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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

DogOsuds: The Perfect Dog Shampoo for Bibo

Bibo who? Oh, it's another dog of my neighbor!

Remember my post about Budoy and Enya? Budoy is our dog that scratches, stinks, and itches beyond relief. Even if my dad wash him today, the next day he smells so bad again. And his skin is so dry and flaky, so we could not really bath him everyday. I wonder how he is now. The last time I saw him was when I visited my dad.

So since Budoy's not here, let me share to you about Bibo this time - Enya's playmate. I've seen Enya the other day, and oh that girl doggie is looking good and smelling better. Maybe my neighbor took my advice to use dog shampoo for her. She look so amazing now; she no longer scratches, stinks, and itches like before. So, today, it's Bibo's turn.

The problem with Bibo is actually the same that of Enya's. He also keeps on scratching and smells really stinky. But what bothers Bibo's owner more is that whenever he washes Bibo, like for example he washes him today, the next day he'll smell as if he never took a bath. And worse, he get to wash him just once a week or every other week at that because his skin is so dry and flaky. Oh, I could just imagine how hard this must be for my neighbor! Hmmm. Maybe it's time I share to him this exciting new product from Dinovite - the DogOsuds.

The DogOsuds is a natural shampoo which contains a 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils. These oils are known to have healing properties, so the shampoo can do a lot for Bibo's flaky skin. It also contains no harsh chemicals, no fillers, and no perfumes - which is just perfect so that Bibo will no longer experience dry skin. And as far as rinsing is concerned, no need to worry since this dog shampoo is made to lather beautifully and can be rinsed easily.

So, what else would anyone look for in a dog shampoo? Oh yes, I forgot to mention - the DogOsuds is also a natural flea deterrent, so Bibo can now say goodbye to scratching! Indeed, there are lots of benefits that come in using DogOsuds. And I can hardly wait to see how this perfect dog shampoo will work wonders on Bibo.

How about you? Is your dog itching, scratching and stinking beyond belief?