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Friday, July 11, 2008

New Baby on the Way

Nope, not me! It's my friend Mae. I’m not planning to get pregnant in the next year or two. As in no way! Papa Ghie really wants to have a baby boy soon, but not me. I’m not yet ready to go through another pregnancy.

Okay, so who’s Mae? Mae is my friend way back in college. She is already a mom of a cute one-year old girl, so hopefully she'll have a baby boy this time. She's on her 2nd trimester now and is expecting to deliver the baby on the last quarter of the year.

Congrats to you Mae! Hey, don't you forget to invite me during the baby shower! Oh and by the way, I can help you on your baby shower preparation. I found this great site that provides really cool and unique baby shower invitations. Just give me a ring, okay?