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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Domain Name and Web Hosting for The Baby in Between

I've had my own share of stories when it comes to website hosting. One company had me going round in circles but my site ended all messed up, while another gave so many instructions to make my site up and running but to no avail. So, I ended up asking favor from a colleague who is not new to this web hosting service and had my site running in no time.

Now, I’m thinking about getting a domain name for this family blog and securing a web hosting service provider. But since I don’t know my way around these services, I might as well check out some web hosting reviews and web hosting blog first to help me choose the best option available.

Good thing, there’s Web Hosting Geeks, a reliable online resource that provides useful information about web hosting ratings and reviews. With this site around, I will be able to compare the features and rates of various web hosting service providers. The end result: less hassle and no more guesswork for me when choosing the best service.

I’m excited about this whole domain name and web hosting process for The Baby in Between blog. If you’re also thinking about doing these to your blog, why don’t you check out Web Hosting Geeks and make it your guide?


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