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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Baby In Between: An Intro

What do you think about this blog? I've been thinking about creating this family blog days back. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to do so since I'm a little busy updating my other blogs.

Why "The Baby In Between"? It's because my baby, our baby, is the most important part of our lives right now. SHE'S A BLESSING, AN ANGEL IN DISGUISE! And we both love her very much.

Our lives may be complicated right now, but this baby in between will be the one who will give us direction, and teach us about forgiveness, acceptance, responsibility, trust, love, and life as a whole.

( Papa Ghie, Baby Guian Abby Pauline, Mommy Bhem )

This is a picture of a happy family, the one I've always dreamt of. But who knows, in time, it will be more than just a picture.

THE BABY IN BETWEEN is our inspiration, your inspiration! Let this family blog inspire you in many ways. This is just the start, certainly, there will be more to come.