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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Another Episode of Vaginal Bleeding at 27 Weeks Pregnancy

True, just a while ago, I had another episode of vaginal bleeding. It scared the hell out of me when I saw the water in the bowl turned bright red. I panicked, of course. Because I thought since I'm only experiencing placenta previa partialis now, I'm free from worrying about any episode of vaginal bleeding again. But I was wrong.

I'm only 27 weeks pregnant, so just the thought that I'm already going through premature labor really scares me to death. I mean, who would not? I guess, any expectant mom would if they know it's not yet time for the baby to come out.

I'm really thinking hard why I'm bleeding again. Could it be from the stress I get from work? From the long travel I do everyday? From the constant headaches that Daddy, the kids, and the nanny are giving me? From the freelance work that I do even on weekends? Or simply from thinking so hard as to how to go about everything: the family's expenses, the budget for the delivery, the baby's things, the coming of the in-laws, etc. etc. ?

And even if I wanted to be at the hospital right now just to be sure I'm not going through premature labor, I just can't. So, I'd just stay here, rest, and monitor my tummy and the bleeding. If it doesn't stop in a while, I'll rush to the nearest hospital even if that means I'd go alone.


chubskulit said...

its a sign of too much stress sis, if i were you lie low ka muna.. wawa ka man nad the baby

Bounty said...

No stressing Phoebe! I know it's not easy but you really need to try! Your baby I am sure is fine and everything will be ok. Thinking something else... do you already thought about the name/s? I spent a lot of time on Cant wait to heard your story in a future post. Hope to be helpful. J

Marianne Vergara said...

take care ate phoebe..

Beth said...

oo nga, too much stress yan. don't do all things at the same time. As I've told you before, I had placental praevia totalis di ba? pero work pa din ako. pero kasi naman, the work didn't require me to travel or commute long distances kya never akong nag-spotting or bleeding. Nadulas pa nga ako sa MRT twice at mejo di maganda ung fall ko pero no bleeding pa din, siguro kasi di din ako under too much stress nun.

As in your situation, I worry about your health. Bka naman sobrang pagod mo na. Rest ka naman khit saglit. And taas mo feet mo palagi under pillows.

Take care always! I'd be one of the happiests when another baby in between comes out healthy and in full term! Kaya healthy ka din dapat! :)

melanie said...

Gosh ! Phoebs, as soon as you were able..go to your doctor ASAP. Nothing is more important than your safety and the baby.

Take care !

Chris said...

relax lang... you might be too stressed!

Phoebe said...

tnx everyone for the comment. I really appreciate ur concern..i'm having 2-wk bedrest now, but was allowed to work from home. tagtag lang tlga siguro ako sa byahe that's why I had spotting again.

again tnx for all your concern. God bless!