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Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Have to be Strong

Being away from my little girl is the worst thing that ever happened to me. Again, I ask myself, "Did I make the right decision?" Now that we're not together, I feel so weak. I need her beside me. I just want to hold her. I want to see her smile.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Start Getting Noticed through SocialSpark

Hello everyone! The Baby in Between is here once again to tell you about I’ve already written posts here as to what SocialSpark is and how it benefits us bloggers, especially mommy bloggers like myself. I’ve been a part of this social network for around 2 months now, and really I’ve already seen and experienced the many advantages that this brings to bloggers. But how about the advertisers? I’m sure a lot of advertisers out there are interested to know how SocialSpark can help them. Okay, so advertisers, this post is for you.

SocialSpark is a marketplace where advertisers can participate and connect with bloggers who are willing to get paid for writing about their products and services. So, if you are one of them, then it’s time to join SocialSpark. You see, this social network has taken online advertising into a whole new level, on which products, services, and even upcoming events are introduced on the net by means of blogging. That’s right! Bloggers make reviews of your site, product, service, or event, thus helping you get more noticed online. And so with increased traffic that each of these blog reviews bring to your site, you have better chances of making more profit online.

Now, what are you waiting for? Check out SocialSpark now and start getting noticed! I'd be looking forward to more advertisers in the system and would definitely love to write about Dolce and Gabana, Levi's, Sony, Apple, Oshkosh, and various pregnancy, baby, and parenting sites.

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Last Night's Activities

Last night, I stayed overnight at Maidz' place. I checked the house since I was planning on transferring there when she leaves in weeks time. The place is cute, and it has one of the important requisites that I look for in an apartment - tile flooring. But thinking about the space, I don't think it would be very conducive to the almost 9-month old baby in between. So, I need to give it some thought before I actually decide if I'll transfer there or not.

Moving on, I was also able to chat with my hubby last night. As I've mentioned in my previous post, our online communication has been disrupted temporarily because their company transferred to another location. So, that meant new office, new Internet line, new room for him, and of course new connections. But last night, he tried to access the Internet so we can see each other in webcam and talk on voice chat. He was able to go online, at his boss' office. (Cool, eh! Where can you possibly find an OFW being allowed by his employer to use the Internet in the office? Where else but only in South Korea. Lols!)

My hubby and I had fun talking on Skype last night. (Thanks Skype! I love your service, really I do!) And what's more fun was that he was able to connect to Wifi even inside his room, so I got to see him inside, how his things were, where he sleeps, and of course I got to see his...tooott...roommate. Hehehe...I'm sure you were thinking other things. But anyway, I was really glad that he was able to connect to the Internet even inside his room. See what technology can do nowadays, bridging two longing people in a long distance relationship. I just hope he can still connect tonight.

Start of Doing Something Right

While browsing other blogs this morning, I found one post which leaves me pondering until now. It's the post that I read just a few hours ago about preserving stem cells coming from the women's menstrual blood to treat various diseases. At first, I was thinking, this could be true? So, I read on and learned that menstrual blood is now considered more than just unsanitary waste. Well, talking about the Science, huh! Any woman could actually save a life by simply preserving the stem cells of her menstrual blood. So, basically that includes me.

Who doesn't want to save life right, especially if it's a close family member's life which is at stake? If you're a woman, I'm sure you want to know more on how to go about this. Why don't you visit C'elle today? This is the site that provides women that opportunity to save lives by simply preserving the vital stem cells which come from the mentrual fluid itself. By browsing through this site, you will know exactly how stem cells can actually treat diseases such as stroke, diabetes, heart disease, MS, Alzheimer's, and Parkinson's. My family has a stroke history, so I might as well consider the idea. Anyway, looking at C'elle client testimonial now, this could pretty well be the start of doing something right.

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Monday, July 28, 2008

5 Months, 2 Weeks, 5 Days, and Still Counting

While looking at my blog, I noticed one of the widgets which I included two months ago. It is the widget that shows how many months, weeks, and days left before the baby in between meets his father for the very first time. So according to it, it's now 5 months, 2 weeks, and 5 days more. Wow, I couldn't believe how fast time flies. It was just like yesterday when Ghie left for South Korea.

I am really excited to see my baby and his father meet for the first time. Actually, I was thinking about taking a video of their first meeting, their most-awaited moment. I don't know how I would react myself when I see Ghie again. It was almost a year and a half now since he left, and a lot had already happened between us. Even if we have constant communication through chat and phone calls, still I'm clueless as to how I'll react when I see him the first time after almost 2 years. Maybe I'll just smile at him and say hi. Ohhh that could be pretty boring. But really I don't know. Anyway, what's important is how my baby will react when he sees her father for the first time.

5 months, 2 weeks, 5 days, and yeah I'm still counting. I don't want to think that I still have plenty of time to prepare for Ghie's arrival because nowadays, you'll hardly notice how fast time flies. For sure, this waiting will pass in just a blink of an eye, so I'd better start making my preparations now.

Friday, July 25, 2008

7 Facts About Me

My friend Jirl tagged me. While waiting for Ghie to go online, let me do this fast.

Here are the rules:

1. List these rules on your blog.

2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog.

3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.

You’ll have to read on for my 7 facts and see who I tagged.

1)I enjoy blogging, in fact I'm maintaining 5 blogs right now. Exhausting yeah, and sometimes they drain all my energy. But everything is worth it, especially the added income on the side.

2)I have three girls, not just one. Paula, Yana, and of course the baby in between - Li'l Baby Gaby. As to why this blog is solely dedicated to my youngest, that would be another story.

3)I am making my way to a "whiter" me. Yeah, ask my friends Lyn, Dex, Ryan, and Nays how I'm doin' it.

4)If there's one fruit that I don't eat, it's pineapple. My friend Maidz knows this, and the reason: because it makes my tongue feel so itchy.

5)I talk a lot, as in a lot. Hahaha..And Ghie hates this, and some of my friends too.

6)I'm such a cry baby. I cry easily when I'm angry, sad, scared, worried, and when I watch movies - not just drama, but also action movies like Fearless by Jet Li. :D

7)Okay for the last one, I love to play the "piano". Hahaha!!! Leave me a message if you want to find out what "piano" means. LOls!

That's it! Now I'm passing this tag to some of my blogging friends:

Need to Enhance and Advance my IT Career

IT jobs are in demand nowadays, so you'll notice that even those who did not finish any degree in IT are trying their luck to be in the field. And I happen to be one of them.

Four years ago, I found this career opportunity in IT industry through a simple ad posted in one of our school's bulletin board. I thought of giving it a try since I knew I had the skills needed to be a part of the company's Internet sales and marketing team. And you know what, I was hired and that was the start of it all.

Having a career in the IT industry is really very challenging. Over the years, I got to learn different strategies and techniques in Internet sales and marketing. But I wanted to know more, explore, and learn other techniques apart from my skills. Career growth and success should not be dependent on my present skills alone. That is why I’m looking for ways on how to expand my knowledge and develop my skills as far as IT is concerned.

One way that I found is by having a Cisco certification. But there are different network certification programs available for various certification paths like Routing & Switching, Design, Security, Service Provider, Storage Networking, Voice, and Wireless, so I have to make sure that I choose the right program suited for me. For now, I’m thinking about getting a certification in Design.

I really want to enhance my skills and advance my IT career through this Cisco certification. Anyone interested to join me?

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Missing my Hubby and my Baby

For almost one week now, me and my hubby have lost communication through chat. This makes my stay here in the metropolis more difficult, missing both him and baby in between at the same time. Until now, I'm not yet adjusted in the situation I am in, and the same questions that I asked myself when I came here are still bothering me from time to time. I really hate the thought that Ghie is in South Korea, me here in the metropolis, and our baby is left in our hometown. This thought makes me cry over and over. But I know, I have to be strong since our situation now is only temporary. Yes, I have to be, for Ghie and for Baby Gaby! For our one happy family...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More Surveys Comin' Up

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Baby in Between Joins Pinay Mommy's Birthday Bash Contest

Pinay Mommy's Birthday Bash Contest is nearing an end. Yep, deadline is on July 20th, so that means two more days to go. I've been keeping an eye on this contest for so long now, yet never found the time to blog about it. But if I remember it right, I've already subscribed to Pinay Mommy's Email Subscription RSS feeds almost two weeks ago. So there.

Moving on, this contest is in celebration of Pinay Mommy's birthday in the blogosphere. Actually, she has 6 blogs in all. Wow, talking about a super mommy blogger here! Weee...So, Pinay Mommy Online is the first blog, then the other 5 are Lourdes' Mia, Digital Life Scraps, OnlineBiz and Resources, and Blessings and Beyond. If you have time, feel free to check out her other sites.

Now, going back to the contest, you might ask what are the requirements to join. Okay, they're simple: 1. Blog about her contest like what I'm doing now and 2. Link the sponsors of her contest with their giveaways at the bottom of your post. And that's it, you're in.

But wait, there are minor requirements that you can also do to join.

1. Subscribe to her feeds via email. Each blog that you subscribe to will give you 2 entries. Example: You subscribe to all of her 6 blogs via email. Once verified, you will get 12 entries.

2. Stumble her blog. Each blog you stumble will give you 2 entries. Example: You stumble all of her 6 blogs. Once verified, you will get 12 entries. Stumble the HOMEPAGE not the contest post.

5. Fave her blog at technorati. Each blog you fave will give you 2 entries. Example: You fave all of her 6 blogs. Once verified, you will get 12 entries. (Attention Pexlinkers: Faves on PMO and MOMEMO are not counted.)

6. Send her a birthday e-card at by clicking the banner which you can find in her contest URL. Once verified, you get 5 entries. E-Cards must be sent prior to July 20.

After you've done all these, you're now super-duper in and you definitely have more chances of winning. Now, what are the prizes? 1st Prize: $50 via Paypal + 3000 Entrecard credits, 2nd Prize: $10 via Paypal + 2000 Entrecard credits, and 3rd Prize: $5 via Paypal + 1000 Entrecard credits.

So, that's it! Hurry, visit Pinay Mommy Online now to win any of these prizes.

Here are the sponsors to Pinay Mommy Online Birthday Bash Contest:

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Not My Luck

I got an email from just a while ago, and was a bit disappointed upon reading it. It includes his recent post about the Easy $75 Winners. I've joined this contest just recently and since I had 4 posts rejected by SS, I was hoping that I'd win any of the contest prizes to compensate to those rejected posts. Unfortunately, I did not. Not my luck, I guess. But anyway, congratulations to those who did. If you join MoneyBites Easy $75 contest, visit his blog now to see if you're one of the lucky winners!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Making my Way to Victory Hair

Okay, it's time to loosen up a bit. Even my hair is going wild right now, and I just can imagine how ugly it looked on my company ID picture taken just a while ago. Darn, can I have another shot please? But anyway, I don't really care much as to how my hair looked on that ID. What I'm more concerned about now is how I'd make my hair look totally amazing when my hubby comes home on January. Hmmm. Maybe I should try this Extreme Style by VO5 as early as now. With my hair looking oh-so-nice, shiny, and sexy, I'm sure my hubby can't wait to get enough of me and make Victory Hair.

But hey, what exactly is Victory Hair? Okay, let me explain a bit. Do you ever recall a time on which you spent so much time styling your hair to look fabulous, then when your man arrived, you see that his looks and his hair was oh-so-gorgeous as well, and then you looked at each other with those beaming eyes, leading to one romantic move until you get more aggressive, thus both your hairs get messed up? If you do experience that, then that’s exactly what Victory Hair is!

Now, I really want to make sure that my hubby will love the new style of my hair when he gets home. So to start with, I’m going to use Extreme Style by VO5 to make my way towards Victory Hair. I checked their site this morning, and really I had a fun time playing Extreme Style by VO5's Ultimate Flirting Championship. Have fun as well, why not check it out?

For more widgets please visit

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Totally Pissed

Until now, I can't figure out why "some people" can take advantage of other people's money. I mean, where are their conscience, that is if they happen to have one? They borrow money with the promise that they'll pay them back, yet now they can't afford to do so. Darn, these people are oh-so-f@$k@ng-disappointing! Pardon me with my words, it's just that I'm so totally pissed right now. I can't explain the rage that I'm feeling, especially when I think how difficult my husband's work is in South Korea just to earn good money. I love him and I'll do everything to keep him on top, and not be fooled by anybody, much more by people who don't know anything but manipulate others just to get money from them! Yet I hated him for trusting other people too much, especially with the money that he earned so hard. I just hope he learns his lesson this time! No more Mr. Nice Ghie this time, and no more Ms. Nice Phoebe either!GGgrrrr.....

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Great Insurance Portal

For almost two weeks now, I've been looking for a nice rent-to-own townhouse that Papa Ghie and I can start investing in. I checked my first option last Sunday and found out that it was a really long distance to and from my work. And so I was off to the next option. Unfortunately, according to the agent, all units were sold out. Too bad for me! But I'm not losing hope that I'll get the right unit for me. For now, I'll continue my search and get myself more acquainted with other important things that go with house buying such as home insurance.

While browsing the net, I came across this insurance portal. It has all the information that I need as far as home insurance is concerned. But aside from home insurance, other insurance online information are also available such as auto insurance, life insurance, and health insurance. Isn’t this is a great site? It can also provide me real-time insurance quotes if I want to. Talking about convenience, huh! And if want to know more, I can always read on their popular insurance blog posts.

There’s really a lot for me to learn about insurance, particularly home insurance. I’m glad I came across this site.

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Baby in Between Joins MoneyBites Contest

When I opened my yahoo mail this afternoon, I found this email from I'm a subscriber to this blog, so I receive email from time to time - one effective way to keep me updated on how to earn online. But the recent post wasn't about earning online, it was about getting a schedule. It was a helpful topic for a procrastinator like me, so I decided to keep a schedule from now. And to start with, I'm making this post about MoneyBites Contest, a post which I was supposed to write a long time ago.

There's no special reason why MoneyBites cooked this contest. But I'm so glad of course that blogging contests keep coming in because I'd love to win. Though I just won a blogging contest recently, I'd like to try my luck again and have a chance to win a few dollars to add on my Paypal savings.

The contest procedures are actually so easy. Blog about the contest and provide one link using how to earn online" as anchor text and subscribe to RSS feed. And that's it! The prizes? 1st prize: $50, 2nd prize: $10, and 3rd prize: $5. Not bad, right? So, why not join now? Hurry 'coz deadline is on 15th of July, and that means tomorrow!

Good luck to us!!! :)

Say Bye-Bye to Eyeglasses with Lasik

I’ve been complaining about my eyes for months now, yet I never do anything to schedule an eye check-up appointment with the eye center that is accredited to our HMO. I would admit the procrastinator side of me is enslaving me once again. But I know, I must do something about this. And that means NOW!

Okay, so what’s exactly my problem? I want to restore my 20/20 vision without the need of contacts or eyeglasses. But do you think that’s possible? It could be a no for some, but for Dr. Kerry D. Solomon of Storm Eye Institute, the answer is a loud yes! He is a known ophthalmologist worldwide and according to him Lasik does change lives for the better.

Now, what is Lasik? LASIK, which is short for Laser In-Keratomileusis, is a laser eye surgery procedure on which the shape of the cornea is permanently changed in order to eliminate the need for eyeglasses or contacts. Once the procedure is completed, the patient can now achieve a 20/20 vision even after having very strong contacts or glasses prescription.

Hmmm..Now, that really got me thinking. I really want to know more about this vision correction procedure, so Id better read on this Lasik information? Hey, why not check it out as well?

Sponsored by Incendia Health

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Busy Weekend

This weekend will be a busy weekend for me. Not because I'll do babysitting stuff, but because I have lots of freelance writing stuffs to do. Yup, I'm now accepting freelance jobs again! It's been a year now since I stopped writing extra articles, hmmm if I remember it right I was in 2nd trimester of my pregnancy then. I loved writing, but when the baby in between was inside me, I tried to limit myself from doing extra work.

So, what would I be writing about over the weekend? Well, it's all about sunroom, sunroom, and sunroom. Yeah, you read me right! I need to write 20 articles for one topic alone - sunroom. I don't really have basic ideas about this, but then I can always do research before I start writing. When is the deadline? It'll be on July 16th, so that means I have 4days left to complete the 20 articles. Well, I'll try to budget my time and create 5 articles/day. I just hope writer's block won't attack me over the weekend. Or else I'll be doomed.

Okay, so that's it for now. Oh and by the way, tomorrow is my scheduled site viewing for the townhouse that Papa Ghie and I consider buying. I do hope that the site, the unit, and the means of transportation will all be ok. Keeping my fingers crossed now. I'll just post updates about the townhouse later. Bye!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Out to Slow Connection

While waiting for one page to open, I couldn't help but remember the Internet connection that I used back home. Here in the dormitory that I've been staying for days now, Internet connection is soooo slow, that's why I hardly update my other blogs. It's not dial-up but whenever I go blog hopping, the pages take so slow to load, thus I feel as if I'm back in my dial-up days. Aarrgghh!!!

I know, some of you out there are experiencing the same thing. Okay, now here's a good news: Charter now offers high speed internet upto 5Mbps for only $14.99/month! That's right! 5Mbps for only $14.99/month! So, if you're paying too much for a not-so-fast internet service before, now with Charter internet, you'll sure get your money's worth and more. Why not try it? This comes with a 30-day risk free trial, so you get to experience high fast internet in no time. And here's another good news, if you order online, you'll get a $25 Shell gift card. I'm sure you're complaining about the increasing prices of gasoline these days. So, a $25 Shell gift card would really be nice, right?

But hey, the benefits of Charter Internet are not limited to what I've just mentioned. Check out their site now to learn more!

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I Want to go Home

All I want to do now is go home and see my daughter. I terribly miss her. I just want to play with her, hug and kiss her, and sleep beside her. Darn, now I'm thinking if I really made the right decision. I feel so damn alone in this place. I feel so depressed. *Sigh* :(


New Baby on the Way

Nope, not me! It's my friend Mae. I’m not planning to get pregnant in the next year or two. As in no way! Papa Ghie really wants to have a baby boy soon, but not me. I’m not yet ready to go through another pregnancy.

Okay, so who’s Mae? Mae is my friend way back in college. She is already a mom of a cute one-year old girl, so hopefully she'll have a baby boy this time. She's on her 2nd trimester now and is expecting to deliver the baby on the last quarter of the year.

Congrats to you Mae! Hey, don't you forget to invite me during the baby shower! Oh and by the way, I can help you on your baby shower preparation. I found this great site that provides really cool and unique baby shower invitations. Just give me a ring, okay?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Me on Top

I couldn't think of a better title except this. Actually, it's Ate Razh who gave me the idea last night through her twitter message. And yeah, I know what you're thinking! But you're dead wrong.

It's just me on top of the double deck. That's right! After years of sleeping comfortably back there in my place, I had no choice last night but to give way to that "old lady" who came at the dormitory to stay for a couple of days. I totally hated the idea, but what can I do. I can be really rude sometimes, but when it comes to oldies, well I can be a little nice.

So, if you'd ask how my sleep was last night, hell it was awful! Just imagine my "healthy" body lying on that "not-so-comfortable-double-deck", with me on top. Haller!!! I never really had a good night sleep because all the time I was trying not to move a lot so that the "old lady" below me won't be disturbed. But guess what, she was the one who kept moving so I ended up awake until morning because it felt like I was being rocked in a cradle. Huhuhu!!!

Now, I'm feeling so sleepy, can anybody blame me? I need a good night sleep tonight. Will somebody adopt me for a night please...please...please... :(

Saturday, July 5, 2008

I Want to Move Back!!!

WHERE? BACK TO MY COMFORT ZONE!!! Yes, I'd love to go back to my comfort zone. It's just 6 days since we came here in Manila, yet I feel oh-so-homesick already. I miss everything back there in Legazpi.

I miss Baby Gaby - my oh-so-adorable 8 mos. old little girl...and Yana my super-"daldal" 4-year old girl

I miss my old home, with the spacious rooms, living room, and the not-used-garage...

I miss my Internet connection...huhuhu! I definitely miss going online - UNLIMITED.

I miss my in-laws..Yeah, I do. And I miss my weekends over there in Manito.

I miss Baby Gaby's babysitter...Wonder why? Because now I have to wash my clothes, wash the dishes, and I have to do things all by myself.

I miss my friends and ex-colleauges in Legazpi...Ate Razh, Yoniks, Jirlalo, Balie, Wendz, Watsing, Ate Carol, etc. "Wala talaga kayong katulad!!!"

I miss the food...Now welcome me to the "noodle world".

And I miss the atmosphere in the province - with trees and all..

Oh I really miss a lot right now...And all I want to do, if possible, is to go ---


Friday, July 4, 2008

Whoa, Lots of Prizes!

I browsed Pinay Jade's blog a while ago, and again I read her post about Life is Colourful's Blog Anniversary Contest. This is not the first time I read about those lots of prizes that Life is Colourful is giving away, but this is the first time I'll gonna blog about it. So, now that I have the time, I'm finally creating this post to gain some entries to win one of those prizes.

But before I do, let me write a few words about Life is Colourful blog. I really find this blog so interesting to read. Why? Because it discusses a lot of topics, from advertising and article writing up to travel and of course life in general. So, if you have time, you can drop by on this blog and read its very informative posts. okay, that's it!

Now, what's in store for us? Here check out these long list of giveaways:

Colourful Blog Anniversary Contest - Win Over $3000 in Cash and Prizes
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Cash Prizes

- $30 cash prize by Capitalist Guide ($30 value)
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All prizes shall be given through Paypal

Books and eBooks

- Three copies of "Work Smart, Get Rich!" eBook Donated by The Net Fool ($45 value - 3 x $15)
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Each participant of this contest will get dollar eBook from TheUniversiryKid along with his consultation time.

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Isn't it exciting to be a winner of one of those cool prizes? So, hurry join now! Click here.

Blogging Moms, Step Right Up!

Are you a blogging mom like me? If you are, then step right up because this post is intended for you. That is right! This is for you! Read on because I'm sure you'll find this post very interesting.

SocialSpark is here to take mommy bloggers into the next level of blogging - and that is getting paid to blog. Good news, eh! If before you stay at home and blog while taking care of the kids, now with SocialSpark you can already earn on the side, helping your hubby raise some amount for your day-to-day expenses.

Life may be a little easy for some, but for us mommies who already have kids to raise, blogging for money will certainly be of big help. Just imagine what you can do with the amount that you earn by blogging.
1. Pay some of the bills.
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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Time to Say Thanks

Since it's the 2nd day of July, let me say thanks to my Top 10 Entrecard Droppers for June. I really appreciate your drops guys.

Again, thank you for visiting my blog! Ciao! :-)