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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dear Lord

Lord, I'm so weak right now. I'm confused and tired. It's been almost 2 years already but it seems that my struggles are far from over. I thought they were already, but I was wrong. Every time we are starting to make things work and be a complete family, some people come along our way and make all the attempts to ruin me, us.

I'm so tired really of hearing and reading all those hurting words of the past, yes the reality of the past. The past when I was left alone struggling to survive every hardship and trial. I need rest, dear Lord. I want to rest from all these, I'm so tired.

I just want a complete family, that's all I'm asking. I made a lot of mistakes in the past, I know. But I guess I deserve to be happy, still. Yes, I want to be happy, with my daughters, with my husband, with you Lord at the center of our lives. But then again I ask, why do some people keep us from being together, from being happy? Perhaps, it's another part of your test as to how far we will go.

So, now, I'm entrusting everything to you, dear Lord. I'm tired of taking control of everything, I allow you to lead my life. Lead me oh Lord, lead me,


jHeLea said...

that is the best thing to do sis....entrust everything to God...let Him take the control and you'll find yourself happy and content in spite of tribulations....