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Monday, March 30, 2009

Linksys and House Check

If I'm on your messenger list, you must have wondered why I wasn't online the whole day yesterday. The main reason was the linksys that I used to connect was nowhere to be found. I was even thinking that perhaps the owner of the said network has already moved to another place, which really saddened me because my Globe visibility prepaid was never reliable. Good thing, around 1am this morning, linksys was back, however another pc was using the IP, so I was not able to connect. Only this 7am that I was given a chance to be back online.

Anyway, in a while, we're off to see our new home in Cavite for a house check. Before we move in on Sunday, I want to make sure that water and electricity are already working. Plus, I will look for a reliable Internet and cable connection there and start to apply. I just hope everything will turn out ok when we go there today. So, gotta go for now. Be back this afternoon to tell you more about our new house.