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Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Good Day for Us

The day started well for me today. I felt good wearing that corporate attire. In spite of my problems, I was still able to wear a cheerful smile on my face. Although my colleagues at work were teasing me that I looked like a principal in grade school in my attire, I just smiled and joked with them. I love my colleagues, they are more than just co-employees; they form a big part of me. Just like this guy whom everyone calls as Olops.

Lops is not just a co-worker, he is a friend, a dear friend. This morning, he made me realize a lot of things. He gave me beautiful messages which left me thinking. While reading every advice that he gave me, I couldn’t help my tears from falling. All I could say was, “tama ka Lops”. I don’t memorize the exact lines that he sent me, but they were really inspiring ones.

My conversation with Lops was interrupted when I was called at the office to discuss some concerns with Ms. Mel, our Vice President for HR. When I came back to my desk, my co-workers told me that somebody called my cell phone. I checked who it was, well, IT WAS HIM.

I'd admit, I felt excited upon knowing that he tried to call me. But at the back of my mind, I told myself not to get so overwhelmed and expect too much. You see, I don't want to be a hypocrite and say that I don't want him back. Of course I do! Who would not want a complete family right? And I'm sure a lot of people wish the same thing.

Anyway, moving on, I tried to call him back. But no answer from him, perhaps he was already at work. So, I just let the time pass and prayed a silent wish that he would call again.

After a few more hours, my phone rung, and when I answered it, yup again, IT WAS HIM - that same familiar voice which makes my heart beat 1million times per minute..lolz. just kidding. He asked how my day was and if Baby Gaby and I were doing ok. After knowing that he does care for us, nothing seems to matter anymore except the fact that we are now in-charge of how we want our family to be in the future - COMPLETE or BROKEN. So, now, we decided to continue communicating with each other, until such time when we'll finally be together.