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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Me on Top

I couldn't think of a better title except this. Actually, it's Ate Razh who gave me the idea last night through her twitter message. And yeah, I know what you're thinking! But you're dead wrong.

It's just me on top of the double deck. That's right! After years of sleeping comfortably back there in my place, I had no choice last night but to give way to that "old lady" who came at the dormitory to stay for a couple of days. I totally hated the idea, but what can I do. I can be really rude sometimes, but when it comes to oldies, well I can be a little nice.

So, if you'd ask how my sleep was last night, hell it was awful! Just imagine my "healthy" body lying on that "not-so-comfortable-double-deck", with me on top. Haller!!! I never really had a good night sleep because all the time I was trying not to move a lot so that the "old lady" below me won't be disturbed. But guess what, she was the one who kept moving so I ended up awake until morning because it felt like I was being rocked in a cradle. Huhuhu!!!

Now, I'm feeling so sleepy, can anybody blame me? I need a good night sleep tonight. Will somebody adopt me for a night please...please...please... :(