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Saturday, July 5, 2008

I Want to Move Back!!!

WHERE? BACK TO MY COMFORT ZONE!!! Yes, I'd love to go back to my comfort zone. It's just 6 days since we came here in Manila, yet I feel oh-so-homesick already. I miss everything back there in Legazpi.

I miss Baby Gaby - my oh-so-adorable 8 mos. old little girl...and Yana my super-"daldal" 4-year old girl

I miss my old home, with the spacious rooms, living room, and the not-used-garage...

I miss my Internet connection...huhuhu! I definitely miss going online - UNLIMITED.

I miss my in-laws..Yeah, I do. And I miss my weekends over there in Manito.

I miss Baby Gaby's babysitter...Wonder why? Because now I have to wash my clothes, wash the dishes, and I have to do things all by myself.

I miss my friends and ex-colleauges in Legazpi...Ate Razh, Yoniks, Jirlalo, Balie, Wendz, Watsing, Ate Carol, etc. "Wala talaga kayong katulad!!!"

I miss the food...Now welcome me to the "noodle world".

And I miss the atmosphere in the province - with trees and all..

Oh I really miss a lot right now...And all I want to do, if possible, is to go ---