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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Totally Pissed

Until now, I can't figure out why "some people" can take advantage of other people's money. I mean, where are their conscience, that is if they happen to have one? They borrow money with the promise that they'll pay them back, yet now they can't afford to do so. Darn, these people are oh-so-f@$k@ng-disappointing! Pardon me with my words, it's just that I'm so totally pissed right now. I can't explain the rage that I'm feeling, especially when I think how difficult my husband's work is in South Korea just to earn good money. I love him and I'll do everything to keep him on top, and not be fooled by anybody, much more by people who don't know anything but manipulate others just to get money from them! Yet I hated him for trusting other people too much, especially with the money that he earned so hard. I just hope he learns his lesson this time! No more Mr. Nice Ghie this time, and no more Ms. Nice Phoebe either!GGgrrrr.....


jHeLea said...

I share the same sentiments with you...Not because our loved-ones work abroad give other people right to borrow from us...They don't know how hard life is to OFW's....Sometimes, we are left with no choice but to harden our heart....I and Jet's rule is to lend money to those who really really need it and a good payor of course.

Phoebe said...

Tnx for the comment Jhelea. Know what, Ghie and I talked yesterday and we decided that we will only lend money if and only if the reason is about hospitalization or medication of some sort. 'Til now, we don't have a home, imagine, we're both good income earners yet we're scattered. Hubby is in a room in Korea, me in a dorm here in Pasig, and our baby is in the province with my in-laws. Imagine that! While those who are holding some of our resources are together and have their own small investments already. Darn, really I hate them to the highest level.