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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Reviving This Family Blog

After months of contemplating whether to give up this blog or not, I finally arrived to one decision - and that is to keep it. Yes, my schedule's a bit crazy these past months, considering the fact that I don't just have a toddler and a 4-month old baby to look after but also a full-time job to focus on. But blogging has been a part of my system already, and I don't think giving it up will make my life a little easier.

The Baby in Between is not just a simple family blog for me, putting all my thoughts about our family into writing and documenting my child's development. It's far beyond that - it's actually a symbol of hope - that this family, our family, will continue to be complete no matter how difficult the trials are. If I give up this now, it's just like I'm giving up important memories of our family together.

So, here I am once again, reviving this family blog for the *nth time. (Yeah, I can't remember how many times I tried to revive this already! :D ) I won't promise that I'll update this everyday, but I'll do make sure that I make a post at least twice a week.


rossel said...

goodluck phoebe. will wait for your posts.