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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Big Announcement

Okay, I guess now is the perfect time to announce what made me feeling not-so-well over the past days. But instead of clearly writing everything here, I might as well show you this image because this will tell it all:

Yes, it's confirmed, I'm having a baby! Well, still hoping that it would be a boy this time; but I won't stick with the "mind-over-matter" belief anymore, because I might end up having a girl again with blue baby clothes, blue mittens, blue booties, and other blue baby stuffs.

Moving on, I’m starting to feel morning sickness and other pregnancy symptoms as early as now. Last February 24th, I had my first pre-natal checkup. And according to my obstetrician, baby is already 5-6 weeks old and is due to come out on October 21st. Whew, here’s another long 9 months of my life again!

But anyway, hubby and I were really expecting this. We already talked about the conflicts we had during my pregnancy with the baby in between, and we compromised that we won’t let those happen again.

So there. The announcement has been made and the journey has started. Hope you’ll stay with me in this journey and be there as hubby and I welcome a new life in this world – another baby in between.


Elizabeth said...

wow! congrats phoebe! ang cute namang pregnancy tester niyan! :)

Marly said...

Yey! congrats to you :) hoping it is a boy :)

peachy said...


Madadagdagan na ang photos nyo diyan sa header mo! Yihee! I'm happy for you and for your Papa Ghie. Ate Gab na pala ngayon si Baby Gab. Hehe. Ate Baby Gab. :)

lyn said...

so pano? magiging the "babies" in between na ining blog mo? hehe! Congrats!