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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Busy Weekend

This weekend will be a busy weekend for me. Not because I'll do babysitting stuff, but because I have lots of freelance writing stuffs to do. Yup, I'm now accepting freelance jobs again! It's been a year now since I stopped writing extra articles, hmmm if I remember it right I was in 2nd trimester of my pregnancy then. I loved writing, but when the baby in between was inside me, I tried to limit myself from doing extra work.

So, what would I be writing about over the weekend? Well, it's all about sunroom, sunroom, and sunroom. Yeah, you read me right! I need to write 20 articles for one topic alone - sunroom. I don't really have basic ideas about this, but then I can always do research before I start writing. When is the deadline? It'll be on July 16th, so that means I have 4days left to complete the 20 articles. Well, I'll try to budget my time and create 5 articles/day. I just hope writer's block won't attack me over the weekend. Or else I'll be doomed.

Okay, so that's it for now. Oh and by the way, tomorrow is my scheduled site viewing for the townhouse that Papa Ghie and I consider buying. I do hope that the site, the unit, and the means of transportation will all be ok. Keeping my fingers crossed now. I'll just post updates about the townhouse later. Bye!