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Friday, February 27, 2009

Feeling Not-So-Well

When I woke up this morning, my energy level was soaring high. But after I took a bath, I started feeling not-so-well and I felt my body hairs raising as if I've seen a ghost. Hubby said that perhaps I was just hungry, so he directed me towards the table and gave me a piece of bread and a cup of coffee. But guess what, I wasn't moved an inch by the breakfast I ate. I still felt so weak, my hands and feet sweating.

I told my husband that I'd better not go to work. It was ok with him. So, I started to lie down on our bed, without changing my office clothes. I tried to close my eyes, but never dozed off to sleep. With eyes closed, I felt as if I was riding a ferris wheel or something, so I immediately got up and pushed myself to go to work instead.

At work, I tried to focus doing my tasks, and kept telling myself that "it's all in the mind". But the more I tried to convince myself that I'm not feeling dizzy, the more I felt the need to throw up. So, when lunch break came, I hurriedly went home and there I blew it. Hubby was so worried, but he never bothered to ask why I felt that way because he already knew the reason. (And I guess, you already have an idea as well.)

Oh, the feeling was really terrible! I just hope this won't last too long because I can't afford to be absent at work in the coming days.


jHeLea said...

hello sis....congrats!!!!!