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Monday, October 13, 2008

Letters To Mama Blog

If you have seen the Rated K episode last night, perhaps your curiosity led you to search for that husband's blog whose love never fades for his wife, even if she had already passed away. Imagine, by means of blogging, he communicates to his wife his every day undertakings. While watching the episode, I tried to search for it online but couldn't find it. Then, this morning, while blog hopping, I came across Ate Cielo's (Brown Pinay) blog and saw her post about it. At last.

While reading his entries, I couldn't help but feel so touched. I never thought that a man like him still exists. Men, nowadays, when they lose their wives, often search for someone new and remarry. But him. Maybe it's a little bit early to tell, but then just thinking how this man takes the time to write his late wife by blogging really shows how deep his love is for her.

Blogging has really been very helpful to a lot of people; it has been a means of expression. Whether happy, in-love, sad, excited, worried, depressed, and any other feelings at that, having a blog indeed helps to express all those feelings. This is true to me as well. And just like Roy, the author of Letters to Mama blog, I find little pleasures in expressing myself through my blog and writing letters to the baby in between, so when she's old enough, she can read them.

Anyway, if you want to read more about this blog, just click here. I'm sure, you'll realize a lot from reading his entries just like me.

To you Roy, if ever you come across this family blog of mine, just hang in there and keep the faith. God is good.


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