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Friday, January 29, 2010


Yes, I'm finally done with my son's birth registration! Imagine, he's already 4 months old but I got the original copy of his birth certificate just now. Whew! Thanks to the ever helpful records section of Binan Doctors Hospital.*sarcasm* They took so much care in handling my son's birth certificate, in spite the fact that there was an indication there that his dad is an OFW.

I don't want to talk in details, though, how it happened that I got my son's birth certificate just now. All I know is that, I'm so glad that I'm done with it. Whenever I recall the stress that I've been through just to process this one, oh well, I can't help but utter the words, I'll never give birth in that hospital again. No offense to my OB-gyne, she's one of the best. I have nothing against her because she really took care of me. But to the one who processed my son's birth certificate..oh never mind, I don't want to waste my time again on you.

So that's it! I'm done.