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Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Valentine Post

I'm not a so-big-fan of Valentines Day, but since my husband is here, well I'll make this year's Valentines Day an exception.

Ghie and I have no concrete plans for tonight. Actually, he just arrived from our hometown this morning. If not for some transactions to complete by Monday, we would have not been together this day.

So, where to on Valentines Day then? Nowhere special really. We're just thinking of going to the mall (Mall of Asia in particular, since he hasn't visited it yet) after he picks me up at work and perhaps have a little-less-special dinner in one of the dining establishments there. (Hmmm...I'm craving for buttered prawns..Could this mean something?)

Anyway, let me also greet everyone here in the blogosphere a Happy Valentines' Day! I hope we'll all have a great day ahead. myspace graphic comments


Pregnancy-Mom said...

Belated Happy Valentine's too! I guess you had a great day!