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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Late Post: The Baby in Between's Christening

My apologies if I was not able to blog about this special occasion a little earlier. Actually, I still owe you two important posts here: The Baby in Between's Christening and her 1st Birthday Celebration. Anyway, since I haven't chosen yet the pictures that I want to share to you during her 1st birthday party, let me begin with the christening first.

It happened last February 7, 2009 at St. Jude Parish in our hometown, Legazpi City, Albay. The baptism was at 11:00 AM and reception followed at Governor's Guest House. We never really expected to have plenty of guests during that day because it was raining really hard. But to our surprise, lots of people came, both from my side and Papa Ghie's side. My friends and former co-workers were also there, as well as some of Papa Ghie's friends.

Daddy, Mommy, and The Baby in Between - Baptism Feb. 7, 2009

Daddy holding Baby Gaby during the baptismal ceremony

Father Marlon baptizing the so-behaved Baby in Between

Here are more pictures during the baby in between's christening:

The Godmothers and Godfathers - Ninangs: Talie, Raziel, Yona, Joy, Tonet, Jo, and Krisma - Ninongs: Arnie, Dex, Olops, and Owen (hmm..where's Ninong Dex and Ninang Shai?)
The Ninongs: Arnie, Owen, Olops, and Dex

The Ninangs: Shai, Raziel, Jo, Krisma, Talie, Yona, Joy, and Tonet

With my family (Papa, Tita Doris, Den-Den and Diane - my halfsisters)

With Daddy's family (Papa Lo, Mama Lo, Ate Sam, Inteng, and To)

The Grandiose Cake (Courtesy of my aunt, Auntie Liza)

Welcome to the Christian world, Baby Gaby!