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Monday, July 14, 2008

The Baby in Between Joins MoneyBites Contest

When I opened my yahoo mail this afternoon, I found this email from I'm a subscriber to this blog, so I receive email from time to time - one effective way to keep me updated on how to earn online. But the recent post wasn't about earning online, it was about getting a schedule. It was a helpful topic for a procrastinator like me, so I decided to keep a schedule from now. And to start with, I'm making this post about MoneyBites Contest, a post which I was supposed to write a long time ago.

There's no special reason why MoneyBites cooked this contest. But I'm so glad of course that blogging contests keep coming in because I'd love to win. Though I just won a blogging contest recently, I'd like to try my luck again and have a chance to win a few dollars to add on my Paypal savings.

The contest procedures are actually so easy. Blog about the contest and provide one link using how to earn online" as anchor text and subscribe to RSS feed. And that's it! The prizes? 1st prize: $50, 2nd prize: $10, and 3rd prize: $5. Not bad, right? So, why not join now? Hurry 'coz deadline is on 15th of July, and that means tomorrow!

Good luck to us!!! :)