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Thursday, July 23, 2009

The In-Laws Are Coming

Three months from now, my in-laws will be joining us at our home for a month. They're coming to assist me when I give birth on October. With just me, the nanny, and the 2 kids around, I don't think we can handle everything. And besides, it's different when another family member is around during this rather "painful" time, especially a mom at that.

Last year, when I gave birth to Baby Gaby, I had my aunt and uncle around. So, I got a little support there. Initially, I was not thinking about letting my father- and mother-in-law to come here during my delivery date. I so thought that the nanny and I can manage. But with the siblings having regular fights lately, I don't think so. And so, after I told Daddy that perhaps it would be better if his mom is here, he immediately called her and told her to come.

So there. Three months from now our home will be filled with new faces. Hehe :). This will be the first time that they'll see what their son has been investing on over the past year. I just hope they will like our new home and will enjoy their almost one-month stay. For now, let me book their tickets while some flights are still on promo. Ciao!


Jacris said...

Wow,they are so nice that they are coming to assist you when you give birth on October.That is so sweet:))

jHeLea said...

Wow nakakatuwa naman sis at nakakataba ng least sis kahit wala si Daddy Ghie present naman parents niya to be with you pag lumabas na si Junior....