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Friday, July 3, 2009

Mommy Moments - Encounter with Animals

Wow, I can't believe it's Friday once again. The week seemed to pass so quickly. And tomorrow, I'm off to another long weekend. Weeee! :D

mommy moments

But for now, let me share to you my photos for this Friday's Mommy Moments theme - encounter with animals or pets. And since I wasn't able to find any photo of Baby Gab with pets or animals around, I decided to put mine.

(Me and the tarsier - during our Bohol trip last March 2008)

(Picture picture with Prony the Python..I'm scared!!)

(Me and the backpack?? Nah, it's a lemur!)

(Horseback riding time! As if. Just for the sake of pics actually.)

(Our pet Doglas. LOL. In our dreams. It's the famous St. Bernard from Mines View, Baguio)

Nothing much for me to share. Those encounters that I have were mostly from our trips in Bohol and Baguio. We haven't really spent a day in a zoo or any place with lots of pets and animals. Anyway, when Daddy comes back here, I'll make sure Baby Gaby will have her first encounters with animals.


Hazel said...

oi ang cute ng tarsier. kelan pa kaya ako makakita ng ganyang kalaking mata sa buhay ko.... st bernards are a huge breed. happy friday, mommy!

Beth said...

wow, mommy moments talaga! mukhang super enjoy ung trip nyo to Bohol.

Wla pa ngang pics ng kids with animals, for sure pagdating ni hubby, pasyal kayo agad niyan to zoos or wildlife parks.

I love the St. Bernard pics. sweet nyo! :)

Lynn said...

Was that taken in Baguio, the picture w/ you on the horse? The pictures all speak of fun moments. :)

Den said...

Katakot nga ang Phyton Mommy, ang laki! :/

Gusto ko din makakita ng tarsier in personal.. :]

I'm excited for Baby Gab's first animal encounter...

Tetcha said...

I've never been to Bohol, would love to go there someday. As for Mines View, they used to have a horse for picture taking. Now, it's a St. Bernard na pala. Ang tagal na kasi ng last visit namin dun.

Meikah said...

Cool shots! You can have shots with St. Bernard at Mines View? Didn't know that. :)

Enchie said...

Those are really nice, especially the bohol pics. And the St. Bernard is just too cute! I saw one before, they're friendly you can play with them.

rossel said...

nice pictures. i'm afraid of snakes too.
happy mommy moments! mine is posted here.

SASSY MOM said...

I never had that encounter with Douglas. Im gonna have to go back to Baguio for that. thanks for sharing!

kikamz said...

the tarsier is indeed a special treat in bohol! i would love to see them again! and i love that DOG! na miss ko tuloy yung labradors namin sa pinas.. huhu!

btw mommy phebs, please update my URL to ha? salamat ng marami! hugs!

Chris said...

wow, i love that dog!!!

Hazel said...

about the links - yeah, let's!

darly said...

i can't believe douglas the dog is still there. The last time we were at Baguio (2004 pa ata), i met that dog na in mines view park. Incredible!

Have a fun weekend momi!!

Check out my MM entry:

anne said...

Hi Phoebe I am sure Baby Gaby would be very happy on your plans to take her to any zoo, Happy Saturday, I am following your other's baby blog, Ill add her soon medyo busy pa lang naun