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Friday, March 20, 2009

He's Leavin'

Tomorrow...At 12:40pm...So sad to think that his vacation is over. After 64 days of being with us, again he's leavin'. And he's not coming back, not in the next year and a half, around October of 2010. :(

By that time, a lot of things have already happened: I've given birth to another baby in between, we've already moved in to our new home in Cavite, the baby in between celebrated another birthday, and perhaps passed more trials than ever.

The baby in between and I will sure miss Daddy. We've been used to seeing him around, eating with him, laughing and watching movies with him, and just feeling him beside us. Baby Gaby may be only a year and 4 months old, but I'm sure she'll also wonder beginning tomorrow why Daddy isn't around. I hate the thought of her going to and fro the door, waiting for Daddy to come home. ( Darn, just the thought of it makes me cry while writing this post now.)

The 64 days that Daddy spend with us is the longest we've been together in person so far. That may be so short for some, but for us, the vacation is all worth it. We love the feeling that Daddy is here to look after us, to take care of us. It's so different when he's here, it feels as if we are so secured.

But tomorrow, the sad reality strikes - HE'S LEAVIN' and I can do nothing to stop him. Anyway, this is what a Pamilyang OFW is about - to sacrifice for the family's future. To endure the pain of not being together, to be contented of Internet and phone communications, to wait, and to cherish every moment when there's a chance to be together.


Andrea Singer said...

I started to post a comment the other day but didn't get the chance - I just wanted to say I'm sorry you have to go through this. I had horrible all-day sickness with my pregnancy - I can't imagine doing it alone AND with another child. You are a strong woman, I admire you! My positive thoughts are with you!