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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Look At Her Now

I know, it's been so long since I last put a picture of the baby in between here. So, I decided to include some in this post. She's changed a lot. Actually, I was thinking of changing the title of my blog now to The Toddler in Between :D Lol.

My Baby Gab is now 2 years old. She talks a lot. Plays a lot. And she loves her baby brother so much. Anyway, without further ado, here, better look at her now.

(she's all smiles)

(Gab's version of Korean pose and upong-dalaga)

(the babies in between)

(Gaby and me)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Looking Forward to a Saturday BondingTime with the Kids

Yes, it's 30 minutes more and I'm outta here. It was a long week, and I can hardly wait to spend a Saturday afternoon bonding time with my kiddos. I was not mistaken when I told my new househelp last December that it will be a month before the kids and I can go out again. It's actually more than a month because I said that around December 20.

I'm really looking forward to going out with the kids again. Though I don't have a hefty budget for today, I'll just make sure that the kids will be able to eat at least in Jollibee and play some of the rides in Festival Mall.

Anyway, got to go for now. Bye!

Friday, January 29, 2010


Yes, I'm finally done with my son's birth registration! Imagine, he's already 4 months old but I got the original copy of his birth certificate just now. Whew! Thanks to the ever helpful records section of Binan Doctors Hospital.*sarcasm* They took so much care in handling my son's birth certificate, in spite the fact that there was an indication there that his dad is an OFW.

I don't want to talk in details, though, how it happened that I got my son's birth certificate just now. All I know is that, I'm so glad that I'm done with it. Whenever I recall the stress that I've been through just to process this one, oh well, I can't help but utter the words, I'll never give birth in that hospital again. No offense to my OB-gyne, she's one of the best. I have nothing against her because she really took care of me. But to the one who processed my son's birth certificate..oh never mind, I don't want to waste my time again on you.

So that's it! I'm done.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Daddy? Werk?

Yes, the little baby in between is starting to ask. The other night, when we were about to sleep, I was surprised to hear my little girl say, "Daddy? Werk?" I knew, she meant if daddy was at "work".

I said, "Yes baby." I guess, she asked because the laptop was off, and that Daddy was not on webcam. Ever since our little girl was born, her Daddy is always there for her even through webcam. That's actually how she grew up knowing her dad, that he'll always be away, on webcam, on voice chat, at work.

I couldn't blame Daddy. But sometimes, I would wish...that he's always here with us. That he's not working in another country, that he does not have to leave again, that he'll see in person how our little girl and little boy grow.

I know, what my little girl asked the other night, will be asked again in the coming nights.

Daddy? Werk?

And I won't grow tired answering, "Yes baby."

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Reviving This Family Blog

After months of contemplating whether to give up this blog or not, I finally arrived to one decision - and that is to keep it. Yes, my schedule's a bit crazy these past months, considering the fact that I don't just have a toddler and a 4-month old baby to look after but also a full-time job to focus on. But blogging has been a part of my system already, and I don't think giving it up will make my life a little easier.

The Baby in Between is not just a simple family blog for me, putting all my thoughts about our family into writing and documenting my child's development. It's far beyond that - it's actually a symbol of hope - that this family, our family, will continue to be complete no matter how difficult the trials are. If I give up this now, it's just like I'm giving up important memories of our family together.

So, here I am once again, reviving this family blog for the *nth time. (Yeah, I can't remember how many times I tried to revive this already! :D ) I won't promise that I'll update this everyday, but I'll do make sure that I make a post at least twice a week.