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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ten Things We Miss About Daddy

It's been 5 days since Daddy left for South Korea. And though we see him everyday in webcam and chat with him thru Skype, still we miss him a lot. There are so many things about him that we do remember from time to time. Like:

1. How he lets The Baby in Between sleeps on his chest

2. How he scares me with beetle and dead spiders

3. How he scolds me whenever I sleep after eating lunch and dinner

4. How he gets hold of his "wooden hand" to stop Baby Gab from misbehaving

5. How he complains about the electric fan - (yeah, he terribly hates that)

6. How he makes me mad whenever he switches the channel from Wowowee to some movie channel (even with eyes closed, I want the TV tuned in to Wowowee during lunch time)

7. How he makes Baby Gab run through the door whenever he comes home and we hear her say "Da-dey, Da-dey"

8. How he farts every now and then - with really bad smell..iwwww, Daddy.. (peace Dad LOL)

9. How he makes me wait whenever we meet outside the office

10. How he shows affection whenever he wants me to bring him his favorite: Jade Jumbo Siopao

Oh the list could go on and on. There are actually more since we did make the most out of his vacation.

But seriously speaking, there is really one thing that Baby Gab and I miss so much from Daddy - and that is his hugs and kisses.

We love you Daddy and we terribly miss you!


SASSY MOM said...

OMG, I can totally relate with #8 and #9, LOL! That's so sweet of you, I haven't been separated from my hubby for quite a long time. But I am so sure I will miss him terribly. Good thing we technology that can bridge distances.

""rare*jonRez"" said...

this just makes me teary-eyed...

i have been away from my hubby for so long a time but that was when we didn't have our little one yet. i;m sure it is difficult and tough when there's a baby in between! :)

i hope for more strength for you both! :)

jHeLea said...

hi sis...glad to hear you had a great time with your family when Papa Ghie was still here...big girl na si baby Gab...