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Friday, October 31, 2008


Finally, the day has arrived. Thus, I'm feeling more and more restless. I haven't got a good night sleep for two nights now, and I don't know until when this restlessness would last. Perhaps tonight, when I see him face to face at the airport. What could have changed in him, I wonder?

I'm restless yes, but I'm excited at the same time. Scared? Not anymore. I already promised myself that I'll make the most out of the time that he's here with us. No more fights, no more arguments, and no more looking back at the past, HOPEFULLY.

Am I ready to see him? To talk to him in person? To feel his embrace and love? To accept him and love him back unconditionally?

YES, I AM! And I am more than ready. To be his loving wife, partner, and friend. And to prove to those who tried to ruin us that our love is strong and that our relationship now is more solid.

We are a family! Will always be. But then again, I'm still restless. It'll be 14 hours more. Whew!


jHeLea said...

good luck sis!!!I'm so excited for you....Yes, make the most out of the time Papa Ghie is here...enjoy and be happy...

cEciLLe said...

hmm.. so anong update?

relax. sus! ika pa!