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Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Funny Moment with The Baby in Between

This morning, I had a funny moment with the baby in between. It all started when I tried to let her eat her morning meal which is the wheat banana flavor of Cerelac. At first, she was eagerly opening her mouth when I fed her. But after around five feedings, she started turning her head away from the spoon. I wasn't too happy about it. She lost a few pounds when she got sick last week, and so I wanted her to gain those back by letting her eat properly. But how can I if after five feedings, she didn't want to eat anymore?

Oh my, babies are really hard to feed! Honestly, I'm not too patient when it comes to this part. I often let the nanny do this for me. But since I wanted baby to gain weight soon (since her dad is coming home in few weeks time), I tried to do it myself. Yet, I guess I wasn't that good.

So, after a few more tries and still she didn't want to eat, I totally lost my patience and started scolding her. Bad mommy, I know. But that was the only thing I could think of to make her realize that not eating properly is not good. (Though I know for the fact that babies that age are really difficult to feed.)

Anyway, while talking to her, she just looked at me with those big round eyes, and guess what? I saw her tapping her fingers as if she was waiting for me to finish what I'm saying. Oh boy, oh boy! How can babies be so smart these days? I know, she doesn't know yet about the tapping thing, but then when I saw her doing that while I was talking, I couldn't really help but burst into laughter. And so goodbye to the angry look of Mommy. Baby Gaby got me again. Whew!


jHeLea said...

funny nga talaga sis ang moment mo with baby that you're together, you have so many reasons to Gab is there to make you laugh kahit nga ba galit ka hehehe