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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Remembering Michael Jackson

It's been a week since Michael Jackson's death, but I still keep seeing more tributes for him via the TV and Internet. Since last week, I tried to avoid watching news about his death, much more to go over YouTube and watch his MTVs. Not because I'm not interested, but because at one point in my life, I became his fan and watching his recorded performance will affect me somehow. I even remembered how we presented a dance number with his song "Black or White" during our recognition day in Grade 5. And bought a CD of one of his concerts way back in 2003.

However, in spite of my attempts to avoid watching his performances again, I was not able to stop myself from seeing this last rehearsal he made for his "This Is It" concert tour. Seeing him still so strong days before his parting and performing one of my favorite songs, "They Don't Care About Us", I couldn't help but feel really sad and affected of his sudden death. I loved his songs so much, it all started when I saw him perform as part of the Jackson 5. And up to now, I can't deny the fact that his songs still move me somehow.

So, here let me share to you that YouTube video of his last rehearsal.


Jacris said...

Until now it's hard to believe that he's gone.

brown pinay said...

Hay naku si hubby parang namatayan...idol nya si francis at MJ...