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Friday, October 31, 2008


Finally, the day has arrived. Thus, I'm feeling more and more restless. I haven't got a good night sleep for two nights now, and I don't know until when this restlessness would last. Perhaps tonight, when I see him face to face at the airport. What could have changed in him, I wonder?

I'm restless yes, but I'm excited at the same time. Scared? Not anymore. I already promised myself that I'll make the most out of the time that he's here with us. No more fights, no more arguments, and no more looking back at the past, HOPEFULLY.

Am I ready to see him? To talk to him in person? To feel his embrace and love? To accept him and love him back unconditionally?

YES, I AM! And I am more than ready. To be his loving wife, partner, and friend. And to prove to those who tried to ruin us that our love is strong and that our relationship now is more solid.

We are a family! Will always be. But then again, I'm still restless. It'll be 14 hours more. Whew!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dear Lord

Lord, I'm so weak right now. I'm confused and tired. It's been almost 2 years already but it seems that my struggles are far from over. I thought they were already, but I was wrong. Every time we are starting to make things work and be a complete family, some people come along our way and make all the attempts to ruin me, us.

I'm so tired really of hearing and reading all those hurting words of the past, yes the reality of the past. The past when I was left alone struggling to survive every hardship and trial. I need rest, dear Lord. I want to rest from all these, I'm so tired.

I just want a complete family, that's all I'm asking. I made a lot of mistakes in the past, I know. But I guess I deserve to be happy, still. Yes, I want to be happy, with my daughters, with my husband, with you Lord at the center of our lives. But then again I ask, why do some people keep us from being together, from being happy? Perhaps, it's another part of your test as to how far we will go.

So, now, I'm entrusting everything to you, dear Lord. I'm tired of taking control of everything, I allow you to lead my life. Lead me oh Lord, lead me,

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Virtual Wife

Yes, that's what I am! A wife who happens to be there for her husband 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but only through the Internet. Without the net, I would be a mere acquaintance whom he once met and had a child with.

Ten days. Yes, only ten days. I got to spend with him in real life for only ten days. How would I feel then if those he courted or even became his girlfriend got to spend more time with him in person than I am, his so-called wife? Call me jealous, call me a nagger, call me whatever you want, I just want to write what I feel right now. And yes, I feel so bad.

Why do I feel bad then? Not because I hate him. Not because I didn't like the idea that the girl he used to court was there with him even as a friend. Not because he didn't allow me to spend the night with my bestfriend while he is out with his. And not because I'm here left just listening to their conversation and looking at them from time to time in webcam.

I feel bad because reality is sinking on me, the reality that he is there, and I am here, and that it will remain to be that way for the next three years. I feel bad because even if I wanted to spend more time with him in person and let him feel that I'm beyond a virtual wife, I will not be able to do so. And I feel bad because it seems that I've never done anything right in this long distance relationship.

God knows how much I love him, how much I wanted to share my dreams with him, and spend the rest of my life with him. But with very little memories that we both have of each other, I'm scared of what'll gonna happen next.

I just want to spend more time with him in person. I don't dream of a mansion, a fancy car, jewelries, and more money. All I dreamt of is a family - a happy family. A family that is together, a family that is beyond the Internet, beyond this blog.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Debt Consolidation: Reclaim Your Financial Freedom

Almost everyday, I hear people saying that they need money to pay this and that, or that they need to buy this or that. I would admit, sometimes I'm also like that. There are times that I feel as if I'm too overwhelmed with so many bills and other financial obligations.

But I guess, my situation isn't as bad as the others who are really so deep in debt, to the extent that their liabilities even exceed their income. Too bad for them really, but they can always do something about it and reclaim financial freedom. The solution - debt consolidation.

Debt consolidation is about taking out one big loan in order to pay off the other smaller loans. This is usually done by many to get either a lower interest rate or a fixed interest rate; while others choose this because they find it convenient than paying off many loans.

Now, you might ask these questions: 1.) How do I know if it is the right debt solution for me? 2. How do I start with the process? 3.) Are there slippery sides in choosing this debt plan? 4.) What is this so-called non profit debt consolidation?

To find the answers to all these questions, you need to seek debt advice from a professional debt consolidator. He or she will help you determine which debt plan is the right one for you. Plus, you get to understand a lot of things before you go through the process. Although getting you debt-free will never happen overnight, you will be glad that you consulted one. So, you better take action now to get out of debt sooner and finally reclaim your financial freedom.

Who says you can’t clear your debt without going through a lot of pitfalls? With a sound debt consolidation advice from a certified credit counselor, you’re off to a debt-free you!

Two Weeks More to Go

Yes, two weeks more to go and we're off to the airport to meet Papa Ghie! I'm getting more and more excited, and scared at the same time. I do hope that everything will turn out okay when he comes home. A lot of problems have been coming our way lately, and really this will be the best time for us to talk, and to patch things up between us. I love him so much, and I want us to be a complete family. But everything is up to us. If we keep holding on and believe in each other, no one will ever ruin the relationship that we have. Hopefully...

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

While You Were Sleeping

While you were sleeping, Anak, I couldn't help but remember how we started our journey together. It'll just be a few weeks more before you celebrate your 1st birthday, and really I couldn't explain the excitement and happiness that I feel, thinking that we've been through a lot of difficult times before and after you were born. Mommy is strong, but becomes even stronger as long as you're here with me.

You look so beautiful, Anak, even while you're asleep. And I couldn't take my eyes off you really. A year ago, this very same day, I was anxiously waiting for your arrival. But it wasn't time yet. And all those times, it was just you and me. Yes, only you and me. I even wonder how I survived all those days. Maybe because, you were giving me the strength to move on, and God continued to guide me and bless me in spite of those trials.

Now, Mommy is going through a very difficult time again. A difficult time of assessing myself, knowing what's the best thing to do, and learning to forgive and forget. You witnessed all my sufferings, Anak. And maybe if you were a little bit older, you will understand why Mommy has to ask space and time from your father.

While you were sleeping, I told you that I love your Papa so much, even gave too much so now, I ended up losing myself. I don't recognize the same Mommy Phoebe anymore. And after finding out about that "yet-another-big-lie", I couldn't help but ask myself, WHY? I'ven been having a hard time regaining that trust during the past months, and now another lie ruined that little trust I have.

I don't know if I will still be able to forgive, much more to forget. So many lies already. I just ask God to continue giving me strength. And I entrust everything to him. Only Him knows whether we will be a complete family in the end.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Helpless Me...Always

I said something...
He reacted...
I didn't agree, told him he was wrong...
He insisted...
I resisted...
He got angry...
I explained...

He didn't want to talk...
I wanted him to listen...
He finished the call...
I tried to call back...
He went offline...
I tried calling his cellphone...
He turned it off, or perhaps called up someone so it's busy...
I tried calling again...
Still off or busy...

I started crying...
He didn't have a clue that I was hurting...
I couldn't sleep anymore...
Perhaps, he was already snoring...
Me, still crying...yes crying because I'm helpless...ALWAYS!

D*mn this long distance relationship.
If he doesn't want to talk, then okay fine...
I'll give him what he wants...

I'm helpless...Always...
D*mn this long distance relationship...

Benefit from iLasik NOW

In my previous Lasik post, I’ve mentioned that Lasik technology is an eye surgery procedure that uses laser to change the shape of the cornea permanently so that a 20/20 vision is achieved. This technology has been proven and performed for over 10 years. Now, what is this iLasik and how is it different from Lasik?

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Letters To Mama Blog

If you have seen the Rated K episode last night, perhaps your curiosity led you to search for that husband's blog whose love never fades for his wife, even if she had already passed away. Imagine, by means of blogging, he communicates to his wife his every day undertakings. While watching the episode, I tried to search for it online but couldn't find it. Then, this morning, while blog hopping, I came across Ate Cielo's (Brown Pinay) blog and saw her post about it. At last.

While reading his entries, I couldn't help but feel so touched. I never thought that a man like him still exists. Men, nowadays, when they lose their wives, often search for someone new and remarry. But him. Maybe it's a little bit early to tell, but then just thinking how this man takes the time to write his late wife by blogging really shows how deep his love is for her.

Blogging has really been very helpful to a lot of people; it has been a means of expression. Whether happy, in-love, sad, excited, worried, depressed, and any other feelings at that, having a blog indeed helps to express all those feelings. This is true to me as well. And just like Roy, the author of Letters to Mama blog, I find little pleasures in expressing myself through my blog and writing letters to the baby in between, so when she's old enough, she can read them.

Anyway, if you want to read more about this blog, just click here. I'm sure, you'll realize a lot from reading his entries just like me.

To you Roy, if ever you come across this family blog of mine, just hang in there and keep the faith. God is good.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Happy Weekend Everyone! myspace graphic comments

Oooppss..I guess, this post comes a little bit late for those whose weekend starts on a Saturday. Pardon me pls... It so happened that it's just the start of the weekend for us USAP employees, so there.

Anyway, let me just say Happy Weekend to everyone. For some of you, this might just be the usual weekend to spend quality time with your families. But for a few, there might be something more special.

Anyhow, for me, this will just be a typical weekend to spend with the baby in between. I don't have any special plans to do over the weekend, simply play with her and well, I guess do a little freelance work. (Oh come on Phoebe, work again!)

I know, I know. I've been working extra hours these days simply because my client made my hands so full. I'm not really in dire need of money, it's just that we'll be spending a lot when the baby in between turns 1, and so we need extra cash. But if you're kind enough to share for the baby in between's 1st birthday party, any amount will do! Lol :D

Again, Happy Weekend everyone!!! :)

Friday, October 10, 2008

PopATot - The Portable Activity Center

While surfing the Internet last night, I came across this site that offers a portable activity center recommended for babies 6-18 months. It's called PopATot. And since Papa Ghie was online too, I shared to him the link and told him that it would be great for our 11-month old baby in between. He liked the gear himself and he said it would be the perfect buy since we are going to travel in a couple of weeks.

So, what’s really great about the PopATot? Here, let me list down some of its exciting features:

1. Toy loops to easily attach and remove our baby’s toys
2. Comfortable, padded, flexible, and durable seat
3. Cup holders pefect for baby’s training cup
4. Safety latch for added safety
5. Canvas cover to protect baby’s feet from grass and sand
6. Sturdy, lightweight, and collapsible frame for easy storage
7. Comes with an easy-to-carry case suited for traveling
8. For outdoor and indoor use
9. Comes with a free set of toys
10. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

So there. Now, if you also want to know more about this exciting product, you can visit PopATot homepage. Or if you have already applied as a PopATot tester or reviewer, you can go to PopATot review application to know more about your role.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Funny Moment with The Baby in Between

This morning, I had a funny moment with the baby in between. It all started when I tried to let her eat her morning meal which is the wheat banana flavor of Cerelac. At first, she was eagerly opening her mouth when I fed her. But after around five feedings, she started turning her head away from the spoon. I wasn't too happy about it. She lost a few pounds when she got sick last week, and so I wanted her to gain those back by letting her eat properly. But how can I if after five feedings, she didn't want to eat anymore?

Oh my, babies are really hard to feed! Honestly, I'm not too patient when it comes to this part. I often let the nanny do this for me. But since I wanted baby to gain weight soon (since her dad is coming home in few weeks time), I tried to do it myself. Yet, I guess I wasn't that good.

So, after a few more tries and still she didn't want to eat, I totally lost my patience and started scolding her. Bad mommy, I know. But that was the only thing I could think of to make her realize that not eating properly is not good. (Though I know for the fact that babies that age are really difficult to feed.)

Anyway, while talking to her, she just looked at me with those big round eyes, and guess what? I saw her tapping her fingers as if she was waiting for me to finish what I'm saying. Oh boy, oh boy! How can babies be so smart these days? I know, she doesn't know yet about the tapping thing, but then when I saw her doing that while I was talking, I couldn't really help but burst into laughter. And so goodbye to the angry look of Mommy. Baby Gaby got me again. Whew!

Another Good News from Zenni Optical

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

He's Coming Home

Yes, he's coming home soon. Who am I talking about? It's no other than the baby in between's dad - Papa Ghie. Indeed, he will be arriving on the 31st of October, and so Baby Gaby and I are anxious to meet him at the airport.

This would be the first time that Ghie and I will be together after 1 year and 8 months of being miles away. The last time he was here was last February 2007, and so I'm wondering what has changed in him and how I would I react when I first see him at the airport.

A lot of good and bad things have happened between us since last year, so I could not really tell if things will ever be the same for us once we see each other again. I don't know if he's still the same Ghie that I have loved way back, or if I'm still the same Phoebe who's willing to sacrifice all for the sake of having a complete family.

There's really a lot of things for me to think about before he comes home at the end of this month. By the time he's here, I should already have the answers to all those questions which have been bugging me for months now.

Anyway, I still have 22 days left to ponder on things. For now, I'd better get back to work and finish some tasks.

Image courtesy of

Sunday, October 5, 2008

I Want to Win that XBox 360!

When I learned about this contest that is sponsoring, I got really excited. Why? Because this sports vids site is giving away a new XBox360 for the winner. This is just actually one of the prizes, there are still other instore like Tickets to Michigan vs. Penn State game which will be held on Saturday, October 18, 2008 and $100 Gift Certificate from Dick's Sporting Goods. But the XBox 360 is what caught my interest the most because well, it will make as a great gift for Papa Ghie when he comes home at the end of the month.

Oh boy, I really want to win that XBox360! Hope you guys can help me on this. I signed up as a SportsVids member, so to vote for me simply click here.

Being a member of this sports videos site really brings me so much fun. Not only I get to enjoy watching online sport videos and sports clips, but I also get the chance to win that XBox360 and other prizes.

Whew! I'm keeping my fingers crossed now that you guys will click on my link to vote. But hey, you too can join! You might be the lucky winner of either the ticket or the gift certificate (because the XBox will be for me.LOL) :D. Come on, join now!


Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Baby in Between Turns 11 Months Old

Today marks the 11th monthly birthday of the baby in between. Time really flies so fast, one month more to go and she's already 1 year old. Oh gosh, my baby grows so fast! I'm sure going to miss these days. Since her 1st month, we gave her small celebrations. So, this would be the last. The GRAND (chos grand!) 1st BIRTHDAY Celebration will be happening soon, and guess who's the very special person who will be there - it's no other than Papa Ghie.

That's right! For the 1st time, Ghie will see his daughter. He may have missed all her monthly birthdays including that special day when the baby in between came out in this world last November 4, 2007 at 5:45 am, but on her 1st birthday he promised that he will be there. (Well, he should be or else!!!)

Oh well, Baby Gab is now 11 months, I wonder what new tricks she'll be doing this time.

And oh by the way, I forgot to show the 10th month birthday cake of Baby Gaby here last September. So here, even though this is way too late, let me share it to you. This cake is courtesy of Mommy Mai (remember the special prize of $5 she gave for The Baby in Between) and Chikai (we won her birthday contest's consolation prize of $6). Many thanks to both of you!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Say Goodbye to Annoying Calls

I have my own shares of annoying calls, but I guess not as worse as compared to those who have been receiving calls from strange numbers on a regular basis. Perhaps, like me, you’ve been wondering where those calls come from or whom are the ones calling since numbers only appear on the display.

Now, we can all say goodbye to those annoying calls because we can finally trace any phone number through That’s right! By simply typing in the number on the form provided in the site, we can already access information about the phone’s owner like the name, address, and line type. So, how’s that for a start? We’ll sure be glad to have this service so we can really say goodbye to annoying calls from now on.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Top Entrecard Droppers for September

Hey, it's the 1st day of the month again, and so it's time for me to say thanks to The Baby in Between's Top Entrecard Droppers for September. You just don't know how much I appreciate you guys visitin' my site and go ec droppin'. So this post goes to all of you:

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To my TOP droppers, again thank you. Hope to see you again this October. And to my other Entrecard droppers, hope you can drop by more often so I can do you some link lovin' on the 1st day of November.