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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Last Night's Activities

Last night, I stayed overnight at Maidz' place. I checked the house since I was planning on transferring there when she leaves in weeks time. The place is cute, and it has one of the important requisites that I look for in an apartment - tile flooring. But thinking about the space, I don't think it would be very conducive to the almost 9-month old baby in between. So, I need to give it some thought before I actually decide if I'll transfer there or not.

Moving on, I was also able to chat with my hubby last night. As I've mentioned in my previous post, our online communication has been disrupted temporarily because their company transferred to another location. So, that meant new office, new Internet line, new room for him, and of course new connections. But last night, he tried to access the Internet so we can see each other in webcam and talk on voice chat. He was able to go online, at his boss' office. (Cool, eh! Where can you possibly find an OFW being allowed by his employer to use the Internet in the office? Where else but only in South Korea. Lols!)

My hubby and I had fun talking on Skype last night. (Thanks Skype! I love your service, really I do!) And what's more fun was that he was able to connect to Wifi even inside his room, so I got to see him inside, how his things were, where he sleeps, and of course I got to see his...tooott...roommate. Hehehe...I'm sure you were thinking other things. But anyway, I was really glad that he was able to connect to the Internet even inside his room. See what technology can do nowadays, bridging two longing people in a long distance relationship. I just hope he can still connect tonight.