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Friday, July 18, 2008

The Baby in Between Joins Pinay Mommy's Birthday Bash Contest

Pinay Mommy's Birthday Bash Contest is nearing an end. Yep, deadline is on July 20th, so that means two more days to go. I've been keeping an eye on this contest for so long now, yet never found the time to blog about it. But if I remember it right, I've already subscribed to Pinay Mommy's Email Subscription RSS feeds almost two weeks ago. So there.

Moving on, this contest is in celebration of Pinay Mommy's birthday in the blogosphere. Actually, she has 6 blogs in all. Wow, talking about a super mommy blogger here! Weee...So, Pinay Mommy Online is the first blog, then the other 5 are Lourdes' Mia, Digital Life Scraps, OnlineBiz and Resources, and Blessings and Beyond. If you have time, feel free to check out her other sites.

Now, going back to the contest, you might ask what are the requirements to join. Okay, they're simple: 1. Blog about her contest like what I'm doing now and 2. Link the sponsors of her contest with their giveaways at the bottom of your post. And that's it, you're in.

But wait, there are minor requirements that you can also do to join.

1. Subscribe to her feeds via email. Each blog that you subscribe to will give you 2 entries. Example: You subscribe to all of her 6 blogs via email. Once verified, you will get 12 entries.

2. Stumble her blog. Each blog you stumble will give you 2 entries. Example: You stumble all of her 6 blogs. Once verified, you will get 12 entries. Stumble the HOMEPAGE not the contest post.

5. Fave her blog at technorati. Each blog you fave will give you 2 entries. Example: You fave all of her 6 blogs. Once verified, you will get 12 entries. (Attention Pexlinkers: Faves on PMO and MOMEMO are not counted.)

6. Send her a birthday e-card at by clicking the banner which you can find in her contest URL. Once verified, you get 5 entries. E-Cards must be sent prior to July 20.

After you've done all these, you're now super-duper in and you definitely have more chances of winning. Now, what are the prizes? 1st Prize: $50 via Paypal + 3000 Entrecard credits, 2nd Prize: $10 via Paypal + 2000 Entrecard credits, and 3rd Prize: $5 via Paypal + 1000 Entrecard credits.

So, that's it! Hurry, visit Pinay Mommy Online now to win any of these prizes.

Here are the sponsors to Pinay Mommy Online Birthday Bash Contest:

~\/~ Birthday Bash Sponsors ~\/~
Make Money Online - 500ec ~ ·´`·.¸.»| j u l i a |·´`·.¸.» - 1000ec ~ Aeirin's Collection - 1000 ec ~ Deranged Insanity - 500 ec ~ a {GIRL} for all status - 500 ec ~ Blogging resources, tips and money making ideas… - 750 ec ~ Faery Dancing - 500 ec ~ Our Journey to Forever - 250 ec ~ Lainy's Musings - 250 ec - A Campaign for Non Violence on TV - 1000 ec ~ ulupongdotcom - 1000 ec ~ Contests,Giveaways and A Little Money - 125x125 Banner for 1 month ~ Crissy's Haven - 1500 ec ~ Dashing Smiles - 500 ec ~ Straight from the Heart - 300 ec