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Thursday, March 19, 2009

All-Day Sickness

Aarrgghh, I'm having horrible all-day sickness since the start of March. And yeah, instead of the usual morning sickness, what I'm feeling is way beyond that - I feel sick all day. Although I don't throw up every once in a while, I've been seriously nauseous for what seems like forever. I even keep telling Daddy, "When will this feeling go away? I want to eat like the usual and feel good like before."

With the baby in between, I never felt this weak from no food staying in and being so choosy when it comes to eating. That pregnancy was more fun than this one, although I quite remember how I also wanted to just stay home than go to the mall and felt so lazy taking a bath like what I experience now. I couldn't stand seeing so many people and waiting in line for even three minutes, so malling for us is postponed until this 1st trimester is over.

I really wish this all-day sickness feeling will go away soon. I miss eating the usual foods I eat. Mind you, I'm only into crackers and dried foods lately - I so miss eating seafoods, steaks, cakes, and more. And guess what drinks I always crave for - no other than Chocolait - yeah that chocolate drink that I usually buy for the baby in between. Now, Mommy shares it with her, and sometimes, I even get to drink her share. Bad Mommy!


niko said...

oh my!! lam mo bang chocolait ang una kong nicrave when i was pregnant with my daughter?? wwwwweeee.

take extra care on ur pregnancy, i hope ur morning sickness will be less if not sana magdisappear na ssoooon. naku ang hirap maglihi tlga !! :)