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Saturday, March 7, 2009

So Much!

Last night was a hard night for my husband. Not because we had an argument, but because of "some people" who refused to help him now that he's the one in need. As a wife, I've always been supportive to him, but when it comes to financial problems, of course there are limitations. Not because I don't want to help, but because I also have my own financial obligations to fulfill. And so, last night, he tried to seek help from "those" he also extended help the past years (not to mention, he still have money entrusted to them). But sadly, they didn't even want to show their faces.

I really felt sad for my husband. Those people really took advantage of his kindness. So much, as in! And so what I could only tell him was, "Next time Dad, don't be too trusting." I do believe in karma, bad karma, so I'm sure these people won't get away with what they've done to my husband. They may feel that they are the ones who are victorious right now, but in time, I'm sure in time, they'll pay. They will because they're SO MUCH!


Mira said...

How ironic. I hope these people won't ever need help later and they had to ask it from your husband. I hope your husband gets through this. Happy Sunday.