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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

He's Coming Home

Yes, he's coming home soon. Who am I talking about? It's no other than the baby in between's dad - Papa Ghie. Indeed, he will be arriving on the 31st of October, and so Baby Gaby and I are anxious to meet him at the airport.

This would be the first time that Ghie and I will be together after 1 year and 8 months of being miles away. The last time he was here was last February 2007, and so I'm wondering what has changed in him and how I would I react when I first see him at the airport.

A lot of good and bad things have happened between us since last year, so I could not really tell if things will ever be the same for us once we see each other again. I don't know if he's still the same Ghie that I have loved way back, or if I'm still the same Phoebe who's willing to sacrifice all for the sake of having a complete family.

There's really a lot of things for me to think about before he comes home at the end of this month. By the time he's here, I should already have the answers to all those questions which have been bugging me for months now.

Anyway, I still have 22 days left to ponder on things. For now, I'd better get back to work and finish some tasks.

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Cielo said...

I'm happy for you...hirap ng magkakahialay, but sometimes kailangan kasi nga mahirap ang buhay sa pinas...

I hope that everything will be fine between you and your hubby...dont worry too much sis, whatever your questions are...God will help you decide on it,,,

Keep the love alive always sis

jHeLea said...

i'm so excited for you sis, i know you've been waiting for this day to come....keep on praying because God will always be there to guide you...

Phoebe said...

tnx mommy cielo and jhe for the nice comments..yup, I'm really praying hard n sna maging okay ang lahat when he comes home..we have to talk about a lot of things, and we have to fix some probs...

but more than that, i'm excited sa first meeting nila ni baby..after almost 2 years, this is the first time that he'll really see yung super-cute baby n nabuo ng minsang umuwi siya...sana talaga, everything will be okay..but still, im ready for the worst..