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Saturday, March 21, 2009

There He Goes...

...back to South Korea, boarding Korean Air Flight 0622. He was even asking me a while ago, when inside the taxi, if indeed today was his date of departure. How can I answer no, if I knew exactly that today is indeed the day.

Around 10am this morning, we (Daddy, the baby in between, the nanny, and I) were already at the airport. The feeling was so heavy, and the pain of seeing him leave was unbearable. All the time we were at the airport, we were holding hands. And he couldn't seem to get enough of hugging our daughter. I kept telling him, when you see her again, she's already bigger and more talkative - because she would be 3 by then.

Time now is 4:25 here in the Philippines, meaning it's already 5:25 in South Korea (1hour advance). And 5:25pm is his ETA (expected time of arrival). I wonder how he's feeling. He said 4 hours ago, on the phone before he boarded the plane, he's trying not to cry. But I knew he's sad, so sad of leaving. Last night, I recalled him saying "Mommy, dai n lang ako maali." (Mommy, I won't leave anymore.) I knew how difficult it was for him to leave us again. But we have no choice as of now. We have a house to pay, a toddler to feed, a new baby on the way, and other family members to support. No choice, indeed.

So, there he goes. We'll sure gonna miss him a lot. For now, all I can do is to focus back on my job, look after the baby in between, and take extra care during the whole duration of my pregnancy. October of 2010 will sure be a long wait. But I'll try to be as strong as possible, and be positive that everything will be okay even if Daddy is not here. I do pray though that Daddy will also be okay always. He's alone there, so he must be stronger than I am to conquer homesickness.

Anyway, Daddy, if ever you read this, I want you to know that I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Baby Gaby and I will miss you. Always remember that we do think about you all the time. Take care of yourself always, and hey, behave okay!

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Elizabeth said...

I can feel how you feel, Phoebe. I've been there, buti nga si hubby mo, mabilis lang un balik niya, ung hubby ko, lagpas two years wala, sobrang hirap nun kasi first time namin magpart ways. I cried so much khit sa taxi pa lang papuntang airport, sobrang iyak ko! mga one week akong iyak nang iyak nun, pagppasok ako sa ofc, namamaga lagi eyes ko

ang hirap no? pero kakayanin mo yan Phoebe, just focus on the kids ska pray ka lagi! :)

Enchie said...

I can sense your longingness...stay strong at this time. You guys will do great. Keep blogging it will help. I hope.