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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

C'elle and Me

My grandfather died from cardiac arrest, and so was my uncle.

My father already had his second attack which almost led to stroke, while my aunt had her first a year ago.

Can you see what’s common in our family? Yes, it’s our heart! We are very much prone to diseases concerning the heart.

It’s so difficult to think that my family has stroke and other heart-related diseases history. Sometimes I would think, “Will I suffer the same way when I grow older?” I don’t want to dwell on such negative thought, but reality check – it runs in the family.

Now, is there any way that I can do to save the lives of my family and myself? The answer is yes. It’s through C’elle – the newest service that provides women with the opportunity to save lives by simply collecting and preserving stem cells, which can be found in women’s menstrual blood. They have this easy-to-use collection kit which I can use to collect, isolate, and preserve life-saving stem cells from menstrual blood.

According to various C'Elle Testimonials, stem cell collection could actually benefit everyone and that pre-clinical trials even use these to treat diseases such as diabetes, stroke, breast cancer, and heart disease. Exactly what I and my family needed!

How about you? Do you also want to protect your and your family’s future like what I have in mind? Order C'elle Now!



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