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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Baguio Here We Come!!!

"Bye Manila, Hello Baguio" is our line over the weekend. In a while, we are off to Baguio City to witness the Floral Float Parade tomorrow. Oh, this is the first time for me to witness this event, in spite of the fact that I studied in Baguio for one sem and went back and forth to visit my brother who was studying then at Philippine Military Academy.

So, who's with me on this trip? Of course, my hubby while he's still here, and my friends, Dex, Lyn, Ryan, Nice, Glady, Rais, and Rais' mom. Dex made the arrangements for us and prepared the itinerary as well. Some of the few places included in the list are Mines View, Burnham Park, The Mansion, Strawberry Farm, Philippine Military Academy, and Camp John Hay.

I'm sure, we'll all have fun in Baguio. As for me and hubby, we'll sure make this trip a memorable one. I just hope "this little one" will behave and make mommy feeling good all throughout the trip. "Baguio, here we come!!!"

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Friday, February 27, 2009

Feeling Not-So-Well

When I woke up this morning, my energy level was soaring high. But after I took a bath, I started feeling not-so-well and I felt my body hairs raising as if I've seen a ghost. Hubby said that perhaps I was just hungry, so he directed me towards the table and gave me a piece of bread and a cup of coffee. But guess what, I wasn't moved an inch by the breakfast I ate. I still felt so weak, my hands and feet sweating.

I told my husband that I'd better not go to work. It was ok with him. So, I started to lie down on our bed, without changing my office clothes. I tried to close my eyes, but never dozed off to sleep. With eyes closed, I felt as if I was riding a ferris wheel or something, so I immediately got up and pushed myself to go to work instead.

At work, I tried to focus doing my tasks, and kept telling myself that "it's all in the mind". But the more I tried to convince myself that I'm not feeling dizzy, the more I felt the need to throw up. So, when lunch break came, I hurriedly went home and there I blew it. Hubby was so worried, but he never bothered to ask why I felt that way because he already knew the reason. (And I guess, you already have an idea as well.)

Oh, the feeling was really terrible! I just hope this won't last too long because I can't afford to be absent at work in the coming days.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Find Love through Online Dating

Did I ever mention here before that Ghie and I met online? If not, well let me give you a gist of how our love story started.

Ghie’s yahoo messenger id was given to me by his friend who also happened to be my friend. He was already in South Korea then, so the only chance we got to date was through instant messaging.

I wasn’t really that serious while chatting with him because I didn’t believe that online dating can lead to a real commitment. But to my surprise, it did! I did find love through online dating, although I must say that meeting someone online and getting in a relationship after is no bed of roses at all times. But I guess, every relationship does go through rough times at some points.

How about you? Have you found the love of your life or are you still searching? Are you tired of looking from places like the bars or social clubs? Would you like to meet like- minded people from different race or culture? And are you comfortable of meeting and dating online? If you answer yes to all these, then why don’t you try finding love through online dating?

Come on, there's no harm in trying! Passion search is fun, you'll see. Plus, what makes this online dating site different from the others is that it's free to join. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now and who knows you might just find the love of your life by simply dating online!


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Back from Another Grand Family Vacation

Hello everyone! I'm back! Again, I had a wonderful vacation last February 19th to 23rd. Daddy and I went to our hometown and spent the said dates with his family and mine. You see, no regrets using my accumulated vacation leaves for this rare trip because as I said before, Daddy won't be staying here in the Philippines for good. So, I have to make the most out of the time with him while he's here.

Now, I'm back here in front of my desk, not-so-ready to work on things, but I'll try to cope anyway. I just got here from the airport, so my mind is still in limbo. Hmmm...This is yet another vacation hangover. Ugh!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sharing the Best Mom Award Before I Leave

I got here the Best Mom Award shared by my fellow mommy blogger, Mommy Enchie of Sweet Nothings. "Thanks a lot Mommy for this." I'm really grateful that I'm one of the few whom you've chosen to share this award with.

So, before I leave today for my hometown (yeah, I'll be on a blog leave for a week), let me also share this Best Mom Award to other blogging moms that I know.

1. Show the award logo in your post.
2. Pick a picture you have with your kiddo/s.
3. Post should include your best experience as a Mom.
4. Nominate other blogger moms out there that you consider the best mom, like yourself.

As for my best experience as a mom, nothing compares to the joy of seeing her sweet smile whenever I come home from my 8-5 job. You know, the feeling is so different when there's a child waiting for you to come home. A child that's ready to love unconditionally and will always be with you at your worst and at your best.

Now, let me give this to Mommy Lyn, Mommy Twinx, Mommy Paula, Mommy Wats, Mommy Wends, Mommy Jirl, Mommy Chie, Mommy Tetcha,

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Valentine Post

I'm not a so-big-fan of Valentines Day, but since my husband is here, well I'll make this year's Valentines Day an exception.

Ghie and I have no concrete plans for tonight. Actually, he just arrived from our hometown this morning. If not for some transactions to complete by Monday, we would have not been together this day.

So, where to on Valentines Day then? Nowhere special really. We're just thinking of going to the mall (Mall of Asia in particular, since he hasn't visited it yet) after he picks me up at work and perhaps have a little-less-special dinner in one of the dining establishments there. (Hmmm...I'm craving for buttered prawns..Could this mean something?)

Anyway, let me also greet everyone here in the blogosphere a Happy Valentines' Day! I hope we'll all have a great day ahead. myspace graphic comments

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Back from my Christmas Vacation

Hahaha! You might think that I made the wrong title here. Nah! My one-week vacation from February 4th to 9th is actually the main reason why I did not go home last Christmas and New Year break. Since hubby was not around during the holidays, I decided to reserve my vacation leaves for February.

So yeah, I just came back from my Christmas vacation. I'm now here at the office, straight from the airport. Duh, I'm 8 minutes late, but it's ok! My mind seems to be in limbo; I don't exactly know what task to do first.

Oh well, I'm feeling what my colleagues were feeling when they got back to work from their Christmas vacations. Talking about vacation hangover, huh!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

C'elle and Me

My grandfather died from cardiac arrest, and so was my uncle.

My father already had his second attack which almost led to stroke, while my aunt had her first a year ago.

Can you see what’s common in our family? Yes, it’s our heart! We are very much prone to diseases concerning the heart.

It’s so difficult to think that my family has stroke and other heart-related diseases history. Sometimes I would think, “Will I suffer the same way when I grow older?” I don’t want to dwell on such negative thought, but reality check – it runs in the family.

Now, is there any way that I can do to save the lives of my family and myself? The answer is yes. It’s through C’elle – the newest service that provides women with the opportunity to save lives by simply collecting and preserving stem cells, which can be found in women’s menstrual blood. They have this easy-to-use collection kit which I can use to collect, isolate, and preserve life-saving stem cells from menstrual blood.

According to various C'Elle Testimonials, stem cell collection could actually benefit everyone and that pre-clinical trials even use these to treat diseases such as diabetes, stroke, breast cancer, and heart disease. Exactly what I and my family needed!

How about you? Do you also want to protect your and your family’s future like what I have in mind? Order C'elle Now!


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Top Entrecard Droppers for January

Last year, I wasn't able to keep up with my goal of posting this family blog's top Entrecard droppers every month. Though I tried to overcome the procrastinator in me, my busy schedule as a full-time employee, part-time freelance writer, and mom just didn't allow me to update this blog on a daily basis.

Anyway, for the year 2009, I'll try to squeeze in a few minutes of my time to thank The Baby in Between's Top Entrecard droppers each month. So to start with, here are my Top Entrecard Droppers for January:

Mr Soleh’s Outburst - 31 - 30
Programming Made Easy - 30
Parental Instincts - 30
Mumsy - 26
Your Parenting Info - 21
Symphony of Love - 15
My Crazy Life With A Toddler - 14
Sweet Nothings - 12
Everything Has A Reason - 12

To the authors of these blogs, I say Thank You for visiting my blog from time to time. I really appreciate it and I hope you'll continue to drop by. See you once again on February's Top Droppers.