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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Still Look Pretty Even if Preggy

You know, whenever I’m pregnant, I lose my self-confidence. I feel as if I’m so ugly and that my husband will look at another woman. I even remembered last time, when I was pregnant with the baby in between, hubby told me that I looked so fat. Guess what happened next, I cried so hard and ended up not talking to him for hours. That’s how I am really when I’m pregnant. I feel ugly.

This pregnancy that I’m going through now is no different. Because of some symptoms that I start to experience, sometimes I won’t even bother to wear make up and use other beauty products before I head on the office. It’s not that I’m too lazy to do it, but it’s more of I’m scared that using them might have effects on my baby. I must admit that whenever I’m pregnant, I take extra care for baby’s sake. That’s why, when it comes to make-up and other beauty products, if I’m not sure of the effects, I’d rather not use them.

Call me an ugly and protective preggy mom, but really I do always consider my baby’s condition before I use beauty products during the entire course of my pregnancy. My baby’s health is more important to me than my looks. But guess what, I’ve discovered something recently. It’s called Beaute de Maman. It developed a whole new line of beauty products that are proven safe for pregnant women. Many Hollywood celebrities can even attest to that like Victoria Recano - celebrity correspondent of The Insider and Chyler Leigh of Grey’s Anatomy.

I’m really glad that there are beauty products now that are safe to use during pregnancy. Thanks to Beaute de Maman! Now, I can still look pretty even if preggy. And yeah, I won’t have to worry about my baby’s health, too.

So if you are also an expecting mom and are looking for safe beauty products to use, why not consider Beaute de Maman? Order now!