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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Daddy? Werk?

Yes, the little baby in between is starting to ask. The other night, when we were about to sleep, I was surprised to hear my little girl say, "Daddy? Werk?" I knew, she meant if daddy was at "work".

I said, "Yes baby." I guess, she asked because the laptop was off, and that Daddy was not on webcam. Ever since our little girl was born, her Daddy is always there for her even through webcam. That's actually how she grew up knowing her dad, that he'll always be away, on webcam, on voice chat, at work.

I couldn't blame Daddy. But sometimes, I would wish...that he's always here with us. That he's not working in another country, that he does not have to leave again, that he'll see in person how our little girl and little boy grow.

I know, what my little girl asked the other night, will be asked again in the coming nights.

Daddy? Werk?

And I won't grow tired answering, "Yes baby."