, lots of people came, both from my side and Papa Ghie's side. My friends and former co-workers were also there, as well as some of Papa Ghie's friends.

Daddy, Mommy, and The Baby in Between - Baptism Feb. 7, 2009

Daddy holding Baby Gaby during the baptismal ceremony

Father Marlon baptizing the so-behaved Baby in Between

Here are more pictures during the baby in between's christening:

The Godmothers and Godfathers - Ninangs: Talie, Raziel, Yona, Joy, Tonet, Jo, and Krisma - Ninongs: Arnie, Dex, Olops, and Owen (hmm..where's Ninong Dex and Ninang Shai?)
The Ninongs: Arnie, Owen, Olops, and Dex

The Ninangs: Shai, Raziel, Jo, Krisma, Talie, Yona, Joy, and Tonet

With my family (Papa, Tita Doris, Den-Den and Diane - my halfsisters)

With Daddy's family (Papa Lo, Mama Lo, Ate Sam, Inteng, and To)

The Grandiose Cake (Courtesy of my aunt, Auntie Liza)

Welcome to the Christian world, Baby Gaby!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

There He Goes...

...back to South Korea, boarding Korean Air Flight 0622. He was even asking me a while ago, when inside the taxi, if indeed today was his date of departure. How can I answer no, if I knew exactly that today is indeed the day.

Around 10am this morning, we (Daddy, the baby in between, the nanny, and I) were already at the airport. The feeling was so heavy, and the pain of seeing him leave was unbearable. All the time we were at the airport, we were holding hands. And he couldn't seem to get enough of hugging our daughter. I kept telling him, when you see her again, she's already bigger and more talkative - because she would be 3 by then.

Time now is 4:25 here in the Philippines, meaning it's already 5:25 in South Korea (1hour advance). And 5:25pm is his ETA (expected time of arrival). I wonder how he's feeling. He said 4 hours ago, on the phone before he boarded the plane, he's trying not to cry. But I knew he's sad, so sad of leaving. Last night, I recalled him saying "Mommy, dai n lang ako maali." (Mommy, I won't leave anymore.) I knew how difficult it was for him to leave us again. But we have no choice as of now. We have a house to pay, a toddler to feed, a new baby on the way, and other family members to support. No choice, indeed.

So, there he goes. We'll sure gonna miss him a lot. For now, all I can do is to focus back on my job, look after the baby in between, and take extra care during the whole duration of my pregnancy. October of 2010 will sure be a long wait. But I'll try to be as strong as possible, and be positive that everything will be okay even if Daddy is not here. I do pray though that Daddy will also be okay always. He's alone there, so he must be stronger than I am to conquer homesickness.

Anyway, Daddy, if ever you read this, I want you to know that I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Baby Gaby and I will miss you. Always remember that we do think about you all the time. Take care of yourself always, and hey, behave okay!

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Friday, March 20, 2009

He's Leavin'

Tomorrow...At 12:40pm...So sad to think that his vacation is over. After 64 days of being with us, again he's leavin'. And he's not coming back, not in the next year and a half, around October of 2010. :(

By that time, a lot of things have already happened: I've given birth to another baby in between, we've already moved in to our new home in Cavite, the baby in between celebrated another birthday, and perhaps passed more trials than ever.

The baby in between and I will sure miss Daddy. We've been used to seeing him around, eating with him, laughing and watching movies with him, and just feeling him beside us. Baby Gaby may be only a year and 4 months old, but I'm sure she'll also wonder beginning tomorrow why Daddy isn't around. I hate the thought of her going to and fro the door, waiting for Daddy to come home. ( Darn, just the thought of it makes me cry while writing this post now.)

The 64 days that Daddy spend with us is the longest we've been together in person so far. That may be so short for some, but for us, the vacation is all worth it. We love the feeling that Daddy is here to look after us, to take care of us. It's so different when he's here, it feels as if we are so secured.

But tomorrow, the sad reality strikes - HE'S LEAVIN' and I can do nothing to stop him. Anyway, this is what a Pamilyang OFW is about - to sacrifice for the family's future. To endure the pain of not being together, to be contented of Internet and phone communications, to wait, and to cherish every moment when there's a chance to be together.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

All-Day Sickness

Aarrgghh, I'm having horrible all-day sickness since the start of March. And yeah, instead of the usual morning sickness, what I'm feeling is way beyond that - I feel sick all day. Although I don't throw up every once in a while, I've been seriously nauseous for what seems like forever. I even keep telling Daddy, "When will this feeling go away? I want to eat like the usual and feel good like before."

With the baby in between, I never felt this weak from no food staying in and being so choosy when it comes to eating. That pregnancy was more fun than this one, although I quite remember how I also wanted to just stay home than go to the mall and felt so lazy taking a bath like what I experience now. I couldn't stand seeing so many people and waiting in line for even three minutes, so malling for us is postponed until this 1st trimester is over.

I really wish this all-day sickness feeling will go away soon. I miss eating the usual foods I eat. Mind you, I'm only into crackers and dried foods lately - I so miss eating seafoods, steaks, cakes, and more. And guess what drinks I always crave for - no other than Chocolait - yeah that chocolate drink that I usually buy for the baby in between. Now, Mommy shares it with her, and sometimes, I even get to drink her share. Bad Mommy!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Credit Card Application Tip

Compare credit card deals before you apply for a credit card! Take that from me, with two credit cards on hand, one Visa and another Mastercard. I admit, I'm not so happy about having these two cards. If only I've compared deals before I applied, I could have just chosen one. can just be the answer to all your credit card questions. This credit card comparison guide will walk you through the various credit card offers available and will provide you with just the right tool to find the perfect deal for you. Easy as that!

So, when searching for the best credit card, make your first step.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

So Much!

Last night was a hard night for my husband. Not because we had an argument, but because of "some people" who refused to help him now that he's the one in need. As a wife, I've always been supportive to him, but when it comes to financial problems, of course there are limitations. Not because I don't want to help, but because I also have my own financial obligations to fulfill. And so, last night, he tried to seek help from "those" he also extended help the past years (not to mention, he still have money entrusted to them). But sadly, they didn't even want to show their faces.

I really felt sad for my husband. Those people really took advantage of his kindness. So much, as in! And so what I could only tell him was, "Next time Dad, don't be too trusting." I do believe in karma, bad karma, so I'm sure these people won't get away with what they've done to my husband. They may feel that they are the ones who are victorious right now, but in time, I'm sure in time, they'll pay. They will because they're SO MUCH!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Learning More About Business Loans

My husband and I are talking about starting a new business once he's here for good. Before, we were considering about having our own Internet cafe. But lately, we were thinking about water refilling station or a mini grocery to start with. Anyway, whatever decision we make, it will all depend on the capital that we have.

I must admit that as of now, we don’t have a huge savings yet to use as a starting capital. So, I was telling Daddy that perhaps business loans can help. I haven’t tried applying for one yet, so I’m not really sure if the process is easy and fast. But based from my research, there is one company that can be trusted when it comes to securing business and personal loans – and that is Plus, if you are looking to build your business credit so that you can obtain the most financing possible for your business, it is also the best option I found.

I’m really excited about having our own business. But since we won’t be starting it now or in the coming months, I might as well learn more about the whole business loan application process first. So when the right time comes, I already know what to do.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy Birthday To ME!

Yup, today I'm celebrating my 2*th birthday. LOL. Although I don't have a special party, I'm happy because hubby is here with me, unlike last year on which he just greeted me through webcam. I'm also preparing a little "salu-salo" for my officemates, and a not-so-special dinner for us at home.

Anyway, I'll just make better plans next year, 'though I'm not so sure if hubby will be around during that time. For now, let me just say, "Happy Birthday to ME!"


Summer is almost here in the Philippines. I could already feel the humid days coming. Imagine, even with the air conditioner on last night, the baby in between was still sweating. Really, the cold days were gone. (I guess the only cold place left here in the Philippines now is Baguio City, the one we recently visited.) And according to the weather news this morning, Manila, Philippines is at 79 degrees F; not at all different from the weather in Arizona. So, in case I decide to move in an Arizona real estate ( Yes, Arizona offers exciting new home developments!), I won't have to make major adjustments with regards to the weather.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Birthday Blues

Tomorrow is already my birthday. But, I don't know why I'm feeling blue. Maybe because of our canceled trip to Jakarta tonight, where I'll supposedly celebrate my birthday with hubby and the baby in between. Or perhaps because hubby and I don't have any special plan B on that matter.

I was really excited when I booked this Jakarta trip last December. Actually, it was supposedly my first out-of-the-country trip, so I booked it just in time for my birthday - a special birthday treat to myself at that. But then, an unexpected thing happen, or it's better to say, a "spoiler" came in the way. So, hubby and I decided not to push through with the plan and just celebrate my birthday here.

But, there's really nothing special to look forward to tomorrow. And maybe that's the main reason why I feel this way. Anyway, I'd just be glad and thankful that my family is here with me on this special day, and that God continues to bless us in many ways. Plus, of course, a really wonderful gift - a new baby on the way.

Still Look Pretty Even if Preggy

You know, whenever I’m pregnant, I lose my self-confidence. I feel as if I’m so ugly and that my husband will look at another woman. I even remembered last time, when I was pregnant with the baby in between, hubby told me that I looked so fat. Guess what happened next, I cried so hard and ended up not talking to him for hours. That’s how I am really when I’m pregnant. I feel ugly.

This pregnancy that I’m going through now is no different. Because of some symptoms that I start to experience, sometimes I won’t even bother to wear make up and use other beauty products before I head on the office. It’s not that I’m too lazy to do it, but it’s more of I’m scared that using them might have effects on my baby. I must admit that whenever I’m pregnant, I take extra care for baby’s sake. That’s why, when it comes to make-up and other beauty products, if I’m not sure of the effects, I’d rather not use them.

Call me an ugly and protective preggy mom, but really I do always consider my baby’s condition before I use beauty products during the entire course of my pregnancy. My baby’s health is more important to me than my looks. But guess what, I’ve discovered something recently. It’s called Beaute de Maman. It developed a whole new line of beauty products that are proven safe for pregnant women. Many Hollywood celebrities can even attest to that like Victoria Recano - celebrity correspondent of The Insider and Chyler Leigh of Grey’s Anatomy.

I’m really glad that there are beauty products now that are safe to use during pregnancy. Thanks to Beaute de Maman! Now, I can still look pretty even if preggy. And yeah, I won’t have to worry about my baby’s health, too.

So if you are also an expecting mom and are looking for safe beauty products to use, why not consider Beaute de Maman? Order now!


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Big Announcement

Okay, I guess now is the perfect time to announce what made me feeling not-so-well over the past days. But instead of clearly writing everything here, I might as well show you this image because this will tell it all:

Yes, it's confirmed, I'm having a baby! Well, still hoping that it would be a boy this time; but I won't stick with the "mind-over-matter" belief anymore, because I might end up having a girl again with blue baby clothes, blue mittens, blue booties, and other blue baby stuffs.

Moving on, I’m starting to feel morning sickness and other pregnancy symptoms as early as now. Last February 24th, I had my first pre-natal checkup. And according to my obstetrician, baby is already 5-6 weeks old and is due to come out on October 21st. Whew, here’s another long 9 months of my life again!

But anyway, hubby and I were really expecting this. We already talked about the conflicts we had during my pregnancy with the baby in between, and we compromised that we won’t let those happen again.

So there. The announcement has been made and the journey has started. Hope you’ll stay with me in this journey and be there as hubby and I welcome a new life in this world – another baby in between.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Top Entrecard Droppers for February

As promised, here is my list of Top Entrecard Droppers for February. 'Though I just arrived from Baguio City, I'll make this quick post to thank my fellow bloggers who regularly visit this blog. Some of the blogs on the list were also in my Top Entrecard Droppers for January, so to you guys, double thank you! I truly appreciate you dropping by, even if I find it hard to update this regularly.

Anyway, here's the list: