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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Gerby's Humble Beginnings

Finally, I was able to accomplish today one of my plans since February, and that is to create a new blog for our new baby who is due on October 22nd. Although we don't know yet what the baby's gender is, Daddy and I already came up with a name. A name which can be applicable to both baby boy or baby girl. It's a simple combination of our names - Gerald, Phoebe, and Gaby. So let me introduce to you our new baby - BABY GERBY.

Gerby's Humble Beginnings will be the online journal of our new bundle of joy. Since Gaby already has this one, we decided to give Gerby "his" own place on the web. (LOL! :D Isn't it obvious that I'm really hoping for a baby boy this time?) As of now, I only used the typical dots layout from Blogger. But once I find more time to tweak it, I'll choose a customized one. For now, the dots layout will do since I'll be focusing on its content first.

So that's it! Let's witness how this little one makes "his" journey to life - "his" humble beginnings!


fatherlyours said...

Wow! Nice name Gerby. Favorite niyang food Gerber. Congratulation for your website and to babay Gerby for having you as a father.